Zara Fairisle Knitted Button Cardigan

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Thick knit cardigan with fairisle pattern, hood, cabling and two ribbed pockets.




Omg its been re-released dont miss out!!

Hello everyone. I have just found the rereleased version in the online webshop of the Dutch Zara, only available in the grey colour. I made a coolspotters account just for this, so I could tell you guys. I know Zara doens't offer an online webshop for all countries.
I am willing to buy one for you and ship it to you.
Iwon't charge extra, just the costs for the cardigan (49,95 euros) and the shipping required for your country. Send me a message on Coolspotters if you need my help!

so, I offered to buy one for those of you who have no Zara near you/ don't have a Zara online shop in your country. That offer does no longer apply, because I haven't actually seen them in the Dutch shops and they are no longer for sale on the Dutch Zara site. I hope you can all find one, it is just such an amazing cardigan =D

can you give us the link?! that would be totally awesome!!!!

It's been re-released on the U.S. website too! Don't miss it! http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/us/...

(If that link doesn't work, just go to zara.com, click on TRF and it's under Knitwear!)

also, if you're looking for it in your shop and need some more info, it's called the Jacquard pattern cardigan and this is the ref. number of the cardigan: 2339/269

Today I saw it in a Zara shop! so you can also buy it at your local shop!! Recieved my Cardigan yesterday and it's totally amazing!

Hey guys,
I have one for sale! It's a size M and comletely new!

unfortunately it's sold, hope you will find one soon

You guys rock! I didn't realize it was for sale again until I checked here. That makes me so happy. :)

Here is one for sale on Ebay, it is one of mine. Size M, and new with tags : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zara-Fairisle-Fair-Isle-grey-card...

Would anyone be interested in the Zara Fair isle Cardigan in NAVY Medium? It was listed as pre-owned and a little worn from the previous owner. It has never been worn by me. I paid $45, so I would like to get at least $35 + shipping. Message me if interested, thanks.

what size is it? (:

Sorry, it's already been sold a few days ago :(

I'm selling my sweater, size Small, never been worn, asking what I paid, $80. Message me if interested!

hi, where are you selling it? can you give me a link?

It's not on eBay or anything, I'm just selling it here. eBay takes too many fees out and such. message me if you're interested

how much are you asking for it?

I know you posted that some time ago but is the sweater already sold? :)

Selling my sweater! Size small, worn twice! Message me if interested! Thanks girls! Paid $80, asking $65 plus shipping!

I know you posted that some time ago but is the sweater already sold? :)

Hi girls, I'm thinking about selling mine. It's a size L, I never worn it (still has tags).
I bought it last year, like a piece of collection (I'm a big HP fan), with no intention of wearing it since it's not really my style. Anyway, I'm really broke and I prefer keeping other stuff from my collection even though it breaks my heart to get rid of it...
Please PM if you're interested!

PS: it's the grey one, exactly like in the movie.

If anyone is selling please inbox me!! will pay top price!!

Anyone selling in size s or m?

Still selling mine on eBay : http://tinyurl.com/bhpk4zk

aww, i dont need a large

Hey guys awesome price for this cardigan on ebay, grab it quick, its even a size s!!!!!

Hey guys, mine could really do with a wash, but I'm so scared I'm going to ruin it, any idea how I can wash it? please send me a message

Anyone selling still? I'd love to buy one! And the zara blouse she wears in the 7th movie if anyone has one of those.

If anyone is selling it in Size XS/S please message me :)

I'm looking for this!! I'd prefer M but let me know about small or large as well!

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