Joy Division 'Unknown Pleasures' T-Shirt

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In order to buy this tee, you must own this album. Just kidding. Anyhow, this iconic design was created by Peter Saville and Joy Division. Legendary post punk tee from a legendary band. * 100% cotton * Wash cold; dry low * Imported



they have it at hot topic too

Hey ahm but she don't bought that 4 mans ... ?

i look at hot topic and they didn't have the t-shirt any ways its not the exact same one !!!!!!

yes they have the same exact one at hot topic. i bought mine there. it was in the clearance section.

found an online shop in germany. they have exactly that t-shirt. aaaand they ship to us too.

if u want to buy i could help for the translation on that page... so just leave a comment

I bought mine at hot topic just like @peacefrog said but I doubt they have it there. try ebay or amazon

they have it at, just bought mine there <----- on sale for 20$ for a brief time, must be a member to see the site so sign up!

I got mine off ebay less than a week ago. it should be getting here on Thursday, and I hope it looks good! lol.

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