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Zara smock jacket. Featuring a cute orange floral lining. This Jacket features short sleeves that have button details on the sleeves as well as the chest.



Anyone know where to buy this?

no sorry ive been looking for it too.. if i find ill tell you :)

I know that I have 2 friends ( like me , they're FRENCH ) who won their jackets on EBAY.FR ! :)

omg i would be willing to pay heaps for those coats if only i could understand the french :'( nono do you have one at all?

No , sorry !

hi, not a problem thanks heaps anyways. thanks for helping. i really appreciate it :)

one is up on ebay again - size medium, could be taken in


This question if for anyone that owns the Zara jacket that Alice wears in New Moon. Could someone tell me what the label says for fabric content. And also I would really appreciate any photos people have of this jacket. front, side, back, and interior. I want to try and sew this myself (I didn't like cosplaysky's version enough) so any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated! Please message me if you have any photos. :)

Thanks in advance! :)

just wondering if anyone has this jacket in xs?

Just got this made as a replica and it is gorgeous!

cant find one grrrrr

Mine has arrived and I loves it! It's perfect for spring weather.

sell this coat original made by ZARA size L/pm me

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