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In The Vampire Diaries books, Katherine is the young vampire with whom Damon and Stefan both fell in love with during their human lives during the Italian Renaissance. She fed both Stefan and Damon her blood before supposedly killing herself by going into the sunlight without her lapis lazuli ring.... Read More


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Just added a Katherine spot! I'm pretty sure this is her Chicago top. I have emailed to confirm or deny. And I will update when I get a response.
Obviously color is not SA. I think she wears a deep blue version, or maybe even the purple..depending on the lighting.

Here's a link to purchase :)


Also..many have asked about the new spots, I think the H&M top is spotted from the below outfit

I am still trying to find pics of the suede jacket. Though the more I look at her clothing, the more I wonder if it is SA. Any help would be appreciated!!

As for the peplum jacket...I asked, and that is NOT the jacket she's wearing. Wardrobe said that the jacket worn is Armani Exchange.

She's checking on her earrings for me :)

P.S. For some old reason CS is not allowing me to add a description photo on the Express top spot.
So, if someone can add I would appreciate it..


It would probably work best to do so for the H&M top as well. Just so it's more obvious to spotters what clothing article the spot is referring to and from what ep/scene :)



I just spotted the Lucky Brand earrings. What do you think? As for the jacket, it's already been spotted. It's the AX faux leather peplum jacket that she initially wore in 5x08.

I saw...thanks so much! We've spent forever looking for them :P Have you found a pair? I've looked w no luck :(
I was referring to the jacket she wears in "Gone Girl"..the paneling on the back doesn't match the spot lol

PM me...I will do the same if I do :) Best!

Oh..no, lol I think I misspoke :P

I meant this jacket:

It's been spotted as the "Gone Girl" jacket. And we know it's not correct. Wardrobe originally specified her jacket was AX. That's the correct one.

Those pictures are great! Wish we could add them!
Is that your jacket?! Lucky ;)

Still haven't found the new earring spot.


Right. The Bebe jacket is incorrect. The spot should be corrected to show the AX peplum jacket.
And yes I got super lucky on eBay and found the jacket. :)

I don't think that Express spot is necessarily correct. There's a VS top that's pretty much identical as well.

I have the Express top and after comparing it with several screen shots (especially the sides, the front and the back) I think it is correct ;)

What does the back look like? Because the front and side looks identical in the VS.

That's the back:

If you look at these screencaps, you can see the way the neckline is shaped and that it goes all the way up, just like the Express top.


Thanks. It's so annoying not being able to add pics. Makes the site kind of useless.

Sure thing ;) Yeah, that's really annoying and frustrating... I hope the feature to add pictures will be reintroduced again...

Looking to buy possibly: (slowly getting back into collecting)

Jessica Simpson Ellington "sex" dress- M
Merona belt- S or M
Kimchi Blue shirt dress- S or M (preferably a M but will take S)

Bebe Colorblock dress- M (suppose to buy this one from Catherine.)
Sneaky Peak cami- S or M
Bombay tank- S or M
Kimchi Blue ruffle hem cami- S or M
Anthropologie Terry moto jacket (SA Green color)- M (not sure what sizes this comes in)
Guess Laney tank- S or M

free people daisy dress- 4 or 6
Carlsen booties- 8 1/2
Heaven flats- 8 1/2
Charles Jourdan India pumps- 8 or 8 1/2
Also looking for Hayley's ballerina top in M

Also something's Rebecca. (Mainly her tops.)

PM me with what you have, thanks.

It's been confirmed that the suede jacket is accurate :) Thanks, and great job to the spotter!
Here's the Bebe link:

STYLE # 207046

Customer service says there's only a few left for purchase...good luck!

Here's one on ebay!

Has anyone found the Lucky Brand earrings? I looked, and have called Macys..nothing :( I would be grateful, and certainly pay/trade for a pair!
I spent forever looking for them after all ;)

PM me...thanks in advance!

Anyone selling the Charles Jourdan India pumps size 8? PM me please. Thanks.

