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justin bieber and zayn malik are not dead

Zayn=Capricorn day luck will come to him=10
Me=Scorpio day luck will come to me= 10
Harry=Aquarius day luck will come to him= 10
Little brother (6yearsold)=Gemini day luck will come to him= 6

Will someone tell me any of the celebrity horoscopes plz

9:40 and I can't stop whisper-singing the words to one direction songs that I have stuck in my head since I know all the words to each and every song so what would you to if you were me tell me and I will follow u and you will be able to spend some time chatting on your coolspotters page with me for awhile

Well i love everything zayn

After responding to laila loves gomez I fell back asleep woken up now cuz I was crying in my sleep! How does this happen? IDK what I was even crying about? HELP ME!!!!

What song do these lyrics go in: One for me,one for you what chu doing girl the music sounds so good when your moving let me take u higher let me prove it cause hey hey pretty girl I believe it. I heard these lyrics in a on YouTube called Zayn Malik solos

Well i can get one direction studio adress there all in magazines that i have

That's great! I came up with these lyrics: Your love is my love and your name is written above my heart everyday

My fav song from one direction is i want and same mistakes and everything about you

I like every song by One Direction

I found a One Direction Address so I will post it and u can see if it matches

Ok good

Good lyrics

My cousin came up with these lyrics: hey there zayn malik i know this might seem wired but i love you i know u alredy have a girlfrend but i dont care cause u will always be my bradford bad boy

thank you so much!
i didn't drew it, it's a picture of me, and i used an app to sketch it:D

The song that my wonderful friend Laila and I are writing for Zayn Malik is coming on strong! We can't wait to send it to Zayn and hope he enjoys it! If u want a little peek,I'll post some some lyrics if u want

Thats great

Omg u would love him to take us for a ride in his new car lol and thats good i will try to think of more lyrics

There is a song that reminds me of my dream : I was alone out side running away and I came across a wonderful house that had been my dream house since I was a little girl and I sat in the front porch crying in a rocking chair, I had rocken myself to sleep since I had run so far and I was also tearing apart inside and crying. It was so cold I was in the tightest little ball I could get into. I was shivering so I knew instantly it was live or die. When I had woken up I was under a blanket on the couch with a wonderful,warm fire burning in the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate for me. I took a sip and fell back asleep since I was till a little tired. The second time I woke up,my head was rested on someone's lap and I knew that this was a 18 or 19 year old guy. He was rubbing my cheek and it felt really nice so I just stayed in the position I was in and remembered that I ran away from home so I cried a little bit more but it was a soft cry but he still heard it and he saw that he should help and try to see if I could talk so I heard his voice, "It's alright,Destiny you don't need to cry." I instantly opened my eyes and sat up still crying taking my hot chocolate and taking a few sips. Between sobs I got out one sentence "Where am I and who are you?" I asked having now clue who he was and I was at. " You are in London and my name is Zayn." I couldn't believe that I was in London and I wanted to turn around but I just couldn't tell if I was ready to not so I just rested my head in Zayn's lap once more and he kissed my on my forhead and I kissed him in return now unable to talk cuz my voice was gone for a minute. "I am really cold Zayn could I have another-" but then I woke up now at 4:38am and in coolspotters

Lol so true

I read it it and its true

Watching One Direction on YouTube and falling over for Zayn Malik cuz he is so hot and I want him to take me and Laila (Laila loves Gomez) in his new car that he can't drive yet

Omg zayn so HOT

Zayn Javadd Malik is A REALLY HOT NAME

Yes we would want that to happen

My wallpaper is Zayn asleep on a couch under a blue blanket

I am crying right now cuz I read this imagine that Zayn was my Boyfriend and that I got in a car accident and I couldn't remember any thing and then I could remember him

I Want by One Direction is now my second most played song on my iPod cuz I can't Zayn Malik

Please read this message and the other 3 messages below cuz this is VERY IMPORTANT!!! There is a dream that I have been chasing oh so badly to be reality this I what I want: things to do be4 I die:
1. Kiss Zayn
2. Meet Zayn
3.sing to Zayn
4. Become a singer
5. Rise to the top of the music charts

Just heard Moments by One Direction and I am crying really hard and I don't know what to do cuz it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend Joel Brinson

YES!!! i LOVE 1D!!!

and the app is called My Sketch:)

Yeah iam fine wbu iam so exited iam going to justin bieber secret concert in australia cant wait to see him

Going to see my grandma and grandpa in Flordia on Saterday for a few weeks and while I am there I will also be going to Disney World and hope to meet a One Direction member while I am there hoping it will be Zayn Malik

Can I plz get Zayn Malik's phone number so I can call him I will do anything 4 it!!!

I don't know it...I don't think he'd give it to fans

I already know who Niall and louis are:) i've been a Directioner since Torn

So board!!! One Direction is on the radio with One Thing and I am singing to it!!! ONE DIRECTION ALL THE WAY BABY!!!


Weekly Messages are a good idea that I made up. If you like the idea I will post one each week

1D Birthday was yesterday!!! How did I forget that?! They have been a band for 2 years now and I can't believe that I forgot that was yesterday but it is now in my calendar set for a yearly reminder so I won't forget it

So board finding 1D birthday cake ideas since my birthday is coming in November on the 3 so it's NEVER to EARLY to start planning

How does Zayn always look so perfect and how does he always look SO HHHHOOOOOOTTTTTTT??????!!!!!

Yeah i have just been busy with school work so what have u been doing

yes i have it's Julie_Samuel793 i follow back:)

Hi, I'm Italian, I do not speak English well.
But I'm learning. xxx
Twitter: _OnlyRobby_
Follow me and I Follow Back ;)


How cool

Omg I am going to see Justin bieber omg Its gonna be my second time I love love justin bieber

Omg I am going to see Justin bieber omg Its gonna be my second time I love love justin bieber

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