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Julie Grigio is a nineteen-year-old girl. Her father, General Grigio, manages one of the last refuges of humanity in the wasteland that used to be the United States. Julie is more hopeful than many of her peers, and is the first to discover the fact that some zombies are more... Read More


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FYI for those of you considering trying to hunt down a J crew fisherman sweater, best sweater ever! It's so much softer than I had expected and it's just plain awesome!

How would you say the sweater runs size-wise?

I'd say pretty true to size! I'll post pics sometime soon!

awesome! The sooner the better :)

I have her sweater in a green color that I need to sell, the exact same sweater, just a different color, size S just asking exactly what I paid


yes I wish I could get it but a small would be to small sadly!

Aw ok, figured I'd offer! :)

Yep, I flagged the High-Rise pants the other day knowing they were wrong and just hadn't gotten around to spotting the new ones that were just spotted. The clue that made me realize they're the mid-rise pants was the new picture I just uploaded where you can see that her pants barely reach her ankle.

Yeah I wasn't sure which was correct so I checked the screen worn ones and the inseam was 30, and the inseam on the high rise is 34

Hey guys. So I'm desperately searching for the j crew fisherman sweater and can't find it anywhere and I just missed an auction for one by like 5 minutes. If anyone sees it in a size m-xl In screen accurate color please please message me because I'm desperate.

Got her wardrobe from premiere props today! The main outfit comes tomorrow. Unfortunately the tag is cut out of her sweater dress

congratulations, and thank you for the new spots! do you know if the j crew perfect fit tank is the one with or without the shelf-bra?

It's without the shelf bra :)

Also it looks like she wears the same tank in gray under the main outfit!

Got her screen worn stuff today!


Anymore information on the plaid shirt?

It's BDG! Gonna spot it tonight once I take detail pics, cause I can't find a stock photo anywhere online

Correct BDG plaid but wrong color, size small: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BDG-BY-URBAN-OUTFITTERS-Long-Slee...

Does anyone know if Julie is wearing the obey St Germaine jacket in army or in olive? I can only find the army one, the olive jacket is sold out! :(


Thank you so much! :)

O.k. Here is what I've got so far: Obey St Germaine Jacket - check, JCrew Tank - check, BDG corduroy pants - check, BDG Belt (because it looks like the right one) - check! Missing the shirt though... Can't find it anywhere... :( Could you provide me with may be at least a suggestion on something close? Please? As for the sweater, talked to someone from J.Crew yesterday, they are all sold out... I'm sad...

Here is what I found regarding the boots:
Warm Bodies is a 2013 American paranormal romantic zombie comedy film based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. Directed and written by Jonathan Levine, the film stars Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, who character Julie Grigio wore Prada boots. ChaCha!
From: www. chacha.com

Seriously? Prada just seems so far fetched!

I know! I tried to find it online, this is the closest thing so far:
http://www.styleforum.net/t/56196/prada-combat-boots-blac... Although, those are for men, I believe. In any case, I though that the Troopa Boots from Steve Madden look pretty similar in color, even though not of the same height... The plaid shirt is still MIA...

It's weird that they would choose such an expensive brand when all her other clothes aren't. I feel like prada may be wrong as well because they don't really make boots in that style.

I found the plaid shirt in an alternate color and posted it above :).

Well, in the book Julie had Salvador Dali originals in her bedroom, so may be Prada is not such a big stretch? I do agree, though, that they do not match the rest of her outfit. I saw the link, thanks, but, unfortunately this shirt is already sold out, and I cannot find the same kind in blue anywhere online... Apart from purchasing the original wardrobe worn by Teresa in the movie for $800, so far I don't see any other choices... Well, I did get plaid shirt of the same color from Columbia, but it's not the same, right?

I know this is a long shot but is anyone willing to sell their JCrew fisherman sweater in tan in a medium or preferably large? (or sees one for sale) I am absolutely in love with this sweater and would love to have it but just can't seem to find it anywhere.

Selling size M fisherman sweater in green. $20. I am allergic to the fiber content. :(

Does anyone have any new info on the BDG plaid shirt? Or have one they'd like to sell? I can't find anything online about it other than the info posted in the link above. Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar shirt? How would you all describe the color? In some pictures/portions of the movie, it looks grey with charcoal stripes, but in others it looks navy with black.

Is there anyone here selling J. Crew Fisherman sewater in size XS or S?

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