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Rebekah is a beautiful and free-spirited Original Vampire, former love interest of Stefan Salvatore and the half-sister of Klaus. Rebekah has impeccable instincts and can tell when people are lying, something Klaus believes to be a supernatural ability.


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FYI girls. Do NOT buy or sell from Samantha Delong. She goes by rebekahs_closet on LJ and sami5weetheart here on CS (as well as several other aliases that I don't have off hand). She is a liar and a scammer and will NOT send you the items you pay for, or if she ACTUALLY sends you the items, it will take months and months, and constant pestering and following up on your part. She will take your money and you will never get your items. She will make all the excuses in the world about why she continually delays the shipment of your items, and is a liar. She will tell you she shipped them, and will refuse to provide you a tracking number. Then suddenly she'll still have that item. She constantly contradicts herself with the lies she will tell you. She is being investigated right now by Paypal for fraud. MANY people have been scammed by her.

So in the end, just BE CAREFUL. We don't like scammers here, and we don't want others, whether you are new or old to collecting SA items, to be scammed and have to deal with this. When you buy through Paypal, do NOT send money as a gift, this way Paypal backs you up and will give you protection on your purchases. Make sure you get photos of the items people are selling/trading, and make sure you get a tracking number for your purchases. :)

Anybody selling a Kishe tank?

I love Rebekah's clothes so much. I can't wait for the fourth season! I saved up money just to buy her clothes.

same here!

We're you able to find the lovejoy vest?:)

If you're talking to me then yes :) it's really beautiful

hey, this isn't the exact shirt she wears in S4 EP1 (unspotted), but it has the same kinda look, if anyone is interested.

SELLING: Anthropologie heartloom ruffled racerback, size small, nwt. Asking what I paid... 70 plus shipping to you. Message me asap if interested.

It seems that Rebekah's top from 4.01 is actually tied at the back! (added a pictures) She wore other top under it ;)

Don't buy that from that seller! The top is on sale for $10 at the UO in Chicago. It's way overpriced.

$10 !?! Damn noy living in the us!!

Really? I live in Chicago and I haven't been able to find it at a store.

I just called the 800 number and had them do a search for me and they were able to locate a few in Chicago

I have her Zara jacket in a size Large, NWT. It is just a little too small for me in the chest area. Does anyone know if it was made in XL? Would anyone want to buy it? I would just ask what I paid. Message me if interested.

shopping at target and found an alt to rebekah's bcbg black zipper coat. not sure how common/rare/pricey the real one is, but the target jacket is well-tailored and reasonably priced and comes in reg, petite, and plus size:

Just spotted the necklace she wore on 4x18! Available here on Etsy:

Selling my Free People Love Joy Vest in Ivory sz M. Preowned. Message me if interested.

How much you asking?

$38 + $6 Shipping.

Can anyone spot the top or jacket?


Is anyone selling anything Rebeka related in a xs or s?

Private messaged you.

Anyone interested in Rebekah items, please private message me as I am downsizing my closet=)

I'm on my phone so I can't message you, could you message me your Rebekah and Bonnie items?

are you still selling any rebekah or caroline items?

What are you selling from rebekah?

Is anyone selling any Rebekah items in a medium?

Scored Rebekah's Armani sequin top and it's so gorgeous! The best part is is it was on sale on the Armani site for $20!

Looking to buy Rebekah's Forever 21 blue leopard homecoming dress is a size small or medium. Message me. Thanks.

Downsizing my Rebekah collection. Please message me if you're interested in more information!

Do you still have my email? I'd love to see what you have yet between Rebekah, Bonnie and Caroline :)

Did you private message that to me?

I believe so, I just bought 2 bonnie tops from you like a month or so ago

Cute alternative to the BCBG jacket :)

Cute alternative to the BCBG jacket :)

Just purchased Rebekah's daylight ring. Can't wait for it to arrive! :D

Lucky girl can I have the link of where you have buy it please :) ?

I am looking for 2 rebekah items. The Arden b chiffon tank in peach and the straining at stars crochet lace tank anyone have they want to sell?



Guess Blazer size Small- $25
Mossimo jacket size Small- $25
Bracelet from Klaus- $25
Daylight ring size 6 1/2 (6.5, it's real sterling silver and lapis lazuli)- $90
Velvet Angels heels size 8- $40 (seen on Candice Accola)


Free People meadows of medallion dress NWT size XS- $60
Forever 21 leopard dress size XS/S- $85
Any questions just send me a message. Thanks!!

Selling some stuff, list on my wall. Price reduced and more added.
Please pm.

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