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"So this is permanence; love-shattered pride. What once was innocence, has turned on its side. ~from "Control"~"

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oops, i accidentally deleted your comment from my page, it wasn't on purpose haha. but no i don't have the original pic, i found it small. sorry..

Hey I saw your comment on the grey runaways t shirt page. If you live in europe and you want to get that shirt at a better price I can order it for you and ship it to you :)

hey thanks for the link for the vans but i already bought a pair :)

I saw your post about the DNO shirt, Maybe if you write to the website they would ship you one left. If not I can sell you mine if you live in Europe, I only wear it once or twice. Tell me if you're interested in.

No problem. It's a men medium (55 x 70 cm). I think it's like a women large. I could sell it to you for 15 euros in France, Belgium, Switzerland.

Wow I thought you were english !
I don't understand "bulletin de versement" do you mean check or cheque?

Ok I think I understood ! I have to give you my number account right?

I'm glad I could help ! It was my pleasure.
Dont worry for the money, I have a huge amont to pay in two weeks, so there was no hurry !

I bought it one year ago on the website with an another one that I wear often.
I agree this website is wonderful and everybody has been really nice to me !

thnk u for the spot for the shoes. do they have them in stores?

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