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In The Vampire Diaries books, Katherine is the young vampire with whom Damon and Stefan both fell in love with during their human lives during the Italian Renaissance. She fed both Stefan and Damon her blood before supposedly killing herself by going into the sunlight without her lapis lazuli ring.... Read More


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Selling katherine/Elena's newly spotted denim & supply lace henley in the SA red color . Medium or large nwt $90 ( orig retail )

Just so everyone knows, the henleys were down to $15 on sale. Try and find one before you pay that.

Hi ladies!
I'm looking to buy some Elena Gilbert leather jacket in size M
Please message me if anyone sell one! :)


I found them...took forever, and many searches, but I found them!
And they are beautiful :) I'm going to check with wardrobe to confirm, but I'm pretty sure they are SA.
Anyway, they're made by an online company called Silpada (known for their sterling silver) and they're called Marquise Earrings.

Seen here:

There's several listings on ebay..some expensive, but I made several offers of $30 to the sellers (basically 50% off since retail is $64) and was able to get a pair for myself.
A seller that is still accepting that low offer is bindeez_books!!

Just ebay search Silpada Marquise Earrings :)

Katherine wore these in both 4x23 "Graduation" and 5x15 "Gone Girl" ...the beginning and end of her human ark.
Amazing move wardrobe DP!!

With regards to the new spot...I don't think the peplum leather is accurate. NOT TO BE MEAN OR ANYTHING :)

We were told the brand was AE, not Bebe..and it doesn't have the paneling and fabric break up on the back *shrugs* Are we sure this is her SA jacket?

Last thing....while searching for her latest ep earrings, I may have found another "Katerina" jewelry piece from a past episode.
Again, I will spot/post when I confirm.

Best to you all!!

Just FYI those aren't correct. Hers are two tone gold & silver

And the inside hoop of Katherine's earrings is smaller than the outside one. These ones are just layered as such that they fall so that one is shorter, but they're both the same size. Still a gorgeous alt though! I swear her earrings look like they'd be Kenneth Cole but I haven't really looked into this and I haven't noticed any Kenneth Cole earrings that look like them.


I thought they were gold/silver at first...but when I zoomed it, I realized that the shine just made them appear so. I guess that's where the hammered look comes in?

Hmmm...if you look at them here, they are still layered, but the hang makes them appear so when they sway.

One is shorter than the other, it just depends on the angle.

I sent a pic and listing to the VD wardrobe head, so we'll know for sure when she answers.

You guys are probably right :)
Guess I just wanted to find them after searching so long.
If they aren't her actual earrings..they are def Katherine style..and I got a great deal on them regardless lol

I do hope the other ones I sent her are SA if these aren't..at least then I will get 1 out of 2 ;)


Hey Thespianreveur. Any updates on the earrings? I love them. :) Thanks.

Hi...I have emailed her, but no response yet :) It usually takes a week or so lol Will post when I get an answer!


Is anyone selling the Bebe Cold Shoulder Sleeve (black lace) Top in size Large? It's one of the few Katherine things I'm actually looking to own ASAP, and my birthday is right around the corner so it would be perfect if I could find it soon! Please let me know if you know where to find it a size large version or if you have one for sale.

And if anyone is selling the Diesel Hiker Heibuckle Bootie in black and in size 10 or 10.5 please let me know as well!

The Bebe peplum jacket has a zipper accross the waist in the back. The jacket Katherine wears does not have a zipper. I don't think the spot is correct.

Elena's All Saints Lelex Jacket SA brown size UK8/US4, worn once, $325 plus postage
Katherine/Elena's Free People Ombre Dress SA Blackberry size large, brand new never worn, $90 plus postage
Caroline's Lucky Brand Marrakech Embellished Cami, size medium, brand new never worn, $45 plus postage

Looking for Katherine Stuff in size small/Medium :) If You're selling please let me know or message me m not picky)

I'm selling to Top shop corset in size 6. It fits small so it's more like a 4

That's too small,sadly.

