Splendid Tab Sleeve Striped Henley

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Laid back day in the park, the Splendid Navy Stripe Long Sleeve Henley paired with a pair of distressed shorts and sandals is perfect for a relaxed day of fun. Classic navy striped long sleeved shirt has a scoop neckline with a V cutout with single working button closure. Sleeves... Read More




Nice spot! Now if only we could find it for purchase. :o/

Woot woot! Way to go Rosie! I searched for this for hours the other night! Great spot! XD

i love stripes!!!! i really hope they can re-lease it. awesome find Rosie.

I really want one! Does anyone have a better picture that shows off the color?

On sale now at Nordstrom. Not exact color but everything else is identical.

Do you have a link? The only one I see on sale is not the same shirt. The stripe sizes and buttons are different

I don't see it? Could I get the link? :)

I looked through every splendid item, it's not the same top

Aww too bad. I've yet to find this anywhere...

Yeah unfortunately Splendid items are hard to find once they're gone. But keep spamming their FB page, we're gonna try to get it re-released!

OK I will! I didnt think about their FB page!

Is this the same one button style worn by Elena on the Vampire Diaries in blue? If it is they pop up on ebay a lot... usually in orange or white/grey striped. But they are out there.

Elena's turns into a long-sleeve shirt, this one is 3/4 sleeve, but otherwise they are the same.

This one can be turned into a long sleeve too if you undo the tab...I thought the gap between the stripes was smaller for the one on TVD but I could be wrong its hard to tell bc the shirt is dark and the pictures are all dark :\

I would love to own this henley!!!! I love the color combo :)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/521919604487944/ Please join us to help re-release this fabulous Henley !!!

Just got this in Bella's color for only $25! :o)

OMG Nat me tooooooo! Yeah for us! :)))

Oh lucky!!!!
I want one!
I gotta keep looking :/

Me three!!!! And I got Elena's color too XD Happy Bella/Elena day! haha

Help support the re-release of this shirt!!

Anyone selling in size XS or S?
Please message me :)

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