Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket

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Warmth and style are perfectly matched in the Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket. - Full-Button up front - Drawstring hood - Filled with synthetic fill - Media portal patch inside - Thermal lining for added warmth - Fabric: Body: 80% cotton/20% polyester. Body lining: 100% cotton. Hood lining: 100% cotton.... Read More



Hey has anyone got a Nike Quilted Fleece Women's Jacket in Black in size XL ??

I'm from the UK and most things like this is hard to buy from as it's mainly sold in the USA like I've been looking for a Nike SB Backpack and no UK stores do them and the US are sold out.

I was going to bid on Ebay on a size L in Black but the prices where to high I'm not paying $170 for one. Please help x

Unfortunately they are so scarce they are always going for the big bucks. If I see one on eBay for a decent price in your size and color I'll post the link on here for you =)

If anyone could take some pics and message me with them and what size they are wearing, i'd really appreciate it! :)

I just bought it in a small, I should have it Tuesday and can take pics of it then :) Message me to remind me to send you pics!

Oooh thanks! Can i ask you where you got it?


ahh i love this jacket too much, anyone have one they want to sell??

hey everyone i made a page on facebook to help get it released

I just wore this jacket for the first time tonight and it was so nice and soft. I'm in love! dont think it will last me the full winter in scotland though, but maybe up till xmas.... then the start of spring!

Soooo jealous i want one so bad!!! Happy for you!!

Haha me too I wore it today cuz it's cold here lol, so comfy right? =)

yeah it definitely doesn't last me the full winter here in northern NY either. gets below zero up here. but it lasts me awhile depending on what i wear under it.

Mine also didn't last me the full winter unless I wore 7 layers underneath it lol.

Anyone who doesn't have this jacket and wants it, please email Nike to get it re-released. Maybe if they get enough e-mails they might consider it. Email them

Anyone who has this jacket in S or M and doesn't want it any more for any reason then i would gladly buy it for a reasonable price if been worn and washed a few times:)

did someone buy this? or do you still have it for sale

I have one for sale in size small - message me if interested.

This is a long shot since this post seems to of died but i have a medium and i'm clearly much smaller than i thought i was anyone want to trade for a size small. message me :) x

Hi! Does anyone have a S or M or even L that they want to sell? I REALLY WANT THIS JACKET and I've been looking everywhere. email me! or post it here!

Anyone want to trade; i have a medium and i want a small.

If anyone has this in a M or even L and needs an XL please let me know. I love the jacket but its huge one me.

or if anyone wants to sell me a M or L lol

Hey .. If anyone have this jacket and want to sell , please contact me (: .. Sice: S or M

Hey im selling my Nike quilted fleece!

Does anyone has this in a medium or large? If so please message me!

looking for the blue and the grey, size medium, please:)

I am listing my jacket on ebay tonight. The original in black aso Kristen.

Hey! I'm selling my Nike quilted fleece BLACK size L. If anyone interested, send me a message :D

Or I'm also okay to change it. I'd rather have an M now instead of a L (because I lost a lot of weight since I bought the jacket)

I'm still looking for this jacket... Let me know !


I'm stil looking for it...

Anyone selling in size XS or S?
Please message me :)

I'm selling this jacket in blue size medium
PM me if interested!

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