Mango Angora Cable Knit Jumper

(Created by Cortni)


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Cable knit jumper with angora, dropped shoulder seams and contrasted long sleeves, round neck and hems.



Is angora a stretchy material? I had to settle for small although a Medium would have been better.

Yes, it is. The only thing with this sweater is the arms. I am usually a size small sometimes medium when I want my clothe's a little baggy but with this sweater I had to take a size medium because the arms of the small was too small and too tight. I don't know if it's only my arms or the sweater. It's the first time something like this happen to me ;) and be carefull with the washing !!

Speaking of which, do you hand-wash it? Or put in the washing machine? Does it shrink?

When I put it in the washing machine the first time, it shrinked a little so since then, I hand-wash it. And this is for all my angora's sweater since!

Okay, thanks.
I don't know if it's because I'm more into "fashion" now, but I find that there are a lot more clothes that have to be either hand-washed or dry-cleaned lately (unfortunately).

Anyone selling this new?

its still being sold in some places like the UK.

Thanks! The amazing Cindy helped me get one! :)))


Hi! did anyone bought an extra Mango Angora Cable Knit Jumper that would be willing to sell? Same colour as Kristen, size small...
Or... If anyone could give me the link... And say If there's shipping option To Brazil... Or USA... I really appreciate!!!

Pri message me if you want one, I'll see what I can do! ;)

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