Ecote Canvas Rucksack

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Better backpack in wide wale corduroy with tonal faux leather trim from Deux Lux. Lined main compartment with internal organizer pockets and a drawstring closure; tonal flap with zip pocket and a turnlock closure; zip pockets at the front and back; carry handle; adjustable shoulder straps. * Cotton, polyurethane, mixed... Read More




just got mine and i love it! great bag :)

Im so mad, i was going to get it and when i tried to get it they were out of the green color :( anyone selling???

yess!! your best bet is to call the urban outfitters store nearest you! I know, I wanted the green one too for a trip to europe this summer and started freaking out when they didnt post it on their site. I called a store close to my house and they said they have 5 left :). Luckily! so try and call :) Good luck! and God bless!

Hahaha yea I did that and they said that they were out of stock, or they didnt carry it at there store :P

I have this bag, and i love it!! i really recommend it :)

I really want this bag!? but it looks like its only sold in Dollars! if anyone see's it in pounds then please email me a link to it ! :( xx

Its a great bag I used it for my trip I love the zippers.

I use this for overnights whenever i have them. it has enough pockets to fit your cosmetics and stuff and big roomy interior for pj's and clothes for the next day :)

Yes, awesome bag with lots of little compartments lol. Wish I did more overnighting so I could use it more often.

Is anyone selling theirs? preferably in the green color =)

I listed mine on ebay for $50 with free shipping. It's the ivory one in excellent condition!

Just re-bought in the Olive color...gonna' keep it this time :)

If anyone is selling theirs in the green colour please contact me, I need one desperately as I'm going on a trip. I live in the Uk by the way, please help!!!!

It seems really good, but it´s too expensive for people who are from Europe. I am from Spain and I can barely buy stuff because shipping is expensive than the main product, it´s crazy v.v

Anyone selling this bag?

Looking for the Olive Green version of this bag!

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