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hey. i am interested in the bb dakota jacket. i was wondering if its the jacket before they made the re-issue ones. please get back to me when you can. thanks!!

Hey Christine, would you please be able order the Quilted Nike Jacket for me in the morning? They won't ship to Canada, and I can send you the money in paypal right now. Please let me know! Thank you!

hey girl. so i got my Large in the Nike jacket today and it fits me perfectly. so if you still want the XL in the black of it let me know! i will sell it to you for $80 is that ok? cuz our rates where i live went up a bit for shipping cuz it is over a certain weight. let me know!

do you like my profile pic?? look closely... lol apparently they closed my auction because I used the words "Bella Swan" in the title. Oh well. I am relisting it under American Eagle Henley Olive if you are interested.

Heres the link for the L.

I was also able to find an XS as well.

After 6 different TJ Maxx stores I was only able to find two. I wasn't even looking for these either! I was looking for the O'Neill top!

hey Christine may i have the pics of your bella purse? i'm thinking to buy one but like Kerianne said maybe the size is too big on me, i like big bags but maybe if it is possible to have this one in a little size will be better for me, thanks, Ely

hello Christine, THANKS A LOT for the info and all the pics ;-) i think i'm going to order the bag, like a personal present from santa ihih have a nice day!!

I would love you forever if you could find the Burkman Jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any of the henleys in a small or x-small?

Hey christine! I was wondering if you had a small or a medium in the black ae henley? How much would you like for them? Msg me and let me know. Thanks so much! =)

Do you know how they fit? And also how much would it cost?

How much would you be charging for the henleys? I would like a size small in the black.

Thanks, just let me know.

Hey ! Do you have any news about the Burkman Bros Green Plaid Jacket ? I would love to buy it ! =DDDDD

oh just a miunderstanding..a mistake, i don't know all the nickname of the coolspotters girl..and her message (like you said on the wrong space) seemed to be like she was making fun of me..with all these compliments and sweet things..i've tought she did that because of the price of the nike jacket is high for us girls ( and i perfectly know that), i'm sorry but i don't understand everything in english, try to understand me..anyway no problem you're the only one person that post a thing about it, the same kittikat tells me nothing so i think that no metter, :-) have a nice day

Hi. I was wondering how much you would like for the jacket. Please get back to me. thank you!! :)

Hi, I am so interested in the Patagonia Jacket! I have been waiting for one to go on sale for so long, you should have seen my face when I read your post!
How much do you want for it?

Hi, how much are you selling the rubicon jacket for? I know there are people ahead of me, but I was just wondering.

Hi, I'm totally interested in the Rubicon jacket in medium if you're still selling it. I am a bit curious about the fit of it since I wear S, M, & L (sizing is a nightmare for me lol). And with winter jackets wearing layers underneath makes a huge difference. Thanks!

hey, sorry i didn't see your comment right away. are you still selling the jacket or am i too late? just wondering how much you were selling it for... :)

Heya! I sent u a Private Message :) Check you inbox!

Do you still have the patagonia jacket by any chance?

since you noticed the orange buckles on the jansport bag the way i did. i thought you might like to know this. i emailed jansport asking them about it and if you could just purchase the buckles or something, and this is what i got...

The backpack used in New Moon and in most website pictures was an
early sample of the Right Pack in the Copper Brown color which had the
orange buckle tabs. However, when it went into final production they
changed the buckle to brown. We do not have any orange buckles available.

Thank you,

Consumer Relations

Hi ! Have you already sell your Full Comforter Set like Bella's ?

Hey Christine! Any idea where I can get the Reebok San Diego Chargers sweatshirt that James Roday wore in the last episode of "Psych"? I clicked the "buy it" link, but this particular sweatshirt didn't show up. Thanks!

You met Rob? Is he as amazing in person as he is through a computer screen? Or television screen? Hah. :)

You're very lucky girl!

Awh, wow. Your so lucky. Ha. I live in Kentucky, a lame hick town. So I never get any luck like that here. Hahah. I plan on going to New York city during the summer. Maybe I'll run into him. I'd love to meet him someday.

How much would one of the jackets be with shipping?

hey! I would looove to buy one of the size 8 brown hoodies from you. let me know if it's still available/how much it would cost!

hi, i'd be interested in size 8 brown hoodie. Let me know if it's still available & how much it would cost for it!

I need size 8!!!!!!
I live in italy


Note to self:

Hey, thanks for replying to my patagonia comment.
Basically I'm just wondering how it fits. I'm a small but I'm considering withdrawing some of my uni savings to buy the large on ebay ($700 :( ). Do you think I could get away with it fitting?

Just reading some of the comments on your wall, you met Rob? How was it? I met him in London a few weeks ago & I'm still a bit starstruck

Hey! No, no one was able to get one for me. I would love to purchase it from you. Did you get the XL size ?

Alright! I would love to purchase it from you then. Thank you so much. =)

Hey love, to keep this outta ebayers hands I thought I'd message you away from the main page. Its the amazone II jacket and her color is not available anymore and they will not be reissuing it. I spent like 30mins on the phone with the about it :P Anyway I bought it in another color. Its the same as hers just different colors ;) I got it in chia right here. They did have more sizes but as soon as it hit the press they went fast. I was able to grab the last 6(smallest I could find) and I have to hope its not too big :P

I would be interested in the Fluxus Shirt. I have been looking for it for ages and I just got paid. Please let me know !! =)

welcome :) did you see that they are now going to rerelease bellas color?! you may want to send the black one back, lol. I sent my chai one back!

Hey girls !
As you maybe saw, the last lucky brand stripe henley (Bella wears in New Moon) was sold on ebay for the insane price of 170 $.
We decided to create a FB fans page to get this item re release !
Please, just join & leave a comment; we really need as fans as possible for this item too !
I hope you will be enthusiastic about this project =)

How much for the TNA bomber jacket? Does it have the same lining as in the movie?

Hey love! No on the patagonia jacket :P They said we would need 2500 people and would need to place a custom order in which one person would have to collect all the money and pay for it. Then the jackets would be shipped to that one person and they would have to distribute it to all 2500 people!!! INSANE!!!! Keep checking ebay. I found mine there 2months ago :)

i know. I dont get why they have to be so freaking difficult. Just reissue it! It would sell out immediately! Its like them saying that they dont want to make money! I dont get it!!! Its probably my fave bella item :) What size is yours? I have a large and its huge on me. Is there anyway you would trade a smaller size for a large?? If not I totally understand :)

so we all have huge jackets, lol. mine is super huge on me too but luckily i can wear it and not look ridiculous. i wish they would do that too, they must have gotten tons and tons of emails about it!!! they are losing out and it doesnt make sense :P

Hi, according to your lists, you have the patagoinia jacket aso bella swan in twilight. Do you still have it? Would you be willing to sell? Thanks!

Okay, sounds good to me. They look great, hun =) Please let me know about the jacket, I am willing to go higher than I stated in my message =)

Are you still selling the H&M hoodie? I saw your post on the Bella Swan page. If so, send me a picture and the cost? Thanks! :)
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vicky !
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Hey Christine. Dress is still available if you want it. Just asking $30 plus ship. Let me know. :o)

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