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Hi hun send me an Email cause i Cant read Messages on my cell phone or send me an Mail on LJ

Just sent you a message about the True religion val mini skirt--let me know when you get it!

what size is your guess ruffle tank?? i´m interessted if it´s size M or L

It's a L, I replied on Elena's page but figured I'd post here too incase you didn't see it.

I dyed it, and hemmed the bottom to make it look more like Elena's, but it's a stretchy fabric so the bottom may feel like the hem is sliding a bit, but it's just because it's stretchy material :) I got it to look really close to the real one, and I'm only asking like $10 for it, so message me if you're interested and I can get you pictures :D

Do you still have the steve madden boots?

Yes I do, message me if you're interested :)

Hey honey, would you mind messaging me the link for Nina's Milanoo blue peacock dress please?

Thanks for the info about the dress!

Hey! I write you here via my phone because i don't find the inbox. Anyway { would like to know if you could Not mark the real value of the dress because of the tax. Thankssss!!

Thank you for your time hun! You are so sweet :D

Hi there! I know you have the guess Lorelei in medium and you said it was too big on you? What size do you think you need? Xs?

I received the dress!!!!!! You were soooo right it is amazing i love it. I just need a cute belt now. Thank you! xxx

Hey hun, I can't send message cause I am on my phone tonight but I saw your post re wanting to sell your too big size before you could purchase smaller size and just wanted to ask are you selling you size 7.5 rachel zoe gretta sandals? I'd love to buy them If you are :) Kate x

That's no probs thought it was worth an ask :) yes please keep me in mind if you find them in your size :) thanks love x

Hello! I just looked at your Livejournal, and OMG, it is incredible! What an awesome job you have done collecting all your Nina/Katherine/Elena items! I aspire to have a collection like you one day :) Although I think I'll need a better-paying job to do that, hahahah! Thanks for your great blog! :D

Hi just wondering did u get my message? :)

I'm so glad they arrived and you like them!! I'm exited for the dress to get here :D

Hi not sure if you got my message but was just wondering as its been a while now if you had posted out the tops yet, as am dying to see them?
Many Thanks


Frye Carmen 14L Inside Zip Boots- Size 7.5

Guess? Front Seam Henley With Snap Buttons-XS, S, or M

Bebe Plaid Top-XXS-M

Mackage Elie Jacket-S or M

Diesel Grald Jacket-S or M

Guess Tubular Corset Top-Kat's color ONLY-XS-M

Francesca's Collection Parella Blue Floral-Patterned Dress-XS-M

Dalia MacPhee Fall/Winter 2011 Layered Cocktail Dress-Kat's Color-Size 4

Guess Salsa Cami-XS-M

Mara Hoffman Indigo And Black Colorblock Bikini-S-M

Victoria Secret Camisole-Pink or Gray ONLY-XS-M

White Open Wall Frame

Anthropologie Bow-Tied Duvet

Lucky Brand BFF Feather Necklace (partial trade only)

Lucky Brand Chloe Top (ONLY Elena's Color) XS-M

Rue 21 Thermal (Blue)-S-M

Kimchi Blue Polka Dot Ruffled Halter Top (Gray Only)-XS-M

Hi I'm interested in buying your Guess Paulina purple henley size xs. Is it long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve? I've been looking for one for months now with no luck so I would love to buy it from you. It's hard to find xs a lot of times. xoxo

You've been so quiet.... >_<

Hehe xoxo! Have fun!

Hi, do you have any of your Buffy replica clothes still for sale? The Guess Ruffle top, or anything else? I am very interested in anything she wore. Thanks.

Hi, I'm still learning how to do this and livejournal. I'm the one who asked about the white Buffy shirt from OMWF. Did you have fun at Dragon Con? I am wanting to buy any replica clothes of Buffy you still have for sale -- depending on price. I have been looking for the Guess ruffle top a long time and can't believe I see you may have sold it three weeks ago...lol. Any help is appreciated.

Oh wow.. Just saw a certain something on ebay. Not even going to touch that one. Holy crow.

Yup. This top is going to be hella hard to find for a decent price it seems. Especially the SA color. Sigh... Haha

Hey, I can't message you back because I'm on my phone. But, do you know more or less how much shipping would be for those separately?

Are you selling any of your items? I can't tell from your site if you are just listing your collection or if you are interested to sell any items. Thanks!

And that is a NICE profile pic BTW!!

You were at TVDNJ?!?!?! SO WAS I!!! Ha! Crazy! Great photo!!!

I definitely remember seeing some people dressed up! Did you have Gold? Cause I saw these people in the first couple rows.

Then I saw you! I was in row F right at the aisle! I missed the Costume Contest sadly! But I definitely saw you both in the dresses right before! (:

Awesome! I see that the spot u found made the front page of CS. :)

Sarah Walker is a completely underrated heroine! BTW, love your collection!

so i bought the pins and needles strapless dress yesterday and i regret it because today i found that the navy blue one the one that elena wears on TVD is now back in stock and i just ordered the creme one:(

My Instagram is carlena777 theirs a picture of my failed attempt to buy the olive dress:(

Hi can you please message me the clothes that you are selling if you are selling at the moment? thanks

Hey girl can you send me a personal messages with price and shipping? Also with your e mail address so i can reply to you immediately :-) thank you :-*

Hey! Dunno if you remember but we met at TVDNJ and you told me about coolspotters. Curious about your trades? The frye boots and feather necklace? How do trades work? I don't have stuff to trade so I'd be interested in buying maybe? Thanks!!!

do you still have the eggplant shirt in LG?

I have to tell you we've never met but I feel like this site should be paying you!!! The whole reason I found it is through your blog journal thing while I was looking for Elena's
Maison scotch outfit. I just stumbled upon it and it was like outfit making heaven with all the brand names and then I saw that you talked about coolspotter and bam I am now hooked. You have serious social media skills girlfriend.

Hai hun,
can you give me the style number of the Fossil necklace? You're one of the few people I k ow that has it.

I think it is awesome what you do for this site girl! I love the clothes on the show and without what you point out on here and you connection I wouldn't have found most of the stuff I liked and have from the Elena wardrobe. I hope you don't let those comments discourage you from posting your knowledge on here.

Hi! I can not shop the Denim and Supply henley and cami from France ;( Could you help me? PLEASE! I will pay immediately!

Hey! :) I saw your picture of julie's on-screen outfit and was wondering if you've got the obey St Germaine jacket in Army or in olive?
I really want to buy this jacket but i just want to make sure that i'll buy it in the right color! :D

Hi lauren,

I don't know you personally but i feel like i should say something because of all that happened, i'm also on your facebook page. Don't let these awful people affect you and your kindness, because of you i got so many elena items, and you have been so helpful and never asked anything in return. So thank you, don't let these people turn you into someone your not.

take care

Hi lauren,

you are so right, they are just jealous its just sad they always take it out on the good people. Glad they don't get you down, after all that is most likely what they want, best revenge don't let them get to you :) Love your facebook page btw, i'm Marieke on there i'm pretty new but already love you girls s new hair, already looking for clip in red extensions xD

Just sent you a pm, again sorry girl ;)

Do you still want to sale your diesel tunic?

Hey I sent you a PM not sure if you got it.

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