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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More



Anyone think Elena could be wearing the Guess Frollic boots in the hunting scene in Memorial? They look the same but it's hard to see details cause all the shots of her feet the blacks are so crushed you can't see the details well, but they're definitely lace up black boots.

On that note, they look like they could be the Troopa boots in black. Darn bad lighting!

I was just going to say! Looks so similar to the troopa boots in the black! :/

I wish I could see better details!!!

The boots look dark brown to me. We need some HD screen caps. Hopefully Homeofthenutty will release some by the time my Troopa boots arrive.

I'm talking about in Memorial, when they're in the woods, I think they definitely look black, Home of the Nutty has screencaps up.

My guess outlet has those. Black, gray, abd red. I bought black

I like that! Wish I had an outlet near me!

I have that one. It's very cute :) I wore it a few days ago.

I sold mine when I got the real one, but yes, it's very cute, and a very good alt!

Did anyone else notice that at the start of the episode when Elena was with Matt, she had that blue lace cami on by itself. Then at school she had a black/grey one on over it. Then she had the blue lace cami on by itself again outside with Stefan and Caroline, then she had the grey/black one on again when she went to visit Damon.

I was thinking about it last night and it was driving me mental. lol

I'd need to watch it again, but didn't she get blood on it at some point? That's why she took it off?

Yes, she might have taken it off in the bathroom after Rebekah stabbed her with the pencil. But why didn't she have it on when she was with Matt earlier? And why did she put it back on again just to see Damon? lol It's the off, then on, then off, then on that was weird to me.

I noticed that too, she changed her shirt like 5 times lol :)

yesss. that's why I was so confused haha

yeah i think they made a total mess with those scenes :-)

After re-watching, it just looks like they messed up the continuity. Scenes are filmed out of order in movies and tv shows, and idk know why for those 2 outside scenes they decided to have her not wear the AA tank over the Joie one, but they did, and then after editing, it looks like she changed like 3 times lol

Still selling soprano dress size S for $23

So the blue sweater spot is incorrect right? Just wanted to double check.

I think so from what we know so far...;)

I'm gonna wait to see it in person, some think that the picture doesn't show round ties, that it's just from a different angle.

The zip is different on Elena's jacket, too, I noticed. Elena's is square, the Urban Outfitters one is round.

@Lilac: yes, just wrote about the zipper and other details (next page) - still a great alt and for the price, definitely nothing to complain about! ;)

Yes, it is a great alt. Thank you for all the responses girls! :)

Does Elena wear the Troopa boots in tan or dark brown?

It looks like the dark brown color...

Ok thank you I just wanted to make sure before I ordered them :)

Im getting one too. There's also a cognac color that looks similar but I think it's the dark brown.

the top is the cognac color of the troopa boots...what do you guys think??
Idk if I think they're the ones anymore :/ because of the sole and the stitching...unless I just cant see.


The last picture is blurry but it looks like the soles are jagged? And not flat?

Yeah the soles are definitely not flat :-/

It doesn't look like there's stitching at the front of Elena's either.

So far (and this is just me) I think the Victoria's Secret Cami and the Madden boots are incorrect. They're close, but there's a few details off.


I think there is stitching, you can see it in this pic, but yeah it's def not the Steve Madden cause the soles are different


MAN!!! :( Super bummed! :(((

Should we remove the spot then?

I think so since its not correct. Too bad cuz I really like the troopas!;-/

I like the Troopas too. I think I'm still going to get them even if they're incorrect because everything about them is perfect to me.

I will keep mine too. Just ordered them. And I love this boots. And they are almost correct except of the sole.

I was just talking to Nik, and they actually could be correct. The ridging you are seeing on the soles in the pic above could just be pixelation cause the image is blurry

Yeah, I think the screencaps on home of the nutty are more clear than these & it looks like they may be flat.

they are sooooooooo close to the ones she wears.

I love that Joie top! Too bad it's sold out everywhere. :(

I'm gonna call and see if I can find the new Joie top in stock at any stores today, want one soo bad! If anyone can find or get me one in Elena's color in XS or S I have a good item I'd be willing to trade for it! hahaha

Been looking aaand zero. Also it is dry clean only :(

I saw one on ebay in ivory in xs.

If you locate some, Lauren, could you try get one for me too? :/

Yeah but bidding starts at $100 and it's not her color.

