San Diego Chargers Sweatshirt

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Reebok San Diego Chargers Navy Blue Powerhouse Hoody Sweatshirt


  • San Diego Chargers Sweatshirt Photo
  • San Diego Chargers Sweatshirt Photo


I really want the Reebok San Diego Chargers sweatshirt that James Roday wore on the latest episode of "Psych." The "buy it" link on Coolspotters takes me to Amazon, but this particular sweatshirt isn't there. Anyone know where I can get it?

I've been looking everywhere for this sweatshirt Shawne wore in Psych i checked amazon ebay craigs list etc. i found one youths medium on ebay but im mens medium if anyone knows how or where to get it plz let me know

Ditto, Chargersrule! I've looked all over as well. has the youth size, but not adults. shows the sweatshirt, but it is out of stock and they don't know when more will arrive. Anyone have any other ideas? My anniversary is in 2 weeks, and my hubby really wants this!

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