Pins and Needles Strapless Lace Dress

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Strapless lace dress from Pins and Needles * Structured bustier-style top trimmed with piping accents * Molded cups; lining; smocked back * 27"l from top to hem * UO Exclusive



This dress is sooooooo gorgeous!! I love Elena's style this season! Can't stop smiling today! :)))))))

You beat me to it. I found the dress a few hrs ago but decided to spot it after my nap. LOL. Guess great minds think alike.

So excited to get this dress! Thanks to the awesome girl who helped me get Elena's color! So pretty!!

Finally got to the store and managed to get one in the right size and right color!!!! Yay! Beautiful.

Yay! Glad you found one! Mine should be here soon!!! :D

How do you guys like it? Thinking about getting one too but I'd need to let it ship to europe. Is it worth it or too expensive then?

They have restocked this dress in elena's color in all sizes on their website!!!!

Wish I had known! I ordered it in the beige just so I could get my hands on one! Such a pretty dress! Love the navy one more though. Oh well!

You can exchange it? They should still have some in stock:)

What should does elena wear with this one? The troopas?

That seems to be the consensus. :) there's no great shots of her shoes but they look the same as the Troopas!

Is the dress runs small and it's true size?

--Pins and Needles Strapless Lace Dress XS screen accurate colour, NEW

If anyone's interested, please message me. I need payment as soon as possible and serious buyers only please. Thanks!

Of anyone is selling the sa color in a large please message me! Thanks!

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