H&M Divided Brown Zip Up Hoodie

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H&M Divided Brown Zip Up Hoodie with kangaroo pocket , made with 100% Cotton and retail for 19.90$.



:"( cant find this anywere HELP BEFORE THE PREMIERE!!!

Try in Your local H&M ;) Hope You find it ;)

You probably won't be able to find the brown, but the hoodie will probably be available in other colors.

there are tons of them in our h&m .. :)

Just keep checking Ebay. I thought I would never find it and there is no H&M in Australia...but one day I went Ebay and there it was! I love it!

Could some angel out there get this for me and then ship it to me in Sweden? I'll pay for what the hoodie cost and shipping costs and also give you 13 dollars for the bother :)
I'm about size smal or medium if someone have one you want to sell! Write to me to talk prices in that case :)

are we sure as the Elena's hoodie is black? Her hoodie seem brown to me...

are you shure that this one is her jacket?i mean the one she wear shure its the jacket but the other photo with only the jacket on it.is it the same jacket?

I have this NWT in a couple sizes if anyone wants to buy. I'll prob list one on ebay soon.

message me? what sizes do you have??

same as here, message me what color and size please! :)

Just curious, she wears a brown hoodie in New Moon too, I believe when she's hanging out with Jake fixing the bikes. .Is it the same one?

It kind of looks like the same one from that scene.

Is this type of hoodie still available in H&M stores now?

Some still have them. Some are missing the drawstrings on the hood apparently for safety reasons. The one I went to last still had them with the drawstrings and everything in the brown, but that was about 3 months ago. I would definitely try in store if you have one within driving distance. Hope that helps.

I don't think I've ever seen their zip ups without drawstrings. Where do you live, just curious. I think its kind of funny, I would think if you're old enough to wear it, you're old enough not to choke/hurt yourself with the drawstring of your hoodie. I think the pullovers dont have drawstrings though. ---Nicole, I would call first, depending on how far away you are and how many H&Ms are near you. Not every H&M has a Divided department and from what I know it seems they're discontinuing the brown color because stores haven't been replenished, not with the zip ups anyways. G'luck

Yes, it did help thanks for the response I appreciate it! :D

These are all over ebay! Here is a listing with sizes 2.4.6,8 available...


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