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Hey how is it going guys how are my fans?

r u seriously demi lovato if u rnt please tell me

Ya i am srry busy with concerts haven't been on alot!

Hey Demi :).


How r you?

Hello, is this really demi?

good and yes lol

Hey guy yes im Demi, i love my fans, sorry that i havnt been on lately, i love my fans, and stop posting rude coments

Hey Demi, how are U?

Im good thanks!!!

good.. you're a really good actor, so you´re know it :)

Awwww thank you soo much

:D i was wondering if a site you're on, so i can see / and hear you say that it really is you? Hihi? it would be cool! ;)

Hey Demi, how are you?

Seriously dude, you make me sick, you're really just sitting there pretending to be someone else? Haha you're so funny...and these girls really believe you too.

Whatever, I know you're just gonna delet this, but I just thought I'd let you know I'm reporting you =]

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