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"I have a leather jacket fetish!"

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new username! haha good thing i was nosy and scrolled down through your LJ posts or else i wouldn't have known :)

awww!! my friend and i were just talking about how SoCal is not very jacket-friendly. hopefully it cools down for you guys soon! did you ever sell your red jacket?

not sure yet, maybe my banana republic top aso katherine size s in purple, the eyeshadow tank aso katherine in light green and bella's vans gisele turtledoven linen size 9.5

problem is that i guess i paid too much. =P ebay bidding wars are insaine ... ._. i paid $50 for the banana republic top and $20 for the eyeshadow and i know that that's much ... i don't want to rip people off but i don't want to lose a lot of money, so i'm always a little unsure what to do. =/

Do u have a pic of the purple waffle hoodie?

Im interested in the lovejoy vest, but can you give me meassurements since it falls so big Im not sure id fit in an xs.

I tried looking on lj but it gives me an error.

Yes please :) My email is

just sent you an email on here with my email address. I'd love to see some pictures!! thanks.

Do you still have Mary mullet dress? Is it nwt?

I'm interested in the stylestalker top.

Are you selling the krma I medium?

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