Zara Blouse

(Created by Jane Doe)

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Zara peasant soft cotton blouse pink!



To whomever spotted this, I <3 you.

I'm with Ashley! Now we just need to find one...

I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I had been searching for this shirt for EVER online and could never find it! THANK YOU to the person who found it!!! I LOVE YOU!! =O

Here's one that's quite similar, but you have to make the sleeves a bit longer and wait until it's in stock. They can make the sleeves longer for you.

Ahhh thank you for spotting this! I love this top, hope i can find one....

to whoever spotted this- would you be interested in selling it? i am DYING for it!!!!!

anyone selling this? i wanna buy one

Anyone selling?

is anyone selling theirs? I have never seen one! I'm a small or X-small!

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