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Harry Shum Jr. is an American dancer and actor. He is commonly known for being a part of the dance films such as Stomp the Yard, You Got Served and Step Up 2: The Streets. He is currently part of the musical-comedy television show, Glee. Harry Shum, Jr was born... Read More


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amazing amazing dancer!

wish I could hear you sing on glee!saw your rap video and it was fun!

hey...so I'm a dancer too and I'm 15:P I'm dancing now for 7 months and I never took lessons because my parents don't allow me to take lessons.YOure great, I hope that maybe I'll be a known dancer, too. I've got some videos on youtube. I know that it's hard for you to find some time because of the LXD and all the interviews, but maybe you'll find time to watch my video and rate it for me. I would be very thankfull, because I'm always practising in my room, so my parents can't see that I'm dancing, because they don't think it's good to dance.

Thank you very much!!! -Lil Art

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