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"Look for me one day on your TV, i'll be the girl with the big glasses and big brains working for NASA...."

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oops sorry jennifer i accidently deleted your comment. i thought it was the reply button. but thanks you! :) :)

I'm just selling a lucky brand slow ride purse in light green.

thanks!for becoming my fan!!as i can see we likethe same caracters!!!!and stuff!

Yes!!i love hermione and all of her clothes!the most though i like the cardigan,a gap striped sweater she was wearing in the third movie and her scarf in the last movie!

Hi. Where are u from?

Wow....This is very far away from me.

I live in Germany.

Do you think so?
It's not so special here.
Do you go to school?

opoops, i keep thinking that's the reply button! but thanks! have a wondeful b-day!

Happy Bday Erin!!!!! xoxoxoxox

hope you had fun with lucia! can you shoot me your email address?? that way i can send you the pics of the Talula hoodie! xoxo


Thank you for the ad, it's nice :)
See you later.

Have a good day :)


I know that this is a VERY long shot, but is there any possible way you would be willing to sell the side-button in blue? That is the color I desperately want of it, and you are sooooo lucky to have found two! Sorry to bother you,
HPlove :)

Lol thank you !! Edward says it in midnight sun ;)

I did! If I can I'll buy it ASAP!!!

Whoops! I accidentally deleted ur comment! Sorry ! I can't process that it's not the reply button

Hi! May i know where you got your bebe plaid top from?

Hi! May i Know where you got your bebe plaid from?


Hi I'm interested in the jackets you're selling. Do you have a pics so I can see the colors?

Hey! What Bella items does you friend have and what other items is she looking for! I may be interested in trading! ;)

ok! Anything imparticular? Because i would SO be interested in the LB Henley and the Joie top! Do you have a list of everything she has to trade/wants?

Hi, I saw your post about your friend and I have the Anthropologie Odille blouse in pink/red color size US4 or 6 (I need to check...), let me know if she could be interested :)

My Name is vicky i want to your profile today at (coolspotters.com) and i love it i think we can clcik from thier!please i will like you to email me back through my email thus;(vicky22u@yahoo.com) am waiting to recive your lovely reply soonest!
vicky !
please contact me through my email address so i can give you my picture and tell you my datel have a nice day.

What color is your bb dakota?? pm me please

Your "Stefan dream" make out bra has been spotted! Woohoo! What do you think?

Happy Birthday my lovely young lady! :)

Welcome back :)

Im gonna pm you

Pretty sure you are the best person out there :)

Hey, do you have the AE necklace?


Maybe this summer. I get a weeks paid vacation. I picked mostly the end of July first part of August :) They wish they would be that cool! ;D


love you awesome girl <3

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