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Im from England too, at least im not the only one :). i agree the weather here suck :\ lol x

I'm from England and the weathers been so nice today, really hot?!?
Yeh that did help, thanks! I assume you got a size small men's?

The weather is usually wet and windy but yeh these last few days have been suprisingly nice :).
The time zone is weird :S lol.
what is the difference? I know its a couple of hours but are they ahead of us or behind?
All the sites are in us dollars which is so confusing. But most people on cool spotters are from America so it makes sense :P Just unlucky for us :\ x

ha ha. HUGE difference. When we're like fast asleep it would be about 8 or 9 for them :) its weird :P x

OMG its sooooo hot! Is it like that near you? I mean it, i feel like im on holiday lol x

Hey.. dont mean to be a pest but i'm like wondering how old you are.. i live in england to .. london actually..

its just tht i'm wondering if everyone a fan of k.s is much much older than me


also where did u buy the military jacket from :)

hey! I have one question for you! where did you buy the french connection military coat? I'm really interested on it, but I think that de price on Ebay i'ts too expensive! thaaaanks!!!

I'm from spain...it's difficult for me to buy things of kstewart, but i love it!

Hey Great at least your not much older than me.. i'm 13. 14 next december :)

i was taking to a fan and then she said she was 23 its slighty wierd :L

so whats chester like?


Im only 13 too :) friday is my birthday thou, 17th July ll be 14! x

thaaaaaanks for writting to me! I'll still trying to find out that coattt!


heyy dnt worry bout the coat.. i'm not into buying everything she has..
but i take the style she has and try to buy stuff in the same stylee reallyy...i only like her coz even without being her fan for like agess although she's always been my fave actress i like her coz everything in my wardrobe is practiclly the stuff she wears..

but if there's something i gotta have i might just get it.

i'll check the french connection shops down here in london.. might get lucky


Hey, Thanks :)
Happy Birthday to you too... well in a couple of days but you know what i mean! lol x

Awww thank you for the song lol :p x

yeah i'll try the shop but doubt i'll have a lot of luck.. might find something similar though

whens ur b-day?


i think i know which one your talking about the 2nd floor only like goes around the top, it's not a full floor right?

Heyy .. You sent me a commented one month ago and i hvnt been on for ages! sorry :)

weather in london is incredibly sunny at the mo!
what bout cheester?

Ha Good To Hear That Your Having A Good Summer! I'm Good Thanks.. A Little Bored !

What Hve You Been Upto In The Summer?


I Did A Two Week Sport Event In Nottingham..outa london! it was a tennis event..i'm a ball girl :)
and i found some great friends and had to run around 9/10 hours a day..from 8 in the morning till 7! it was great fun :D..

i no how u feel bout pulling the muscle i badly damaged my ankle while i was there and my necks been playing up so u i have to go get it checked..

havent done anything else..i've been painting and playing guitar!

what r ur hobbies?

my necks gonna get betta..i went to doctors..they gave me pills :)

wow i play a lil piano too..i teach myself also
i draw pics of cartoons and like comics.. i can do pics of kristen and i've done some of joan jett

i play tennis too u any good?

Hey, wow thats so sweet thanks. yeah i live in the uk too. there is only one quite small french connection near me but ill keep look out. thank you so much x

no problem ;) i hope they will help

heyyy i'm good thanks! And yourself? sorry i know we havent spoken in forever ! i havent come online here in ages! xx

awh thank you, good luck to you too! i am so annoyed i wasted the snow days and should have revised! are you in year 10 or 11? xx

yeah i'm in year 10 too, i did not work enough - chemistry was so hard! x

haha no, but i found the new type of questions so hard and they only told us on the day of our first exam it was a new style exam! xx

this is a reply from your post from FOUR MONTHS AGO! i am so sorry... i have just been so busy.. i havent actually signed in here for ages.. i was sitting here for the last 10 minutes sruggling to get the right passwod and i feel really bad because i havent posted some of my kristen stewart make up tutorials that people requested.. o dear god i have some catching up to do.. hopefully i'll get them done with my youtube channel... i'm doing well .. how are you doing? hows everytihing been? x

i know right exams suck, i've done a bio and a chemistry gcse and i have 2 on physics in 6 weeks, urgh....

yeah i love doing make tutirals..
OMG i love vampire diaries... :D i actually watched it today .. ahaha i love nina dobrev shes amazing

are you a stefan or an ian?

exams are just like useless.. just so much stress for a test.. urgh...
i must say i am a team stefan... ahahahaha
its just not his character i love paul wesler... he's reallly down to earth.. but i really ke ians personality ... he's really giving and generous.. if you watch the nylon photoshoot video ( part 3 ) you kow why i say tht xx

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