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"Beauty.Fashion.OAT "Call me Fashion officer Chlo!""

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Thank You!!!


Chlo you are my fave person, you always make things all nice :P

Thanks Gi

Happy Birthday Chlo baby cakes! how does it feel to be 18!!

It feels great! How about you! Happy Birthday to you 2 Gi

It is called Ducati silly! . Desmosedici RR

O! I was close. I can't believe she can actually ride a bike like that. I thought i was something with my Vespa LOL

You crack me up ha ha ha :)

Now you can tell us apart Chlo Bo

Thank you Maddy Blue!

Thank you Amy 25!

I want to hear more about the royal bank of gilded hills, ny. what is it exactly??

Hey Shelly!, Its a little hard to explain, you kinda gotta live it! to understand it. The Royal bank is simple. ITs like a whole bank full of haute beautiful stuff & places etc etc. ITs a social shopping network/client concierge service and they send you secret text messages and weblinks every time something new & exclusive is added/ "deposited" to the bank. And you can shop "withdraw" items via your mobile phone. etc. Its really cool. Its at the Beta stage so they only gave us 1st round beta users a few invites to give out and I used all of mine. BUT! as soon as I get somemore I'll send you an invite to join. Its really haute , you'll love it if you love beauty and fashion and chatting and texting and technology and all that. The Royal Bank of Gilded Hills NY also handles the HYO's for a bunch of instantly international department stores. HYO's are fancy pre-loaded visa's that you get from *insert dept store here* to HOLD YOU OVER until your haute stuff arrives. Girl the bank is so Haute its COOL!

omg i've never heard of anything like that! amazing!! thanks for info!

Yes its so Fing cool! Like i said! as soon as i get somemore invites I'll send you one in your coolspotters mail box!!

Your spots are so Haute!!!!

That's it. I'm going to start saying 'haute' now :)

Hey dub..You are so Haute! lololol
Remember it looks like HOT but sounds like OAT lolol. We stole it from Princess Taysha S. V. (the princess of oat) . She says it all the time lolol. It means "Fine, One of a kind, beau-ti-ful" Like us coolspotters!! :P

Hello Chlo :-)
I am from Denmark. I need to know where you have bought those taino boots?? I can't seem to find them on the website you posted.

Hi Tristan13 . The Taino Bubs! can be found at Bianca Belleza just email :)!

The T Life is back! YES!!

Hey siseey!

Thank You!!! I'm very new so I'm trying to figure out how to use everything.

cool pic

Hey, Chlo. You're awesome!!!

Thank you BrendaBird :)

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