Maison Scotch Cotsummer Beach Skirt W/ Belt

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A Maison Scotchâ„¢ skirt that brings sun-washed style from the Pacific coasts to the tree-lined boulevards of the old country. Simple Baja stripes lend a touch of warm-weather chic. Multicolor beading finishes the belt loops. Metal-studded leather belt finishes the look. Metal brand badge touches the left hip. A-line mini... Read More



Nice spot!

Thanks! :)

Amazing LAUREN!!! :))))

The size 0 and 2 is still in stock here:

if anyone still has a 0,1 or 2 to spare, pls message me! ):

If anyone is selling a size 2 please let me know! Thanks :)!

Same here!! Need a 1 or 2. Please let me know:) thanks!!

Keep an eye on 6PM and ShopBop, they sometimes restock/get returns.

Does anyone want to trade a size 0 for a size 1?

If anyone is selling this skirt, please message me. Doesn't matter the size I can alter. Thanks!

So annoying!! It will be overpriced. : (

i'd kill for this skirt ):

You and me bother sister

Selling my new with tags Maison Scotch Cotsummer Beach Skirt in size XS!
Shipping would be from Germany. I ship worldwide.
Message me if interested :) Thanks

If someone found this skirt to sell it.. Tell me! I REALLY want it :)

Selling this in size Large. Message me if interested, new, never worn. Just sat in my closet since I bought it.

I would love to buy this from you! I missed my chance back when. Is it still available? TYSM

Yes, it is. Please message me your location and I can give you a total with shipping.

do you still have it? or did you sell it =)

someone is selling it? if yes mess me

i have to receive mine in these days if it doesn't fit me well i can sell it to you ;-)

thank you :)

Would love it too if KatherinePierce won't take it!:)

just got girls i have to go at home to try it on hiihhihihi i'll let you know soon if i'll keep it or not!:-* to both of you!!

thanks :)

sorry girls :-( but i looove the skirt so i can't part with it i really hope you can find one cause it's sooo pretty :-) here a pic if you want to see the fitting for the xsmall!i am a medium and it's perfect ;-)

if you find one let me know XD

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