Lisa, I'll message you, depending on price, I can try to grab more than one IF I manage to find one, but if it's expensive, I'd have to wait til I got paypal money in my bank account :-/ But I'll let you know!

i wish i could somehow grab one too ): but i bet if they're any left, they'll be expensive as it's joie =/

Thanks hun!
Just let me know if you find some! I could also pay via credit card, if they accept international cards. Also, I could paypal you the money right away. Fingers crossed ;D

P.S. I don't even know that brand... but the tank is so pretty!

I'll definitely let you know! I'm gonna call around 8:30 a.m. my time, that's my first free time at work after customer service opens :)

What shade is Elena's? Storm?

I found ivory ones only here, but I might get one if I can't find the accurate shade. $69 isn't too bad.

Yeah, I think her color is called storm.

@lilac: Where did you find one? Want one so badly.
Almost impossible for us Germans.

Sent you a msg nerbi.

I live in Germany, too. So yes, almost impossible to find... If someone can find one please let me know, I can pay via PayPal. Want it soo much!!

Huge bummer!! I called and it seems we missed out on the sale - I was told it went on final markdown 2 weeks ago only (!!!) for $49.97 if I remember well and soldout completely.

@Lilac or anyone: any chance you could let me know where the ivories are as well? I've been searching everywhere without luck for any colour. Thanks!! I really hope we can get one!

@Lilac! Where are the ivory ones? Could I maybe get one?

They have a t-shirt and another tank. You'd have to alter the neckline on the other tank, but the pattern is exact.

Where did you find the joie tank?


Just a helpful heads up for those looking, Neiman Marcus tells me they never carried it.

Nordstrom customer service was able to locate one for me in a store and have it shipped to me. I would try to contact them if you're looking for one.

Wow, overwhelmed by all the new spots! xD

I search Elenas earrings from 3x22. Does anybody know where I can get these?

There was a pair on ebay a few days ago, I think you might found one if you look on ebay from time to time ;)

Searching for someone who can help me get the urban outfitters cardigan, I would like to reduce the shipping cost :) thanks !! :)

I bought 2 cardigans, one in XS and one in S to see which one fits me better since it looks like it runs big. If you would like, I can offer you the one that doesn't fit me? Let me know! :)


LB Peacock thermal SA color L
LB Chloe henley SA color M

Trading for Nina items :)

pm sent. =D

I hope the necklace gets spotted, and isn't riculously expensive or hard to get, (large wishbone looking type one on a long chain), i really like it :)

Me,too! If it is, there are some good alts on etsy :)

I really like the necklace also!

A gray lace Abercrombie cami could be a good alt for the Joie top

I just called Nordstrom's customer service number and they were so helpful. They were able to locate a Joie Bruna lace cami in storm in a size small at a store and they're going to ship it to me for free. It was only $50 on sale too!! I would call them and see if they have any more in stock.
The Nordstrom customer service # is: 1-888-282-6060
The item # for the Joie bruna tank is: 553780
I hope someone else can get one! :)

Didn't have any luck with that

Oh :( well maybe you can try again some time. Maybe someone will return one?

Yeah I called that same # too but they couldn't find it in any size. You might've gotten the last one. Congrats though!!

I got a M by calling them!

Thanks for the tip though

I'm so happy for you Lauren! :) Thank you

Thanks Sara! I've been looking for this thing since I woke up at 4 a.m. haha I can't even tell you how many phone calls I've made!

Thanks for the tip though. Nice spot on the American Apparel tank

I found all sizes in stock in the porcelain color at this website!!
It's $69 there with free shipping.

I'm so happy you were able to get one! You really deserve to have one. You help us all so much on here. Thank you for all of your hard work and all the amazing spots you've found, especially the Maison Scotch skirt. It's so cute!! You now have the skirt and matching top, yay! :)

Poop! I'm a bit too late on seeing this! Maybe a few will pop up on ebay, hopefully :D

Nice find!!! The porcelain is possibly dyeable too if anyone would want to make it SA.

Aww thank you, that's really sweet, though I think we're all equally deserving! It was just good luck! Everyone is so nice and helpful here, it's a team effort!

Very excited about the outfit, hope we can spot the cardigan and the correct boots

Yes definetly! That's what makes this page so great, so many kind and talented people helping each other. I wouldn't have 90% of my collection if it weren't for all those people spotting things and helping me find things so thank you. :)

Didnt have any lucky luck either :( . If anyone comes across a sm please let me know!

Is that gaedz-site legit? Because they are only accepting payment via credit card and I have never heard of them before.