How much are you selling it for?

Selling a size 10 in the top shop corset.

Great!Could you message me the for Details and the price?

I'm pretty sure this is Kat's Bebe Peplum Leather Jacket from 4x22...

Wasn't there someone on here selling the Show Me Your MuMu Mary Mullet Dress?

Selling Katherine's Diamond Peplum top size L. Worn once, perfect condition. Asking $35 plus ship.

Hi everyone ! Alright it's a hard thing for me to do but here it goes. I'm selling my KRMA leather jacket. Black Break Jade one. It's size L. If anyone is interested let me know , I will give all necessary information.

Looking to buy her FP daisy dress & RL D&S top in xs or small! :)

Message me with a price, as I'm open to offers...

-Guess Nicole tank SA XS
-Guess Jasmine tank S (dyed red)
-Free People Strappy Cami S (not SA sorry, just had a look, it has purple flowers-sorry!)
-American Eagle Lace Trim Cami XS & S SA
-Jessica Simpson Plaid Bustier SA L
-Aeropostale Ruffled front henley gray XS
-Pins & Needles Lace dress S (with brown lining)
-Pins & Needles Lace cami S beige

-Express Criss Cross Bra Top XS Purple

-Free People Pointelle Tank XS (dyed purple)

Do you still have the Guess Nicole?

forever 21 zigzag tank top size s SA $25
anthropologie jacquard corset camisole in gray, size s $35
free people engineered crochet tank, size s $55

How much for shipping to Canada? I'm interessed with the forever 21 zigzag tank top size s SA $25

it already sold, i'm sorry ): all other tops are still available


Layers of lace Ecote top S/m $35
Lucky Brand bird nest necklace $20

Ecote baby doll tank packing for whitmore 5x01 M$20

Ralph Lauren denim supply lace henley in Black 5x14 Xl $25

Lucky Brand moon Cresent necklace $15
Need to sell by tonight

Anyone willing to sell/trade Adrianna Papell Black Lace Dress size 8?

I have the dress in a size 6, but unfortunately its too small for me.

Does the costume department ever use clothes that are available to the public to purchase but not in the same color? Have brands ever made an article in a color just for the show? I feel like I read something about one of the VD spots here on CS a while ago that had this issue, but I can't seem to locate it. Any help is appreciated--thanks!

Does anyone know what jacket Katherine wore over the Ralph Lauren Top as Elena?

Is anyone on here selling/willing to trade Katherine's Elizabeth and James Seymour Silk Racerback Tank Top? Message me :)

Is anyone selling anything of Katherine's NWT, SA colours only and in and sizes L/Xl?
If you are, please PM me!

I have her Anthro Diamond Top size L if you're interested. LMK. Just not my style. Its in perfect condition. And the Zara Peplum top, also size L.

The anthro basic layering tank is also still in stores for $19.99 im case anyone missed out.

Is anyone trading Kat's Bebe Cold Shoulder Top or Bebe Sleeveless Lace Blouse in XS? I have Elena's VS Cami in pink with pink dots.


Express Criss-Cross Bra Top, purple, size S (very stretchy, will fit up to size M/L)
Guess Tubular Corset Top, ivory, size M/L (very stretchy)
Adrianna Papell Black Lace Dress reproduction, SA (black), size 12

Message me for prices and details :) Thank you!

Express top SOLD

Adrianna Papell dress SOLD

A reminder to block cest.lavieenrose on eBay. She's still at it, claiming item not received and then keeping the item and the refund. If you choose to deal with her PLEASE get tracking and signature or you'll lose the item and your money. She's been scamming for well over a year and knows what she's doing, she takes big advantage of Europe's privacy laws.

Zara Peplum top size L $55
Bebe Mesh bodysuit size L $40
Bebe Long Sleeve Mesh Inset Bodysuit $40
Anthro Diamond Lace Shirt size M/L (not sure which) $40
All items SA color.

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