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Bella wears this jacket in a color called Light Blue,it has silver zippers and hardwares. The re issue jackets have gold zippers and their color is called "lake blue". Zip-up mid-weight twill hooded jacket; with 6 front cargo style pockets; stash pocket on right arm; drawcord neck; silver metal hardware... Read More


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if you go to they have that same jacket but cheaper. Also Pacsun

they also have this jacket at
have any of you ever purchased from this site?

I bought mine from Fred Flare and had no issues.

I just went to PacSun today, and they got in new stock of the Bella jacket! It's next to the billabong hannah jacket :)

I just want to warn you all, if you bought this Jacket at Nordstrom Rack it might be a fake, I bought one in white there then one in blue somewhere else and I saw the white one was a fake because one it didnt have all the zippers two it didnt have the heart logo on it and 3 the sleeves where different.

Also is everyone elses darker then the pictures cause mine is.

lol thats cause that was one of the originals.. there were two originals.. one was without the zippers on the bottom pockets + didnt have cuffs + had a white tag instead of the heart one + silver zippers.. the other one had the cuffs + zippers on the bottom pockets but had the white tag+ silver zippers.. the new re release ones have the gold zippers and pockets.. have the zipper above the bottom pocket and have the heart tag not the white one.. lol there are 3 versions.. lol so you probably have the original without the zippers above the pockets which is your white one and the your otherone is the re release.. well hope ive helped sort out your confusion.. lol none of them are fake

you seem to know quite a bit about the jacket, maybe you could help me too? i have been to so many web site to find one that will post to NZ. the ones that do all seem to have different writing on the buttons. what is printed on the real jacket not one of the knock off's. which site would have it?

@Dallandra has it just searh BB Dakota Twilight Jacket.

Ok thats good to know I didnt waste my money of a fake but I thought it was fake because its SO different the fabric started to fall apart after one wear i could move my arms up alot no matter how big I tried it on and it was different materials thats why when I got the jacket from amazon I jumped to thinking it was fake. but yea thats for explaing to me

use my rep name ladyfallen1986 and get this jacket for 20% off on just type in twilight in the search bar and it will take you to the page.

they also have the Delicious vinyl t shirt Kristen Stewart herself wears
as shown in this link
remember to use my rep name ladyfallen1986 to receive 20% off

I've always had confusion over the re-released jacket being such a different colour. The new picture for this profile is much more like the colour Bella has. Is this a newer release or something?

Why does Bella's look gray and the buyable ones dark blue ?a

I think 'cause it got re-issued and that's the new colour it came out in. Bella's wearing the original. What I wanna know is about the picture tho. I don't get how someone found a pic with the original colour...

it was edited with photoshop

Also available from PacSun in 4 colors, all sizes, and they ship to France :)

I have a BB Dakota Jacket that I need to sell. Its a large.. still new, with tags, hanging in my closet. I bought it thinking it would fit me, b/c i'm a large, but when I tried it on it was too snug across my back. SOO.. finally able to get hands on an XL :) YAY it fits SO MUCH better!
Anywho, need to get rid of my Large now..
Please message me if interested!! :)

Do you still have this jacket?

no, sorry.. I sold it a long time ago :(
I do have a medium, and am in search of a large if you have one you'd like to trade :)

You can still get these jackets all over the net, they just might have a different name:

I didn't know that it was also called "Forest for the Trees Jacket" ! Thanks for the information !

does anyone know of a site that still has it in stock and in XL?

Has anyone ever tried to get the ORIGINAL light blue color rereleased?

yes, the original is rare on ebay, but a some girls have it :)

i have this jacket in the rereleased 'lake blue' color and i adore it :) it has a nice slim fit and the fleece lining on the inside keeps me warm when things start to get chilly :) the site i purchased from was

They still have these in the lake blue (also black and brown) at the Nordstrom Rack stores. Just got one today for $20. :-) Glad I didn't get one on ebay.

Okay, I was at the Nordstrom Rack near me yesterday and I saw this jacket in lake blue, khaki? or beige?, purple and I think brown. I'm not sure about the other colors but I know the Lake Blue ones don't have the zippers above the bottom pockets and don't have the cuff either....but the inside tag is black? Is this how yours is? but now I'm confused. One post up there said one of the originals didn't have the zippers or cuffs but had a white tag? I can't really tell if the zipper is silver...but its not gold either although the buttons are silver.....

Yep that is probably the same one I have. Mine has the blue color, no zippers above pockets and no cuffs. The inside tag is black. I think it is the reissue... I agree though the zipper doesn't really look gold either. Hope that helps.

@Unishka: stop changing the profile pic. you put the pic of the reissue jacket, whereas Bella wears the original jacket in another color with different zippers. I put the right pic back.

I can't find this on any site and I want to ind it in the original color the gold doesn't look good I need an XL bc I heard they run small sorta like north faces and I really love this jacket any one have any suggestions I called Nordstrom they said they don't have any :,( any one help

i called the nordstrom and they said that they couldnt find it on the site and i want to know if they do still carry in nordstrom rack because im going to go shopping in charlotte NC soon for clothes and they have a rack up there some where and i reallllyyy want the jacket

does someone here sale one blue lake and size L

I'm searching for the one in M. Anyone has it for sale?

Or in S?

i might have an s for sale (:

I've sent you a PM :)

if anyone is selling this jacket at a low price? Size s. can send it to indonesia?

I am asking for the same but size M and to Spain

The only place you can find the jacket is on eBay really. The original color aso Bella Swan is impossible to find. I know of only one other person besides myself who has the screen accurate original color.

The original jacket actually didnt come in Bella's color, it was dyed that color from a cream version, so her color was never available for sale, the only way to get it is a dyed version.

I have one, its never been dyed and I am confident when I say it is the color. There is another girl who owned the same color jacket and you can tell its real. She might have worn a dyed jacket at some point. But the real color does exist. In all different filters of light it changes just like Bella's. I'll post pictures to prove it.

I got the info from John Henson, he said it was dyed and that color was never sold but idk! Just passing along what he told me :)

Just mentioning this in case someone is concerned about it anymore;

I can say for certain that the original jacket was not dyed, the costume director on the first film, Wendy Chuck, actually talks about buying it & shooting it on camera immediately after running to the store to get it in a bit of a fashion crisis on set. They were planning on Bella wearing the brown hoodie for the scene but the director of photography thought it was too dark because Bella/Kristen's hair got "lost in it" (aka her hoodie was too dark for the scene and you could only pick out her face). Wendy has spoken about this multiple times.

So all those concerned that the original was dyed, it wasn't! There has been plenty other of her clothes dyed though. just not the BB Dakota Screen Accurate/light blue.

I'm looking for this jacket S or M preferably the reissue lake blue version.

Check eBay. But the blue color is pretty impossible to find these days.

I am looking for a bb dakota in white or blue in XL. Anyone selling??

Does anyone know if dyeing a tan one works just as well as dyeing a cream one?

Stumbled across this post & just want to say that if you don't give up, you can find the original screen accurate jacket -silver hardware & all. I took the advice of a nice blogger & was able to get it for a little under 250 dollars in great condition. Figured I was okay with the price because it's 2015 & I highly doubt I'll ever see it again that low.

Here's her post, it helped me out:

I can say that the original jacket was not dyed, the costume director on the first film, Wendy Chuck, actually talks about buying it & shooting it on camera the same day in a bit of a fashion crisis on set. It's in a pretty funny article ABOUT the rerelease jacket:

Don't give up if you really want it! Be very patient & it'll show up eventually.

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