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Hi! Yes the American Eagle jacket is US size. :)

What price would work best for you on the jacket? Lowest I can go is $150, but I'll throw in free shipping to the us. :)

Indeed, the lights are still available! x

Yes! $20 USD. x

Indeed it does.

Shipping would be about $12. :) x

Are you still interested in the lights? I haven't heard back from you.. I can lower the price a bit if that's a problem. :)
Let me know! xx

Alright! Well just let me know when you have the funds and when you want the lights. :)

Yes the sizing is junior its a m but fits a large as well.Im a 10 and its fits me beautifully

They are either xs or s

Hey can you send me your email so I can send you pics??

Hi :) Are you still interested in the Abbey Road bag?

Sure! What is your email, I can send pics :)

Pics sent! :)

Resent pics!!! Sorry, I made a mistake on the email address ;)

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