Thanx for the link Sara, I just bought one!!

http://www.ekstock.com/ --> That site has the same copy right as the gaedz-site and they look pretty much alike ... Can they still be legit? I am just a little scared, what do you girls think?

Yes, I just found that: http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/www.gaedz.com
Too sad though, would have loved a Joie top myself. ):

Oh no :( sorry everyone I didn't know that site had bad feedback. I'll keep looking around and hopefully I'll find something else.

Maybe Saks Customer Service can also help finding some in stores?

Saks is no good without the item/SKU number. :(

I just tried searching for it online but I can't find it.

The 3/4 sleeve cream crewneck cardigan Elena wears with the Joie lace tank and Maison Scotch skirt is interesting because it has buttons on both sides. I've never seen that before.

Yeah I haven't had any luck in searching yet!

Me too, hopefully we can find it and it's still available out there somewhere.

I would love to know the boots shes wearing in the last episode.

Called the 800 number and found the Joie shirt in a Large at a store in Texas. This was AFTER the other girls said Nordstrom said they were sold out. Maybe call back and try a different rep?

Awww you lucky duck. Sometimes I hate it living in Germany. Enjoy it? Would love to find a size L too.

I really do think it depends on the representative and also luck. I've called 4 times over the past 5 hours and all of the representatives I've gotten said it was sold out in all sizes. So frustrated.

Ive called 2 times. Almost seems like they are getting annoyed. Saying right away no they dont have any.

Someone said they were able to get one from Saks. Maybe Saks Customer Service might be able to locate one in some Saks stores? I haven't tried it so I'm not sure if that would help but it's worth a shot.

Haha I always wondered what they think when we all call them about the same thing.

I don't know what it is, because I sort of was annoyed when I called back and got my M because I literally spoke to them at 8:30 AM this morning and they said there was none in stores!

So u just got one?

No, I got one a long time ago, right before I posted that I got one. But I had called early this morning and they told me they had none in stores.

I c! Its beautiful! So want it!

I have called like 50 stores and nothing! If someone finds some can u please let me know! I would be forever in your debt! Thanks!

Im looking for one too any size

I'm sorry all of you girls are having difficulties ordering over the phone. I've been there, it took me an hour to order my Talula hoodie from Canada! lol

If anyone is able to locate one could you let me know too?! I keep doing searches everywhere and anywhere along with calling and nada!

I slurged and bought the one off ebay. I know its not the same color buts its so pretty!

Lol I do think the Nordstroms customer service reps must be wondering why everyone keeps calling obsessed with this shirt and getting annoyed.

Lost a bit of overview. Wasn't there someone who can get the target purple cami? Please PMß I would appreciate your help!

That was me! I'm messaging you right now.

Just returned from my trek to my local UO store and they are totally picked clean concerning the spotted Pins and Needles dress. They had a bazillion cream colored all in a size L. Not helpful! I managed to find the only small they had and I'm going to have to do some major repairs/alterations do to a ripped bodice and broken zipper :( I hope you girls across the pond can find someone more helpful then I was. Best of luck to anyone trying to find this dress.

The blue version is so pretty. I was glad I found it at a local store.

I can't wait to get it in the mail. Does anyone know if she's wearing a denim jacket over her dress or a chambray shirt? I'm trying to pick the best alt.

Chambray shirt would be my guess.

I think it's a shirt .... :)

I agree, it's a shirt. Could kick myself for getting rid of the one I had.

Yeah it's a shirt, too thin for a jacket I think

Okay great I was thinking that it was a chambray shirt too especially since it's a light blue color.

I know sounds like a stupid question. What top is elena wearing under the uo cardigan?

The Victoria's Secret cami and the mossimo purple tank

So glad some of you managed to find the top at Nordstrom!

I got an email this morning from the online store that had the ivory version after asking about the Storm shade and they thanked me for 'alerting them to their mistake' and told me it was an 'error' and they don't stock Joie anymore. They've pulled the top and the three dresses that were there, so now the Joie page is blank (http://shop.ecod.com.au/instore-showcase/joie) and I went to the 'labels' page and Joie isn't even there now either! Grrr. They need to fix their site.

I'm sorry girls! I'll keep checking. Obviously they made their way over here, too, so I'll see if I can track down some other stockists.

too sad )':

anyone selling a guess tanya cami in black? (:

If anyone's looking for a Mossimo purple cami, I can grab one for you. I'm going to my local Target tomorrow and I was told that they are in stock there. PM me if you would like one! :)

I would love in in sm if they have on please!

I'll grab one for you if they have one!


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