Jadelyn "Jade" West

(Created by AnimeGoth92)


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Tori's nemesis, she is a dark and prickly girl. She is Beck's girlfriend. She becomes somewhat friends with Tori as the series goes on, such as asking Tori to help her get back together with Beck. Jade is actually popular, talented and smart despite the fact she seems like an... Read More


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I really love her style, I wish more things were spotted!

Me too! I would love to find more stuff of her's, but I'm a horrible spotter. :(

no you're definitly NOT!!!
i've seen you're spots and they're AMAZING!!!:D

Awe! Thank you do much!

Oops. Looks like we have a double spot.

I love her!!! Her style is so edgy, but not gothic. More of her style please, cause I pretty much suck at finding things. Don't believe me, check my profile.

Can anyone find the bag that Jade wears when she is kissing Beck outside Beck RV / trailer. I don't know how to post a picture on a comment, but the picture is on her photos.

I know which one you're talking about. I love that bag! Unfortunately I've had no luck finding it.

ERGG! The bags a gears of war bag just but it of play.com I've had ir 4 like 4ever its stong and really roomy !

If anyone is selling a free people chilton lace up hoodie, message me! XS/S/M

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