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hey are you still selling your pop leather jacket?? what size and how much??


No, sorry. I girl contacted me very fast and she wants the jacket. Thank you for your interest.

Hey there!! How much are you asking for your Seiko watch?

Hey! sorry I barely saw your comment. And yes I am interested. Can you email be about the detail?


I got it from this seller. Highly recommend her.


Your welcome :)

Hey I was trying to access you LJ but I think it friends only, no matter really. I noticed you're from Catalunya awesome!

I got the jacket yesterday, its beautiful, I love it so much. Thank you!!

Hai hun, I'm usually a XS/S and I got the sweater in a S and I'd say it's like wearing a size M sweater.

LOL no I do know it! Happy belated birthday :)

Merry Christmas sweetie. Hope yours will, too! :)

Hey! The PF Flyers run a half size smaller. If you normally wear a 7 in mens...order a 7.5

sent you a pm ;)

hi i am normally a 26/27 will the 7 for all mankind jeans be too big for me?

Can u hold the converse for me. Al be with u soon! Out for food x

Sorry I already have those items =) thanks though

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