EC Star Clothing "Nuns With Guns" Hoodie

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EC Star Clothing "Nuns with Guns" Hoodie in black. 100% cotton with hot pink screen print on back. Screen reads "Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammunition." This hoodie is from a 2006 collection by EC Star Clothing.


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hey does anyone no where you can get this hoody i reallyyyy want one its toataly cool please help me thanx :)

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a kinda big on me, but i wear it all the time!! :)

This comment was deleted.

Sure.....NOW they sell it. Ridiculous.

Yeah I guess they figured not everyone would rip them off illegally on

I wonder if Kristen will wear her new hoodie?

do you thing they still have them cause i really want one it says to be shipped the first week of june dose that mean that the hoddies are going to finish in june???????...dose anyone know how much it will be if it gets shipped to canada???? help !!

they only made a limited number of hoodies. they've been selling them for a little while on their website and for the past week/week and a half there were only XL's left but i guess they are all out :( i bought mine and its already shipped.

that sucks....well dose anyone know where i could get another one or if theyll be makeing anymore soon??????...(i saw someone had some on ebay but their much too big im quite tiny)

They have them online again at EC Star, but in youth sizes. Which someone on the main page said they fit like regular S/M/L, but I'm not sure if thats true.

I coudn't find it on the website, would you prehaps send me a link or something?

Hey This Website is Selling 'EC Star Nun's With Guns Hoodie' As Well As Other K-Stew Stuff x

but for 40$ you can have the original one..

How ?? x

I'm just posting this for anyone who doesn't know - apparently it's not a good idea to buy from the site posted above.

I got mine about a month ago, i really wear it all the time xd

I have kinda the same body structure as Kristen and I took a Youth Medium. I really thought it would be to small but it fits just like hers !!
For girls who are under 1.70meters and weight around 50 thats the right size !

Thanks for the info! :)

Is anyone willing to sell this in a mens small ??

If you go to the EC Star website that would be a youth XL

:D im going to order mine soon, first week of janurary if i can =) hopefully they will still have stock!

I ordered mine about a week ago and it still hasn't shipped...I got a YXL but if it's to small I'm going to have to sell it =[

If anyone has a youth large in this I'm interested.. don't want to buy from EC Star as it's $55 just for shipping in the UK..

She has had this a little while now. Still likes the converse I see.

ec star are selling in youth size due to popular demand. Hope on their website now and order, because their only 40 in price but do cost some extra for shipping.

I don't recommend buying from them. They haven't been on for months, since January I think. People on the Kristen page, including me, have been complaining about that. I think it was discovered that the owner abandoned the website basically.

I checked the wbsite the other day because they are selling and shipping. I wonder why there are two stories here?

If anyone's looking to sell this in a Youth L or XL or whatever was the equivalent, please send me a message!

Same question as Lu ;) If anyone wants to sell theirs, I'd love to have it. I think I need a YM or YL. Message me, thanks!

i can't find that hoodie anymore... sad.
i want that hoodie XL or L also good. plz reply me if anyone have a mind to sell it.

does anyone know where to get this? i am looking for a small... cheapish... let me know.

It's hard to find since the company shut down and no one is willing to part with it.

I am desperately searching for this hoodie. If anyone is selling a replica, the lighter version, or the original. PLEASE let me know.

Someone is selling this on eBay. Just thought you'd like to know :)

I want this one :) Who is selling theirs? Message me!

Selling size small fits like Kristen's :

Anyone selling in size S?
Please message me :)

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