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Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader, an embedded system for reading electronic books (e-books), launched in the United States by prominent online bookseller in November 2007. It uses an electronic paper display and downloads content over Amazon Whispernet using the Sprint EVDO network. The Kindle can be used without... Read More


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My sister has this and she loves it ! I think I'll get one next month.

GIGI said the battery life is cool. She got through 4 hours at the beach no problem.

8 hours would be nice.

I am surprised she did not rave about it on her page ! She must of missed it! Because she loves that thing. She covered hers in blue and white stones. :)

Yes I love my Kindle. I am a heavy reader so this comes in handy. I can get through 3 novels a week with this thing!

Let me clear something up. The Kindle if used for READING ONLY. Not downloading and surfing *cough* Chlo :). If used for reading only it can last ya about 24 hours . Very cool!

Saw one at the airport, they are THIN! Enough to make me want one.

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