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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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Has anyone found an eight sixty dress recently?? I have been searching since it was spotted and absolutely nothing :(

I look for it like 10 times a day no joke lol and I haven't found one yet! It's super rare. I only know of 2 people who have that dress.

I've never ever seen one on eBay, but if I ever do, you'll be the first to know, Erin, you know that! :-D I got super lucky getting mine from Julie :)

The only other people I know of who have it are people who bought it while it was in stores.

I wish I would've started collecting sooner. I missed out on a lot of things. I only started collecting when Season 3 started.

I've been collecting since season 1, but I passed on certain items when I shouldn't have. Kicking myself for it now lol

I know how you feel girl! lol

The Eight Sixty dress was one I passed on and I was kicking myself! Cause back then I was only collecting random items and I wasn't cosplaying Elena yet so I didn't "need" the items for events like I do now, so now I'm more diligent about getting things :)


BDG zip up cardigan charcoal sz M $25
Express criss cross purple xs $30
Express criss cross black xs $30
AE teal lace trim tank sz s(alt to Elena's teal tank) $10

Message me if interested. Thanks!:)

Need money so adding

AE waffle hoodie dark gray sz s(all gray, not the gray/white

AE waffle hoodie purple sz s $30

Express tops sold

All the overpriced reselling makes much more sense when you realize ckcs2009 is someone here.

Do you collect or do you just enjoy trying to cause drama?
Everyone already knows this and who she is.
You are hardly one to call anyone out for messing with the spots.
Please lay off trying to stir crap up.

Well said, Kris. If you want to be helpful howabout you post here once and a while when it isn't stirring up trouble? We all know who she is, she isn't trying to hide it, and we may have differing opinions on it but she has a right to sell for whatever price she wants.

Please stop trying to stir up drama here. No one wants it.

Yes please stop hiding behind that self-righteous hero mask. We're all big girls here & although yes selling at overpriced values is frowned upon it's up to everyone to decide whether you want to spend that amount on and item or not. And Sara has also spotted stuff which is more that can be said about you

She's our friend here and if you have nothing good to say about her, then please say nothing at all. No one is forcing you to buy from her.

You girls are seriously the sweetest. Thank you all for standing up for me.

I also have to say something. We already knew who she is and it's never been a problem. And she's been nothing but nice to all of us and always tries to help when she can. She's proven that many times to me. So instead of saying mean things about our dedicated members here and trying to create problems with spots, maybe you could say something nice every now and then. This board isn't for drama, go somewhere else to do that. I care for these girls and I'm not just going to let someone talk that way about them.

Searching Jenni sleep shorts size XS, S or M. No luck on ebay this year, i didn't found one.

selling one

Sent you a PM

If there is some who can help me getting the new spotted Caroline AE necklace I would be very happy. Thanks girls.

wrote the same on Caroline's page, I hope someone finds them, I'm looking for one too! Hopefully at least some still are in stores!

hey ladies just curious to know wich is the most elena/Kat used items by you?? :-)

I probably wear my 7FAMK skinny jeans and my miz mooz boots more than anything else :)

Hmmm my air whitleys and the lace tanks haha :) what about you?

The AE Artist Jeans, Converse One Star Shoes, and Talula Ruched Hoodie are my favorites... I wear them ALL the time.

Oh yeah, the Talula hoodie, I wear that like daily haha

aaaaaaw it's so nice share this passion with you girls :-) it's too funny!!!
i use a lot the lace camis, more than the others the jenni one that i loooove but also a lot the american eagle in purple and the HOT free people one LOL!also here is still a little hot so i used the express criss cross in black and purple a lot and the banana republic top aso katherine in cream, all the jwellery everyday (today keys necklace) and i wear pratically everyday LOl the dankin hoodie, i think is the most comfty hoodie i've ever had!!and so cheap for the quality!
so jalous of you @Bry i dont' have the 7FAMK but i have a great ALT for them!about the boots here as i said above is not the right time again but i can't wait to wear them again and also the sam edelman that i didn't wore yet!!
@melaniep i dont' know the air whitleys.. what item is? shoes?? haahahah i always wear a lace cami aso elena underneath my top, every single day!LOL
@Jenn i'd love to have the ae jeans and the talula hoodie aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrg i'm crying i was almost to get it one day but at the end i couldn't get it :-( i tought to get the replica one day but wow the price is very high for me!and also: another hoodie in my home and my mom will kick me out for sure lol!!!!

aaaaaaaaaa @Bry how i envy you, hate moment now LOOOOOOOL totally joking!the talula is my dream!!!maybe one day i'll find one, i would prefer the navy one...if i could choose.. but obviously i can't :-D!!

