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""Hey, are you two twins?""

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Thank you ! I love it !

GIGI I love your page ~ Love sis

Back to Sweel on Monday Argh!

BTW I am the tall one in the photo , j/k we are twins and I got jipt with the height :( :)

Hey baby cakes hows it doing chlo

Which is which?

Oh, nevermind. I should read the posts :)

Hey dub!, I'm the TALL one. Chlo is a lil shrimp. Shhhhh! don't tell her I told ya. ha! :)

great pic!

Thank U

Get out of my room , off my computer ! GiGi and go check out the new CoolSpotters Blog!!! http://blog.coolspotters.com/


thank you:)

Hey Gi. I love you!

How are your Shane & Shawn Sara Pumps going? Are they as comfy as you'd hoped? I'm thinking of buying some. Thanks!

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