Anthropologie Ballet Tank

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With a leotard's telltale ruching below a soft v-neck, Pure & Good puts a dancerly spin on a classic shape.


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Is that spot right? The neckline looks slightly different to me...!?

I just found the top at the anthropologie website and when u look the the top in grey, it seems right again:

I think she is stretching it out so it looks deeper... When you look at the detail around the neckline it looks identical!!

Is there a US link? I'm searching now but I want to get the tank.

Nevermind color is out on the US site. Link however if you want another color:

Was any girl in Europe able to get one? The navy is sold out in xs already! Can someone help who is overseas?

If anyone is selling this top in Medium, in the Navy color, I would love to buy it from you! Thank you!

Has anyone tried their local store? I am thinking of calling ahead before I go.

Just called every store in my state, they are all sold out of the navy.

Hmm, alright I'm getting a hold of them tomorrow then for sure and seeing if I can get any. What size would you want if I can get them? I have a couple girls I am picking up for if I find them. So I can get one for you too if you'd like message me :)

Well Anthropologie cancelled my order. I wonder how many others they will cancel :-(

I have one in large if anyone wants to trade for a medium or small.

If anyone has a large to sell, I would be forever grateful if you send it my way!

SELLING this top in size S color blue
19$ + shipping

the anthropologie is on ebay
happy bidding :)

still searching this ballet tank size XS, S or M, thanks!!

Just so you know, this is not a correct spot. It is not the top that Elena is wearing.

i know she wears the guess nicole tank - but i really think this shirt is cute :-) i just like it

I have this top in navy in XL for sale. I got it and I don't like it and since they charge so much for shipping, it isn't worth it for me to return to the company.

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