Alice + Olivia Jenny Slip Dress

(Created by Corinne916)


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Alice + Olivia creates a slip that feels like sleepwear with the Jenny dress. Pairs well with flat sandals and strappy heels.



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The lace detail looks right to me! Good find :)

Thank you!
I had a little help, an anonymous person gave me the brand name and then I started searching!

I read that it was confirmed, so this is the right one! :)
Love this dress! :)

Only have one large left... I wish they had a small. It is such a pretty dress. I guess if they confirmed it that is why it is so hard to find now . :-(

AHHH I love this dress. AM so sad it's no longer available.

If I find it on another website I will message you!

Yay finally!!! Great job girls :)

thank you to spot this !!!!

Corinne916 could you please message me the name of the website you found the dress please ?

Or does anyone know where to find it ?

Thank you so so much !

Hello Milena B,

this is where I originally found the dress, but unfortunately it is sold out now. :(

Here is another site, but the dress is really expensive on it.

If I find it on another site, I will post it up here for your girls!


OMG!!!!!!!!! That's more than 3 times the shobop price!!!!!!!! I really loved this dress, If anyone finds one, please let me know!!!!!

I usually go by my bust size for most items....this one I got in a large because that is all they had left and it is a little big on me, I need to get it altered.


Thanks a lot for your answer Corinne916 !
It's very nice :)

Your right, the price in the second site is extremely expensive :/
I fell in love with this dress, I hope that it will be again in stock.
Thanks for you searches :)

Girls, keep on eye on eBay! I managed to snag one in a light brown color tonight for $100! I'm gonna lighten the color using color removers and such to make it the cream color.

BEST tip off ever! Check out Last Chance by Neiman Marcus! I scored an XS! Never thought I would ever own this!

If anyone is selling one in a large, please message me.

Just got mine in Elena's color!!! It's so much prettier in person. WOW! And FYI I normally wear XS/S, however since I am endowed the Medium fits perfect. If I had gotten smaller I don't think the cups would have covered as nicely.

I need an L or M

Hello, I am selling a Large in Cream, please inquire. Thank you :)

If anyone happens to be selling one please let me know.

Hello, I am selling a Small and a Large in Cream. Please inquire. Thank you!

I am looking for a L or even XL (that i can have taken in) -- ebay hasnt had much luck please let me know!

Hello, I am selling a Large in Cream, please inquire. Thank you!

Anyone find a L in SA colour please let me know :)

Hello. I am selling a Large in Cream, please inquire. Thank you :)

Hello all, I am selling a Small and also have a Large to sell as well. Link to my Ebay page for the Small: Inquire for your size, thank you! - Catrina

hey guys! is anyone still selling one? any size from S to L would do. just got outbid on ebay for one and i am desperate to get it!

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