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Love your stuff!

Thanks! Still a few things I ant but I've been lucky to get a few hard to find pieces. :) In fact, I have two Silence & Noise Houndstooth sweaters if you know anyone that wants one. I ordered an XS at first because it came up on eBay and I didn't want to pass it up. I'm busty though and it was too small. Got a large on Ebay the next week! So weird to have seen 2 after searching for the last two years or so. So I have the XS up for grabs. Better that someone enjoy it than it sit in my closet. :)

I don't know anyone that would want one, but I'll keep my eyes open :)
It's nice if you have almost everything you want. For the last few months my wish list has become incredibly small, thank god!!

What kinda Ashley items are you willing to sell?

Awww man lol. Nothing fits me! I'm a Large Xlarge..

No it's cool I think I'll pass, don't have much spending money now lol, but thanks anyway.

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