Hollister Checked Shirt 2009

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Hollister Checked Shirt 2009



omg, you guys are right it is hollister :O
does anyone have a link where to buy it please? thank you xx
cant beleive i spent £80 on the philip lim one

does anyone know where i can get this shirt?

Does anybody know if this is available to purchase still?x

No its not available still...it comes up on Ebay sometimes but they're selling for alot of money!!

Oh ok. Thank you xx

which one was the plilip lim?does anybody know what's the other shirt she's wearing,the purple one at the beggining?

where can i get this exact shirt

man i want this shirt.. :( :(

I found one almost EXACTLY like this at my local Hollister. The only difference is that this is the 2009 model and the one I got was a 2010 model. The ONLY difference I could note, was that the 2009 one has two pockets, while the 2010 one has only one pocket.

do you know if they have anymore there? I was just in my local Hollister and didn't see any :(

I got mine from marshalls

alternative to the shirt:

I've send an e mail to Hollister to ask if they are planning on re done it and of course :
"Thanks for emailing us about our shirts. Unfortunately, that shirt from a past season, we probably don’t carry it anymore.

Fashion is always changing here at Hollister, since we strive to set the latest trends instead of just following them." >> I've told them that in France, Coco Chanel said :Fashions fade, style is eternal.

LOL I've, at least try everything ^^

Oh well, good job for trying :)

Thanks ! I mean if they get TONS of e mails like mine, they'll have to re release it ! A lot of compagnies did it for Twilight fans before (Simple shoes,Burkman Bros, O neil ..) why Hollister just doesn"t ?!
Lol I've told them that they's rather do that instead of advising me to buy an other (ugly) shirt :)

Found a similar one at Abercrombie, except it has this annoying ruffle!!


Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I'm also selling, what I think is, a great alternative to the hollister checked shirt. If no one wants it I'm going to put it on ebay. Pics are on my blog since I haven't learned how to do LiveJournal. Message me if interested.


Facebook group to get this shirt re released:


I found this:


Same style and super cute !!!

wow, that listing is really mis-leading! that is not the shirt bella wears in eclipse..

It says is a very close match..and it is!! i ll be bidding 'cause it looks very simillar...

LOL!! they totally changed the description! i think maybe someone had flagged it on ebay :)

@eskmoksses - that would be me!

penquin30.. what do you mean?


I have a the Hollister plaid in size M but it's too big and if anyone would like to trade it for a XS or S please let me know! P.S I'm looking to TRADE only and not sell, thanks!! :)

I'm willing to trade my M for another item, message me if interested :)

Just got one a few days ago love it!

Have a shirt similar to this. Willing to trade it for something else of Bella Swan's/Kristen Stewart's if I like what you are trading, haha. Message me if interested. :)

Just spied one of these rarities on FB.. very excited.. woop woop :)

So you just bought one? Im confused. If you found one and are selling, please message me! (:

This comment was deleted.

Selling this shirt in excellent pre-owned condition size small $150 OBO

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