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""There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion." - Edgar Allan Poe"

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is the shirt she's wearing in the airport with the new sunglasses and vans prison issues another market one?

lol you spotted the shaddes - thank you so much - you seriously must be some fashion junkie(or Kstew herself) for all the things you spot!

I made my very own first spot today - i still havent completed the pic yet but i'm on the hunt to complet the profile!

Hey. I saw you spotted Rosalie's G Star jacket. Do you know if it's still available for purchase? Thanks!

Hey lovely, I was wondering if you could help me id these sandals that Miley's wearing?

Tah in advance :)

Hey again :) I found the shoes in my comment above!! I do have something else that I've been on the hunt for, for a while now. It's the grey tank that Miley's worn a few times

here's a photo of the front and back

oh OK well i though it was the other one sorry

i think the jacket was Rag & Bone Contrasting single breasted blazer not to sure ?

Oh man! I can't believe you found Rose's other jacket! Is it still for sale?


Hy friend, I was wondering if you could help me id the dress of Christian Serratos in this picture:

Have a nice day!

Hey girlie :)

Just wondering if you ever figured out that sizing issue. haha

Oh no! :O haha that sucks! I can't believe they didn't reply... [/lame]

Just go with the mens tee, gurl!! It's not that bad, I promise, lol.

But I was just wondering cause I noticed the sale still on & was going to get another tee. But oh well, thirty bucks saved I guess. :P

Have to tell you, I love you for spotting all the amazing things ! Thank you so much :)

You're a freaking spotting goddess!

Cortini, I have been searching for the Mark _ James dress worn by Halle Berry....any clues where I can find it.....??? Please!!!

Hi there!! You are so amazing at spotting and you've probably been asked before but i was wondering if you could spot Kristen's necklace?
There are some HQ pics of it here which are really close-up!! :D

How is it possible to spot SO much stuff?! lol, you are amazing!

Love your new profile pic!

I hate you and love you at the same time lol. Your awsome at spotting.


Hey girl!
Can you spot this hoodie: it's from the serie Army wives, it's Roxy who was wearing the hoodie)

If you look the video it's the 22.18 min. And 30 min
Thank you so much! =)

Oops yeah sorry I forget to tell you that: It's season 3 episode 12. =)

oh so fast! You're the best!
Yeah it will be great if you can!


Do you know a alternative for the Alexander Wang Top With Leather Detail ?

Thanks anyway !! Your help is precious.

Hello !
Sorry I don't want to disturb you. I created a website with some of unidentified Twilight items. Can you, please, check it and we never know, you will might recognize an item ...?
Thanks a lot !!!


Hi there, I am wondering if you can help me identify the dress Alexa Chung is wearing in this photo? I think it's vintage, but thought I'd ask you since you usually know even the most random items of clothing! Thank you in advance!


Do you know what kind of hoodie this is? I thought that maybe it was an All Saints hoodie, but I couldn't find any similar to it. I have been searching forever and I know that you really know fashion!

Oh my god! You are seriously amazing!! I figured it was going to be impossible to find it...

Thank you so much!

Hi again, Cortni!

Another stab in the dark, the overalls that Selma's wearing... Do you have any idea?,0,0#24

Yes, her overalls.

In the picture that you just posted of Nina Dobrev, do you know what kind of shirt she is wearing?

Hey lovely, where did you find the new photos of the Azzaro Graffiti dress :) ??

Hiya hon,

I was wondering if there was anyway you could possibly idenify these two items?

Alice's Vest

Alice's Cardigan

Hey i know you must get plagued alot but I was wondering if you had any ideas about Kristen Stewarts jumper form LAX recently? Or even a good alt???


I was wondering if you could help me spot Nikki Reeds recent outfits.

Thanks !


Just stoppin' by to say hi.

HI! :D

Are the blue curacao-ish jeans Dakota was spotted in J-brands? I love them but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks Courtney!

Hi there,

Was wondering if you could help me spot the glasses. Thank you :)

Are you alive?!

I was worried because I knew NJ got hit harder than us. I'm glad you're ok, I assume the fam is good as well?

Hi Cortni, do you have any idea how I can contact ec-star clothing, other than through their website? They are not responding to my messages for over a month. They still owe me a clothing item that I paid for but never received :(

I am very sorry but if you could just take a look at that wonderful skirt, Iwould be sooo grateful:

Thank you soooooo much

Hi Cortni!
so i've been looking for these shoes,but i could not find them:(
if u could help me just find the brand it would be great:D i think it's Jimmy Choo, it's kind of a wedge with black strapos.

Could I enlist your spotting expertise? I'm in love with the outfit Jennifer Morrison is wearing for the first couple episodes of Once Upon A Time. I saw that you ID'd the boots as Frye Melissa Tall Boots, but was wondering if you could identify that awesome red leather jacket or the semi-sheer long-sleeve top she wears over the white tank top on the second episode? Thank you SO much!

Thank you!


Hey Cortni! I was just wondering if you knew anything about this pullover Rob was seen wearing a while ago? I absolutely love it :P


hello, do you know where to get the lisa hoffman bracelet as you spotted, please? thank you
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vicky !
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Hey Cortni.
I was wondering if you knew what the shoes Chelsea is wearing are. I saw them on Baby Daddy and I love them.

Thanks in advance :)

Hey can you ID the dress that Gabrielle is wearing in this photo its driving me nuts link to the picture below. Thanks!!


Do you know the hat Kristen Stewart is wearing in this picture?

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