AE Waffle Hoodie

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Layer like you mean it. Softest cotton modal blend Waffled thermal texture Six button front placket Contrast neck and hood trim Long and lean fit Shoelace hood pulls One front patch pocket Imported, Machine Wash



Does anyone know where to get one? I love this!

eBay is best bet. It's from a long time ago. I bought it at my AE store when the AE Bomber Jacket that Bella wears in Eclipse was on clearance!

Same for me, i bought it like two years ago at ae

I have one in a slightly lighter blue version... such a great hoodie :)

I just bought a white one and plan to dye it navy

I passed by MULTIPLE navy ones at various Plato's I've visited THEN it was realized by my friends that this was one and the same and I was SOOOO mad. But then I got lucky and found a GREAT quality one in a size that worked for me on eBay! I wish I'd bought the others though too so I could have helped others :C

I spotted this awhile back because but it got removed :( I bought it in white for a CGT alternative. (I also have it in elena's color) Good to know it's determined right :)

I have the purple-ish one! Got it 2 years ago. Does anyone know which ep this is from? or season

From Season 1, Episode is 1x14. Hope that helps. :)

YAY I have had this in the navy for like ever, it was one of my 1st buys from AE!

I wore this just today for the first time :-) i love it i have one in purple

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