Rose Tyler and Oasis Leather Jacket

About this Spot: Seen on Rose Tyler in the Doctor Who episodes Partners in Crime, Midnight, Turn Left, The Stolen Earth and Journeys End. The Screen Accurate color is purple. Pencil

Rose Tyler Oasis Leather Jacket
Spotted by stacey91
Rose Tyler Oasis Leather Jacket


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if anyone knows where i can get this blue oasis jacket in a size ten or twelve please email me at

oh my god me too! ive been looking for this jacket for so long! size 10 or 12 also... ahhh why cant i find any anywhere!?

Please visit for similar jackets.

I have one similar and did not even know it until just recently when a girl asked me about where I got my ROSE TYLER Jacket... I was thinking "whaaaat?" and then I really looked more closely at my Blue $11 Forever 21 Leather Jacket, and it looks almost just like Roses! and here I've been watching Dr Who for AGES and not knowing I already had the jacket... :)

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