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Hey! Sorry it took so long to respond...I just noticed your question. I ordered my gold Vans from Kates Skates, shipped to the US, and I did receive them. It took a while, but they got here, so don't worry :)

I think the top is an auburn/copper-brown and the layer beneath is a dark brown almost black.

When do you get your hair done? I want this hairstyle too, but my hair still has to grow a little bit :)

I'm consulting with my stylist tommarrow, and hetting it done next week :) thanks so much for opinion, hope our hair turns out pretty ;) i also hope they'll restore Kristen's hair to it's previous gorgeousness.


I was wondering, have you been to the hair stylist yet?

I want to get my hair dyed like Kristen's in these pics, too. Maybe next week :)

hey saw the make up u want
i will study it and experiment

let u no soon

i am normally a large-medium in shirts too and i got a small. it is a little tight but not bad at all!

Hey, sorry to get back to you so late.

I got it in this color - [IMG][/IMG]
I just wanted to show you a photo so you'd know exactly what to look for, (:

Hope it helped.

Well thats the one i found most similar to Kristens at Delia's but you could get any other blue also . . . their all pretty similar (:

BTW, your welcome (:

Here is the link to the pattern I used.
You do need to know cable knitting and how to use double pointed needles, but I actually taught myself both things to knit these so it's not hard to learn.

Black t-shirt, I'm not making a huge profit since the base price ( charged by the site) is 14.99:


Hey, here's a pic of the mittens :)

Let me know if you're interested :)

meghan9639. I am going to be listing it tomorrow. I am working on the listing now. I just got them today! It is the most comfortable jacket I have ever owned in my life. I am leaving the one I am selling in the box :)

Hey I just put it on there:

I was hoping to wait till friday (B/c I paid extra for 10 day so it would be seen in two weekends) but I put it up there just now :)

Hey! I live in the USA and would love this jacket. I take about a large/extra large (size 40 roughly) Could you tell me how much the jacket plus shipping would be. Thank you so much !!!

great. thanks let me know. i hope you have some luck :)

and about the mittens...i bought them right from Ruth Cross website. they are the same exact ones that she wears. they are great. i love them and highly recommend them! they put you on a waiting list at first cuz they make them as people get on the list.

i am guessing no luck with the jacket? :(

Hello, I saw you post a comment about you going to the pull and bear store, to get the leather jacket that Kristen Stewart wear's have you had any luck with it?

Hi saw your comment too. Have you had any luck? I would need a large or extra large in the jacket. Please let me know :)

hii my name is luka what is your name

Hi, I saw your comment on Kristens Pull and Bear leather jacket, I was wondering if you were still interested in buying them and sending them? Or if you know how much they cost? Thank you.

Okay :D
It will cost about 40 $ and this is with shipping
Are you still interested ?

I forgot to tell something, the necklaces will be in silver and the completely same as kristen because my friend made it all by herself

I just bought it a couple of weeks ago, and I bought it for 260 dollars, so I'd probably sell it for around 200, give or take. I know that's a little steep, but it's brand new.

Hey i saw that you bought the Joie Signe Smocked top for only $18! What outlet store did you buy it from?

Hey ! Can you buy me a Joie Signe Smocked Top please !! I want one so badlyy ! =)

Aw, thanks :) I wasn't so much brave as I was bored, haha.

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