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Hey thanks for the help with the spoon ring, and also for becoming a "fan" of me :)

I did find one in the end on ebay, it was actually really cheap!
The price of that spoon ring is getting out of hand, it was $900 the last time I looked

It was on ebay, good luck finding one :)
Do you live in america? I found mine on the american ebay as the shirt was released exclusively to american H&M stores

I'm from the UK, so I had to contact the seller and ask to post it internationally

sure i'll have a look around and see if i can find some nice rings!
and the hoodie..i'll try to find dark gray/blue ones! is that okay?

how much you willing to spend on the hoodie?
also where do you live?

Hi! I got the Born Famous shirt from (
If what you're looking for is place to buy it online, I have no idea.

i'm sorry i went earlier on today
i'll let you know the next time i'm going maybe u can tell me wot u want then

sorry bout tht

Isn't Wicked great? Now I only wished I had the opportunity to watch the original in NY. Where did you watch it?

Oh that's great! :) I watched it in SF too. I live in SF over the school year and go back home to Walnut Creek in the summer. Are you living in SF too?

Thank you Delia :) And thanks for being my fan.

no problem =]

haha, yeah i will say hi for everybody:) i have to wait till tommorow to get it though. But i really hope its not a landline or if he changed his # or something like that. and no, im not that lucky, i was still in middle school when he went here and now he doesnt go here anymore:/ if only i were a year older then i would have got to meet him lol, i have the worst of luck:(

I tried deleting it but it didn't work so I just flagged it. And don't feel sorry. Honest mistake, I've spotted wrong things before too. :)

As you probably already know, i found it on ebay. $110 is a bit pricey for me (i mean, $110 for a spoon and a fork =O I still don't believe it!) then I didn't bid for it. Nevermind. I hope i'll find another one in a few months. And, if i find a second one, I'll tell you. Keep fingers crossed ;)

Hello Delia ^_^ Thank you

Great! I really hope I'll find another one because otherwise I'll still feeling guilty xD As there was one a few months ago and another on a few days ago maybe we'll find a ring/spoon in a few months. Sorry for my terrible english, that makes lots of "another" and "few" =)

Hey Delia-Yep I am still selling it despite all the random drama on the main page lol I will message you the link to the auction :)

HEY ! Did you buy the Quilted Jacket Nike ?

Hey-I am so glad you like it! See now you know why I have one in every color :) Do you know anyone who still needs one? I gotta sell a couple more. I still love the blue color the best :) What size did you end up getting? I'm trying to find someone who has large to give me the measurements so I can tell a girl from Germany.

I shipped one to germany today and I could not believe how expensive it was-35$ plus they charged me for tape and the box!! Insane!

WOW ! You're soo lucky ! My jacket was ship yesterday so I think I'll receive it this week ! =D

Hi :D. I consider YOU lucky, Clothing sucks around here. And I'm terribly sorry, Don't know where to find it in the USA. Good luck with that!

hey. I see you found the born famous tee! Congrats! Do you know if they had anymore of them? I would be willing to send you money if you could pick me up one. please get back to me. thanks !!

Maybe it doesnt really fit here, but Im new at Coolspotters and Id really like to have a nicer Profile. Coukld you maybe post on my wall how I can add "Favorites" to my Page?
Would be fantastic!

Well yeah, I found out myself! Anyway, thank you for answering!! I really like your profile, too! And Loyal army is amzing :)


are you wearing a jbrand in you profilepic? :D

they really look like the Jbrand dark vintage jeans
I got mine from ebay 5 bugs only :D
Jbrands are nice jeans but they're grossly overpriced IMO


I'm desperate, lol, can someone help me buy something from Ebay who lives in Germany?
My Name is vicky i want to your profile today at ( and i love it i think we can clcik from thier!please i will like you to email me back through my email thus;( am waiting to recive your lovely reply soonest!
vicky !
please contact me through my email address so i can give you my picture and tell you my datel have a nice day.

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