The Hunger Games Arena Authentic Prop Replica Jacket

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The Hunger Games Arena Jacket Authentic Prop Replica as worn by District 12 Tributes. Jacket shell is black and 100% Nylon. The inside jacket is also black and 100% cotton. Jacket comes with a double hood and has both zipper and button closures.


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Does anyone know how this fits?

From the pictures it looks like it runs large... so I ordered both an XS and S and will return one. I'll let you know. I believe it is set to ship around the 22nd.

Where do you get it?

So does that mean they will be in stores the 22nd I wonder?

Where can I get this?

Hot topic my dear ;)

Really? I can only find it on amazon.

That's weird. They was in pre-order a few days ago yet :s

Have you all seen the other one that is $120? I wonder how that looks/fits in comparison because on amazon it has 2 photos of the jacket and they're both different jackets, which is weird.

Hot topic's jacket was 49.99$ and now, they aren't on the site anymore. This is really weird, it looks like they up the price.

Hmmm.. I'm really confused because there two jackets:


but look at the first link. two photos right? but they're both of different jackets! I don't understand. They also flip flop prices around saying that one jacket is fifty and the other is $120, but then some say they're vice versa so I'm lost on this jacket.

If anyone is interested in fitting of the jacket and other things concerning it, I posted photos of it (and me in it) on the katniss page.

Does anybody know if the arena jackets exist in the District 2 color also? That would be awesome :)

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