Banana Republic Double Trim V-Neck Pullover Sweater

(Created by Jane Doe)
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Banana Republic's comfy v-neck pullover looks fresh with a faux double layer and contrasting trim. Its cashmere-like feel is the result of a special yarn knit just for us by the famed Italian Filpucci mill.




Nice spotting!! You are amazing Cortni!! :D

I love that it's 30% off today too!

Just called my local BR and they have it in store on sale for $49.50. A few dollars more than online but no wait and no shipping. I'm on my way there tonight. :)

Also, found out while in the store tonight they have senior discounts, student discounts and teacher discounts. :) Not sure how the student discount works there ie. college, high school etc.. but the Senior one gets you 15% off all items clearance and sale. So if you know someone who can get the senior discount when you go there that's about $7 more off the sweater. :)

Ask about discounts at the store. They had Senior, Teacher and Student discounts available. I had posted a bunch more information but changed my mind and just wanted to let you all know about the discounts you can get. :) Have a nice day! :)

Great spot Cortni. Thanks!

Cortini, you're an amazing spotter !!

There is a seller on Ebay with them as well. I bought mine from her and it is perfect! Even came in the original store packaging! Bin now proce is $49.99 with free shipping, but she does auction as well.

I'm very disappointed about this sweater. It pills everywhere, and it's not unwearable. It definitely doesn't worth the price.

Jenny, Did you dry your sweater in a dryer? I'm asking because I've had no problems with mine (I dry mine flat on a towel on my dining room table) & I sold a lot of them on Ebay. The BR site did have a lot of complaints about the pilling issue though. Someone else told me that using fabric softener on these particular sweaters would cause pilling too, not sure why, but I never use it anyway because I'm allergic to it. And did you buy your sweater from me? If you did I'll send you another one, but all I can get to right now are the size smalls. I'm lynn0692 on ebay.

Hey :)
No I never put it in a dryer, it started pilling after the first time I handwashed it.. But I used fabric softner, so it might be because of that... I wish I have read reviews on the BR website before buying it !!! Well, at least, I read reviews now before buying lol
I didn't buy it from you (fI bought it from a friend here) so don't worry about it :) thanks though !

If anyone sells on in xs/s in teal pls let me know!

I ended up searching on ebay for mine and got it for only $12!
So happy now :)

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