Selling Katherine's Bebe Cold Shoulder Top in Size Small. Message me if interested.

Still have?

Still available?

No sorry! :)

Hello Ladies
Is anyone TRADEing Katherine's Charles Jourdan India Pumps (SA, black)? Mine are size 9 1/2 but unfortunately they're too big for me I need size 8 1/2... Please Message me if someone is trading :)

Otherwise I have to sell them >__<

Selling Katherine's Zara black jacquard peplum top NWT size L, $55

Selling Katherine's Guess Salsa Cami in Black - Size M/L. Taking offers - also open for trades! Message me :)



Charles jourdan Indian pumps size US11
Cole haan Cassidy booties size US11
Danskin hoodie size S


Guess salsa cami purple XS/S 100$ worldwide shipping included
I need fast payment


Zara Jacquard Peplum Top aso Katherine, SA, size M, NWOT

Message me if interested. Thank you.


Adrianna Papell Lace Dress, as seen on Katherine in "Masquerade" Size 8. Worn only once, like new condition.



Charles jourdan pumps SA size 11 109$ (worldwide shipping included)


Bebe faux leather peplum jacket S 80$
Ana Sui dress size 11 60$
Whispering thoughts green S 40$
Free people crochet cuff indigo M 60$
Cole Hanna Cassidy booties size11 140$

Will accept offers too


Banana republic gathered top SA size L

Is anyone selling the Bebe Leatherette Contrast Moto Jacket
Please message me!

Selling Katherine's Zara Peplum Top in M. Shipping worldwide. Message me if you're interested :) Thanks!

Also selling the Zara top in a S, NWT. M is sold :) Message me i you're interested!



Katherine's Criss-Cross Express Tank (bright blue) size Small

Message me if interested :)

Anyone selling the charles jourdan India pumps in a size 8 or the Steve Madden carlsen booties in a size 8 or 8 1/2. Thanks

Clearing out my closet girlies!!
*Prices do not include shipping.
Willing to ship worldwide*
All items are in good, if not brilliant condition unless otherwise stated.

Bebe Webbed Lace Mesh Alt (Top Shop) - black, size UK8 - £7
Hollister Crochet Tie-Back Tank - dyed red (small stains), size XS - £7
Pins and Needles Lace Tank - SA, size S - £10
Lucky Brand Peacock Thermal *Reproduction*, small hole in sleeve- SA colour, size S - £15
Guess Nicole Tank, SA, size XS - £20
Free People Sequin Top, missing some sequins - grey, size 0 - £40
Free People Chilton Lace Up Long Sleeve Top, SA, size S - £25
Lucky Brand Chloe Top, orange red colour, size S - £10
American Eagle Lace Trim Cami - SA, size xs - £10

message me if interested!

Selling: Nina Dobrev's denim Habitual Teri Shorts in Bliss wash!


Anybody selling the BeBe cold shoulder top?

Selling!! Clearing out pretty much my entire collection.
A lot of gems from the earlier seasons.
Listing here before they go up on Ebay!

Guess Nicole Tank (blue; size XS) $25

Lucky Brand Chloe Top (burgundy; size XS) $25

BDG Zip-Up Cardigan (black; size S) $35

Converse One Star Women's Sport Shirt (blue; size XS) $30

Jessica Simpson Belted Plaid Bustier (size S) $25

Express Essential Stretch Military Shirt (olive; size XS) $25

Aeropostale Solid V-neck tee (navy; size S) $25

Aeropostale Solid V-neck tee (burgundy; size S) $25

Abercrombie and Fitch Fallon Cami (burgundy; size S) $25

Nina's Junk Food Mickey Mouse Pocket T-shirt (size S) $20

Victoria's Secret Camisole (black & white; size XS) $25

Lucky Brand Gold Flower Drop Earrings $25


*SOLD* Lucky Brand Chloe Top

All items have moved to Ebay and many have sold and are no longer available! Be sure to check Ebay for the remaining items.

is anyone selling the Topshop Toile Du Jour Cup Corset in a size 2?

There's one on eBay right now

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