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I am interested in the rings ;). I will check it out next week when I'll be at home after my holidays. They are the ones Kristen wore right?. Thanks for the low prize, I wanna some items but shipping is too expensive to Spain

This one or the black one ;)

it's the one kristen wore at the awards right?

really? It's cool..please don't remove the link. I will be able to buy it next week. Do you have it in black? Kristen wears like 2 together right? Cause the one she wears is longer through all her finger. Thanks :)

Btw I am also interested in the Little Red Riding Hood Spoon ring. How many do you ask for it?

Thanks :) I will think about it and I will tell you soon ;)


My 2nd order experience with ebay seller buybestleather:

When I ordered my red jacket, I made it VERY clear I was unhappy with the unpuffed quilting and dirty hardware in my first order from him and that he needed to triple check that both those things did not happen again. I also asked him to send pictures before they shipped the jacket and he said he would. However, a week passed and no pictures were received. I sent a friendly reminder to send the pics before dispatch, but he cheerfully replied that the jacket was already on its way as he attached the photos. Luckily, the jacket looked great (yay puffed quilting!) so I let it go.

When I asked for a tracking number, he only replied saying the package would be delivered on Friday. Being the freak that I am, I still wanted the tracking #, so I asked for it again. No answer. Two days after that (now Wednesday), I asked for the number again. The seller finally replied saying he would give me the number on Friday... the day the jacket was set to arrive... Huh?? Anyway, I gave up on asking and Friday came and went with no jacket or tracking number. The jacket ended up arriving the following Monday, which coincidentally was also the day he finally gave me that tracking info. -_-

I keep hearing how people got their jackets within 3 days of being marked as shipped via DHL, but both times I've ordered from this seller, I've had to wait 7-9 days to receive my package via UPS. I don't understand what determines which shipping method he uses for which customer, but just FYI on that. (I live in the San Francisco area, btw, if that helps anyone.) Also, in case anyone is wondering, I wasn't charged any customs fees.

The jacket is quite lovely. The red is a bit more *red* than the original, but not by much. (The original looks to be more of a coral color.) I got a US 6 this time and it's a little big in the shoulders and arms, but I'm also tiny -- 32A with skinny arms. That said, I'm now perfectly primed to wear a hoodie or thick sweater underneath. My only complaint is that one of the shoulders isn't puffed up as much as the other side or something because when I wear it, my left shoulder looks droopy/lopsided compared to my right. (See the last picture.) I thought maybe I was just standing weird, but no, it's definitely not due to bad posture. :/

Note: The first picture is the best representative of the actual color of the jacket as it was taken in natural light.

thank you!!, maybe will be finished this weekend!, I think that is exact like the colour of your jacket!

Hehehe. I'm glad you were nosy!!
Yeah I was in a hurry and the name kept bugging me, it was so unoriginal and blah..... I wish it would get cold already! I want to wear my jackets and not just try them on>_<

Gosh its been so hot here! I'm anxious to wear my jackets already!

No I only wanted to sell if it got sold that week. I needed some quick money but I still have it and don't plan on selling it again:) I love it! Have you been wearing yours?? You look great in them:)


Selling my Little Red Riding Hood Spoon ring. It's size US 6.25 and the only reason I'm selling is because it's too big for me! Message me for more pics or details.

Still selling your spoon ring? how much?

Oh no! You can email me if you want. reneegbradley@yahoo :)

Now I cant send you a message! MM ring sold out now in my size, grrrr! Link to the Pinkyotto sweater pictures I said I'd upload! :)

I'm 5'3 and usually a xs or s! I imagine it would look very similar on you!!

Hi girly!! Can I plz ask you what jacket you were talking about on the Kris page? The link was deleted. =)

Hi hi, so I don't have wifi right now, can I email you? I have a question for you but can't send message right now through CS.

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