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H&M Divided jacket.




Uh oh.
They haven't responded yet, but from what I've read...
I don't think Zara ships to the USA.

But why would they put some of their products in US dollars?

I think it's just for the stores that are in the US. You cant order anything online. Which sucks, because we have no Zara stores here. Maybe you could call the nearest Zara store and ask if they can ship it. Who knows...

Usually they will ship it to you if you call them. Ugh, i hate online sites that don't ship there's no point to having a clothing site if you can't purchase anything from it. Anyways, i'll email them again and ask. They probably are annoyed xD

Really? That's good! But then how do you pay for it?

They STILL haven't replied to me yet, I'm getting impatient, haha.

They will usually take a credit card over the phone or you could pick it up if the store is located in your state.

Same! It's been at least a week.

That makes sense. Too bad there are none where I live, haha.

It's probably because everyone is sending them so many emails, lol. But still, they're being kinda slow.

That is a problem. I'm sure they would send it to you i mean, they can't turn down a potential customer.

True,true. I sent a bunch of emails out to every company that has had a part in hermione's clothing. I wonder if any of them will re release the clothing or tell us where to get it. Ebay is definitely not a help :/

Zara will definitely give us our sweater and H&M is probably getting ton's of emails about the jacket. So, we will just have to cross our fingers. If the twilighters can get their clothing then we should be able to also xD

Zara finally emailed me back.
With bad news.
No Zara cardigan for us. :*(

What exactly did they say

"Regarding your message, we regret to inform you that the old season articles are not available in our warehouses. We are sorry to be unable to fulfill your request, and hope that this will not prevent you from visiting our stores in the future."


This is depressing.
You should email them back and be like, "I'm sorry to inform you, but I will not be visiting your stores in the future uless you provide me with that cardigan."

I know.

Did you at least get an email back from any other companies?

That does suck :/
All the companies i contacted told me they could not re release anything.

I don't think they understand how much money they would make...

They probably can, they just don't want to.

yah, haha.
If it was Twilight, they would. :/

I agree :( it sucks how twilight fans get their clothing re released and HP fans don't. Harry potter has a bigger fan base and they would make a ton of money...i just don't get why they won't bother.

Here's an alternative. It's wool though.

SELLING! Hermonies H&M snap jacket in size 36 which is about an XS/SM. I found it in blue so Im selling this one! Asking what I paid $17+shipping. Message me if you want it!


why must you be so tiny? haha
where did you find it in blue?!

I just won this in blue! So excited!

for how much?!

Im trying to make one myself. anyone know what material or fabric they used?

Here is a really similar one from H&M in blue: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/H-M-Ladies-Royal-Blue-Short-Jacket-...

Anybody see this? Honestly, I don't think that it is that great... especially for the price. It isn't even the right color: http://cosplaysky.com/all/harry-potter-hermione-granger-y...

i want one!!!!!

has sent email to zara and h&m to rerelease the items. Mentioned how much fan replicas sell up to. I maybe went a little higher. I want the damn jacket and cardigan!!

H&M didn't reissue Bella Swan's stuff despite of the demand and our e mails, so I don't think they will ever re issue this jacket.. :(

i love mine! it's a lot heavier than it looks! amazing jacket! :D

I would do anything to have this in purple. Hopefully if enough people send emails to H&M they might consider re releasing it. And yeah, maybe it didn't work out for twilight stuff but you never know, it could work for this. Meh.

Maybe warner bros might release a replica line if we talk to them too. If they made replica's of hermiones pink hoodie from POA they might consider doing some replicas from all the movies...just an idea.

yeah!!!!! i NEED this AND her POA hoodie!

Girls, I have this jacket in purple size 12, ideally I would like to trade it for a couple Elena Gilbert items like the guess salsa cami, guess tubular corset, guess abby blazer, guess jasmine tank (red) or rue 21 thermal. Let me know

did you find someone?

Yes, i did

if you see any purple or blue size small or extra small, PLEASE let me know

An auction that ended recently, the very rare h&m side-button jacket in the right color, i think:
The listing has nice pics and lists the fiber content as
67% cotton, 33% polyester.

Hi girls, I am selling the H&M Side Button Jacket in PLAID Size 42 (Large). Asking what I paid $25 + shipping. Please message me if you're interested, thanks!

Hi everyone! I am looking for this jacket in purple size US 6 or 8 or small. I know they are SUPER hard to find, but if anyone finds one, please let me know. :)

I am so in love with this jacket and am desperate for it. If anyone has any tips for making one or any idea how I could get one any color in a small or medium, any help is much appreciated :)

If anyones selling let me know!! x

Anyone selling theirs?

I'm thinking about selling my spare on, as I badly need money :/ but I'm not 100% sure right now

if you do, please tell!

cool, everything is in german, google translate hasnt told me how you buy, please help?

I will happy to buy this jacket in original color!
If someone want to sell this jacket - contact with me!

Depends whats the top price you're willing to pay for it? I got mine for $200 and won't sell it for any less.

if anyone was selling the exact or similar, please tell! you will be my favourite person! I really need it, i have the jumper and need to complete the look x

do you have the gray pleated top?

no but i think it was from zara

Thank you!!

has anyone found anything new?

selling the purple divided h&m jacket worn by emma watson in the deathly hallows part 1 size 6!

If anyone is selling this please email me at lyndsey.elaine.texas@gmail.com

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