Free People Studded Cuff Thermal

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Knit thermal long sleeved top with banded scoop neckline. Metal studded and button detail on oversized banded cuffs.


  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo
  • Free People Studded Cuff Thermal Photo


What makes you think this is the right one? Thx

yeah see Heather comment below. I have it too and when I saw the HQ pic I knew immediately this was the top. The fabric is really, really unique.

Hi. Really like the shirt even if I'm not sure if that's the same. Does anyone of you know where to get this in the color wine wash? I think it has been sold out.

Free People uses that thermal fabric , have one & its identical..Who has that screen cap where you can see the texture of the fabric up close.

oh yeah it so Free People

ok, great job. Really. That looks very convincing. Ordered mine in black just now. I plan to bleach and then dye it a wine color. I think, Eclipse has the most clothes so far, or is this just my perception. My whole closet is already only Bella.

they are really easy to dye because I had the zipper thermal in peach & I dyed it purple

oh that's great. thx

help me for buy?????????

I wish everywhere was not sold out I REALLY want this.

Just an update on the Free People studded cuff top. As a non-US resident I only had the opportunity to get the shirt directly from the Free People site, but there the wine color of course was already sold out. I got the black one, and wanted to let you know that you can bleach the black one, it eventually loses the color, and will take the color of the dye (which doesn't always happen), so the experiment worked out. I now have a wine colored shirt, only the black threads will tell you, it wasn't bought that way :)

Can you post a picture of yours?

of course, will do by saturday. it's at the tailor's because size S is so long, it'll serve as a dress for me :) That way I can get rid of the black threads, at least. I'll post on here as soon as the pic is up. I think I got the color just right. Mine was called "Autumn red" by Simplicol (a German brand, though), so if you want to dye yours (everyone that it concerns), you might want to look for a dark, but warm red. A few of my other dye jobs can be seen in the pics on my profile. If you have questions concerning dyes, I have become quite proficient thanks to Bella :)

GUYS its alll wrong the real one is distressed damsel by free people but its also sold out :( what sucks is i was gonna buy the whole outfit and there stupid that they take it off sale they would be millionaires off all of our twilight people!!

hi. :) is there a picture of bella where you can see the sleeves? ive been looking for one but havent found one;shes always wearing the jacket. i think that the only difference between the damsel and the studded cuff are the cuffs; snaps instead of studs but i think the material is the same.. i found a "distressed damsel" in what they claim to be wine but its not the same color as bella's
what do you think?

this one is DEFF Bella's. The fabric is exactly the same.

...someone needs to change the spot...

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