Hmmm. I wear her thermals a lot. And tahlula/dilemna hoodie. And her vervain locket!

I absolutely live and die in my True Religion Becky jeans, i have a few different style/color Becky cut TR's , so comfy and great fit :)
Also wear my lace camis alot.

I am obsessed with her 7FAM jeans and her Frye boots!!!! I live in them!

I bring my lucky brand purse with me every where I go and get tons of compliments on it. Even this guy I'm dating commented on how soft it is haha

Her Anthropologie bow tied duvet because I sleep in it every night! :)

Love the 7skinny jeans! Love love love. And the Miz mooz boots, the lucky brand abbey purse and I'm sure there more, just can't think of it right now. Oh and probably my jade jacket if it hasn't been so hot!:/

Have to go with the miz mooz boots and the All Saints Lelex jacket--all time faves! Fun question!

aw you girls have really great great items!!so jalous!i have to say that i play with Elena/Kristen/Bella/Kat stuff everyday a lot LOL it's so funny for me!!!with all of you saying about the 7FAMK i am too curious and i wish i can get a pair one day also i descovered some items i didn't even know!!;-) now i'm going to check wich are,thanks my ladies!!!great day to every single one of you!so funny share all this with you!!also i forgot!i pratically live with my lucky brand purse heheeheh,
@arielcharm you are making me wish to find a all saints jacket but oh my god with bellas i think i'm done with jacket for now :-)
@clothescoffin AAAAA SAME HERE i can't wear that lovely jacket because is not as cool here :-(
@tvdstyle i'm going to check wich is the item are you talking about
@xjubesx agree about the lucky brand, we are together from the day i get it :-))))))
@bellacullencutie aaaaaaaaaaa just GREAT combo those jeans and boots, PERFECT!
@strawberry i'd love to have those jeans!!:-)
@nat superjalous of your dilemma hoodie :-)))) and aw one of the most item i wear that i found in absolute the most comtfy i have is the purple tank i've took from you :-)))))) i'd love to have it in all colours!!abslutely my fav cami :-**** sorry for the poem and thank a lot for these funny moments ;-)

elyka you always write so sweet :D i really hope for you girl,that you get the items you want!!!
my favourite items are the KRMA jacket und the guess lily tank :)
it is so funny,since i wear more elena clothes,my friend,who also watchs the vampire diaries,says i look more and more like elena :D she does not know,that these are really elena clothes. i think she means my clothes,but it makes me so happy!!! she does not know, what a big compliment she said too me :D

oh thank you love!!i hope to find them too :-)
aw hey i totally forgot that the last summer i totally over used the nicole tank!it's incredible i got tons of compliments on that top, because of the colour and everything, also i personally think that this tank make fantastic boobs to every girl LOL hahaha too funny the thing that happens with your friend!!i can imagine how you are happy about those kind of compliments!:-)

This is the Anthropologie bow tied duvet I was talking about.



soooooo nice!:-) this bed is making me wish to sleep on it lol

love wearing my krma jade leather jackets and the all saints louvre jacket <3 i am wearing one of those daily =D and the guess tammy cardigans, off course!

@elyka: oh you will find it!!!!
wow that sounds fantastic :) i love this top,but i actually dont own it :D i try to get it.yes im shure you got compliments,perfect ;) haha xD
yes i think these a kind of the best :) i mean this is kind of what we want to reach,right?! ;) we love elenas clothes,we maybe want to like she does with the clothes,and than to hear this from others is AMAZING!!! i love this site really <3

I checked my local Buckle, Macy's and Dillards, but wasn't able to find any fossil owl necklaces for you guys :(

Thank you for taking the time to look for us. That's really thoughtful.

Looking for the Mossimo burnout tank if anyone sees one

Missed it!:/ boo

If I see another one I'll message you the link. :)

Thanks! :)

I'm super bummed. I ordered the Splendid thermal from 4x02 on Friday morning from the Splendid site, and I guess they emailed me and send they had to cancel the order because of something with my paypal--I never saw the email and now all the XS are gone. If anybody comes across one, I'd really appreciate the help!

Messaging you :)

You are THE BEST!!!

Just happy I could help! :)

Anyone know where I could get the black dress Elena wears to the memorial? The one Damon drops off.

