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Hi. The Simple Shoes are black.

No worries. I try to help when I can. Unfortunately my "luck" doesn't extend to the lotto numbers. :o)

Kristen's is made out of a real spoon. hers is made out of silverplate. the one that little purple cow is making is made out of sterling silver. little purple cow is selling replica's of the original version. this spoon is not made in sterling silver so they are making a design of it.

see i already have a real one so i would not buy it. but if you don't think that you will get a real one then i would just in case you never get a chance again. but it is up to you.

hey. so my ring from little purple cow came in ...even though they emailed me saying that i was refunded for it. and i was going to ask you if you wanted me to sell it to you first instead of mailing it back to them. i plan on calling them on monday to see what was going on with the charges and stuff cuz i got an email saying that i was credited. so if i was not in fact charged then i will have to send it back but if they did charge me, then i will sell it to you for what i paid for it. if you want it? the price would be $92.95.

to no one in particular: i thought it was WAY harder to create the "Lists" , so i hadnt tried it and i was laughing today when i took the opportunity to actually create my lists.. all this time and it was SO simple!

here is a link to a pair of size US 8 on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&i...

Hi, I noticed you wanted to buy one of the I heart staches shirts, & I have one that I'm selling in a medium. I'd sell it for the same price I paid for it - £28. please let me know if you are interested

thank you for sticking up for me :) I appreciate it!!

I totally think you look like "Elena" from Vampire Diaries!! :)

youre welcome :) i totally love that show, lol

I am :) Here you go :) You have to download the player but I have done it and its fine :)

like $30 :)

hey chic they are actually 29's here are some http://tinypic.com/r/2eld1g2/6


Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, I've been out all day. I still haven't gotten my jacket yet. I'm in Hawaii so things sometimes take longer to get here. It will really stink if they sent us each others jackets. I'll let you know what size mine is when it gets here. :)

My tracking info hasn't been updated for a few days, it says it's still in Denver, CO. Sometimes when the tracking info hasn't updated for a couple of days it's in the air traveling to my island. Hopefully it'll be here tomorrow, it was shipped usps and dosen't have an arrival date so I don't know for sure. If I get your size then I think we should both contact them about a discount or a refund on shipping.

Hey Lisa,

I was wondering if you could tell me how Overstock shipped your jacket. Mine (or yours) is still sitting in Denver cause they shipped it package services throughout usps. I'm going to call and complain that they charged me extra to use the cheapest (and slowest) method and pocketed the difference. I just don't think it's fair for them to charge extra fees and then still have to wait up to a month to get my stuff. I don't think I'll ever shop with them again, this is my second time buying from them and I had a problems the first time too.

Thanks for letting me know, I'm so frustrated with them right now. I can't believe they'll ship ups for 2.95 if you live on the mainland but if your in Hawaii they'll charge several times as much and send it package services. I'm hoping they'll just refund part or all of my order cause I can't see ever buying anything from them again. What bothers me is that if they sent it priority mail it wouldn't be such a huge price difference and I would have it by now. I'm hoping it'll show up next week so I can send it to you (assuming I do have you jacket).

So far nothing :( I decided to wait until the jacket got here to complain. I want to be able to argue it took X number of days to get here and it's wrong as opposed to it's not here yet and I think it might be wrong.

I've been meaning to send you the tracking number, 9102132135638106102828

Hi! I have been looking for the american eagle garden dress for some time now and I noticed that you posted on that page a month ago about dresses that you found on ebay. Have you seen any others lately or know where I could buy it?

Thanks! Yeah, I have checked ebay, but I'll just keep looking. I'm looking for a size 4, I saw that you posted the link for a couple auctions for a size 4 about a month ago, I guess I just missed it. But thank you I'd really appreciate you keeping a lookout, I'll keep looking too!

So my friend is going to try and pick up the tops today or tomorrow. Once she does I will text you. SO EXCITED!

So this is what Becca told me about sizing.

They had the t-shirt but only in XS, M, and XL. I tried on the M and XL and decided to get you the XL. The M was pretty tight on me, it fit like a S. The XL fit really nicely, a little loose on me but since you're bustier than I am I think the size should be perfect =) With tax it came up to $20.16.

Do you want to go up a size or stick with the M?

Thank You!

It's not a problem, I figured you might want to have it. I am really frustrated about the whole thing, I've been driving my boyfriend nuts over it, lol. It's been almost three weeks so hopefully it'll get here soon. I had a water bottle I bought a few days prior to the jacket shipped by the same method and it just got here. If it goes over a month I'm going to call and insist a full refund but I don't think it'll come to that. I'll keep you posted, sometimes my post office doesn't update the tracking info.

I got it to fit into a medium flat rate box. I folded it in half lengthwise and then folded it into thirds from there, it was a perfect fit. :)

I keep forgetting to send you the tracking number for the jacket, 9405 5036 9930 0319 3039 52. You should get it early in the week cause it's already gone through Oahu :)

No worries, I can wait (now that I know the right one is coming!). I saw that they left a notice, I hope you get yours tomorrow. :) I'm sure mine will get here soon, I'll be sure to let you know when it gets here!


I wanted to let you know my jacket got here today, I'm so happy! It's been a long wait but it was worth it. I'm so glad it was you who got the jacket and we were able to swap! :)

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

I know just what you mean, I felt the same way when mine got here. My BF asked me why he had to complement the new jacket when he did that with the first one. He just didn't understand, lol.

Yeah, its why I get so frustrated with some companies. It really doesn't cost more to ship to Hawaii, they just act like it's a big deal and try to charge me extra. In any case I'm just glad everything is sorted now. :)

you want a grey small bb dakota jacket?? my NR had a ton the other day, I can grab for you if they still have them ;) let me know

Aww thank you so much. That means a lot. Its jsut been a crazy couple of weeks and then this happens - but i kicked myself up the butt and told myself to get on with it. I'm not much of a moper but today after the weekend, i was just a bit done in with it all.

ohhh my sis was a shopaholic too. She would jsut have loved this site - she would hate the kristen page, but she would have loved the rest. I didnt know what to do the year after she died and i still kinda found myself in shops thinking 'she would like that...' and then i saw somthing I liked but so not really what i should have been spending my money on and i jsut though.... na she would be chasing me to buy - so i did. I could practically feel her chasing me to the till point. lol.

HEY! your from Texas too?

o.O dude that's a little weird lol But I'm glad that there is another Kristen fan in Laredo :D

HAHAHA. Oh. Dear. You, mi chikita linda, have just made my entire night. Those messages were thoroughly entertaining ;) I m pretty sure you had a good time! lol)

Some alternatives and some pink pants I don't use anymore. Going to Vegas in one week so I need some gambling money!!
Make me an offer :o) if youre interested!

you didnt get a lole jacket???? :(

Sh*t. ill find you one love ;)

OMG ty so much! I had no idea Lole USA restocked. I needed a 8, but I figured the 10 is close enough. I owe you big time!

Love your new icon. BTW I would be careful with that person selling the Alice top. Did you see my post on FB?

lol Thanks I never have luck...Its at the cleaners and I was having nightmares that they lost it or messed it up lol

@ellamia Did you win this item in the auction?

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