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Katniss Everdeen is the protagonist and narrator of the Hunger Games trilogy. After her sister, Prim, is chosen to participate in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place as the series opener and theme. She will be portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation of The... Read More


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Hello everyone, I am selling a pair of DKNY real leather combat boots. They are a great alt to Katniss's and they are a 7/7.5, but they run a little big. I'd like $70 for them because I paid $90. I really need to get rid of these because they are taking up space in my closet and I need the money to go towards fixing my laptop. If you'd like more information, or if you're interested, please message me!

Christopher Kane's F/W designs look astonishingly similar to Katniss's victory tour ensemble. Just look. What do you think?


Here's an exhibition picture of the sandals Katniss has worn during the reping. Unfortunatelly the brand is not visible:


Here's another shot of Katniss' sndals for the reaping:


These remind me of some older Clarks...

Hey ladies! I'm going to buy Katniss' Arena Jacket but I'm not sure which size should I pick... I'm usually a Small and I was thinking of ordering an XS because I heard that it runs big... what do you think?

Definitely runs big. My small still swamps me a little.

I wish we could spot this shirt (or is it a dress?)


I would say it looks like a tunic, but she wears black pants with it:)

I always thought it looked like a yolk top. Her hair is freaking amazing in this picture BTW.


New pics of the new teaser trailer!

I barely recognized Katniss in the newest promotional picture.

Hello, girls selling a few things. Link on my wall to see my entry in my livejournal. I accept Paypal only and i ship worldwide. I do accept trading for the club Monaco shirt aso Clary fray only. ;)

Help! Please sign this petition. http://deliriumnet.com/spreadthedeliria/
The show "delirium" adapted from the saga of Lauren Oliver was canceled by the fox after they shoot the pilot. The books are amazing and they deserve to be a tv show. Plus, the cast is really great. Please, take a look and help us! Thank you

This is a very good reaping dress alt

Selling my Hunger Games District 12 Training T Shirt, brand new wi tags still attached! Size Small, by NECA :) pics on request..!

Hey I saw you posted a selling list up there, but just realized it was from a year ago. Did all the stuff sell already? I have a friend whos been lookig for the Ikea drapes forever if you still have them let me know and I'll tell her. Thanks!

Hi, I still have the drapes but I'm only selling one, okay? Get in touch via PM if you're interested! :) I've sold the district 12 shirt and bag, and someone wants the bedding but that's not final yet. X

I love Katniss' outfit at the reaping for the quarter quell. Please message back if you have any idea what it is or know of an alternative.

these are capped from the new tv spot...does anyone else think the top looks like the splendid long sleeve therma? Its hard to tell the material though


something like this


After seeing Catching Fire I was thinking you may be right Lu! Only saw it once though... :/

I screencapped those from a video before the movie came out...idk...ive watched the movie in theatres once I plan to again but Ive watched it on some shady asian channel but its filmed in the theatre so its dark and def not useful for looking at any kind of detail. the whole scene where she wears this is pretty brief anyways...we'll see i guess

Does anyone know where can I get Katniss' Maria Dora cape? I want something like that so badly!

Okay, for anyone interested in Katniss' cape. I've contacted the company that originally made it and they are going to release something similar, but not exact because the pattern of the one Katniss wore now belongs to Lionsgate and looks like it might become a part of their merchandise.

There are a couple pieces that I'd really like to work on spotting.

The scarf from the first picture

Her whole outfit in the second picture

And her sweater in the third picture

Anyone have any ideas?


anybody selling her arena jacket from part 1 size xs?

For Christmas I got the Nicholas k Nova jacket and I just wanted to let everyone know it is GORGEOUS. Some of the softest leather I have ever felt, the construction is beautifully done, and the colors are stunning. One warning though, it does run pretty small (as most designers do) so if possible, size up.

Need money for bills that have piled up from family emergency

Is anyone selling the Hunger games arena jacket in XS? Please message me!

SELLING Sorrell boots same color as seen on Katniss during Catching Fire size 9!!! $200 plus shipping pay through PayPal

Selling brown as seen on Katniss Everdeen size 8.5

Is anyone selling or know where to buy the Nicholas K Nova Jacket?

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