It's not spotted yet

I saw that the dress was spotted on another fashion website - it was completely altered on the top part of the dress and is $335! Crazy!


WOW. That dress is nothing without the neckline! I think for that very cheap price everybody should buy one and have it sent to the vamp diaries tailor for also..."opening the neckline" haha I'm sure they'd be more than thrilled about that ;)

What dress are we talking about? Elena's was not spotted yet???

I added it, the costume designer said she split the neckline down the middle to give it a different look.

what a stupid thing is this?? they couldn't get another dress instead of that?? lol i tought it was supernice when i saw it on the episode :-) still short for my fat legs :-/

Well they've made little alterations like this before, like adding the ruching to the front of Katherine's Masquerade dress

Why must everything pretty be expensive? LOL

Haha tell me about it! I managed to find one on eBay for a decent price and snagged it, but it's a big size :( Gonna have to take it in

No wonder it was so hard to find! lol The neckline was what was throwing me off the most.

Dear costume lady, please stop changing things so much we can't recognise them. Or at least give us a hint!

Lol the funny thing is I did actually find that dress in my searches and bookmarked it because it looked similar, so I thought maybe it was just another Theory dress, but then when I heard that the costume designer altered it, I spotted it! :)

Good job! I found similar ones, but I wasn't that close, because I was so focused on that split at the front. lol Damn that woman.

Random note: Does anyone else think the new ads on CS are really annoying? lol I don't care about the page you have to click through, but the ones that expand annoy me!

Yes! Super annoying!!

I agree.

Double agree!!!!

I don't see any ads. Do you guys have adblocker on firefox?

I do and it even shows up when I bring it up on my Mac, its at the very top of the page.

Really? Weird. I have a Mac and Firefox and don't see it. You can right click and block them manually. Try that?

Still selling the two ae waffle hoodies in gray and purple sz small before I list on ebay:) xoxo

If interested pm me.

If anyone is selling the grey talula hoodie or the replica in size S or M, please let me know:)

Going to be listing some things on eBay.
Feel free to check it out :)


I think the mossimo burnout is actually purple not the grey....

I know what you're saying and I looked at it a lot to see what color it was and I definitely think it's grey, I've seen the purple and the grey in person and the purple coloring is too dark and distinct for it to have been desaturated that much, in my opinion

Did you find it at Target?

I have seen the purple too and I am still pretty sure it is purple.... Its fine if others disagree.

It does look purple in that pic. But i still kinda lean towards the gray. :)

After seeing screencaps I think it's definitely purple

I think it looks purple!

I would so love get one. Dream ^.^

Me too ^^

I still think it's gray! Haha I've been staring at it for a while, because i do see what you mean, but I looked at my gray one and in certain lighting it can have a purplish hue, so who knows! Lol

Purple is my fave color. Like both. Thankfully i own coral and purple

Sometimes I really hate the lighting on this show! lol

I think it's purple too.


oh,wow! Looking at these screen caps, it looks purple to me.

Yeah for purple! That's the color I have! ;)

It does look purpley. Yay for home ofthe nutty being back

in my opinion is purple too XD

i remember watching the episode i tought it was purple but it's really hard to tell for sure.. seems purple and grey together..

Anyone besides me think the dress she threw up on in ep 2 was kinda... Froofy for a funeral? Liked the black one better for the occasion

Beautiful dress... but yes it did seem a little inappropriate for a funeral. I was thinking the same thing Kris :)

Haha I thought that too, thats why I didn't think she'd be wearing it to the memorial when I saw it in promo pics

I just saw the episode last night and realized she wore the dress for like a second! Lol. I still think its cute and cant wait to get mine.

But yes agreed it was off for a memorial.:)

I agree that it didn't suit the occasion very well. I think the costume designer picked the dress because the light color makes the blood show up more so the scene would be more dramatic.

Still think it's gorgeous!

I like it more than the black dress too :)

What color are Elena's Frye Carmen boots?

I *believe* they're a dark brown

I think so too... looked at the pictures, but its hard to tell for sure=/

I think so, they're not the gray, I have those, and they're too light, pretty sure they're the dark brown

All of her Frye boots are brown.

Yeah but there are different shades of brown, too. I have to double check to see which ones are what shade.

50 shades of brown lol jk :)



Is anyone going to the convention in Dallas, TX this summer?? xD

I have a new without tags Soprano dress size S i bought that doesnt fit. If anyone wants it pls pm!

How does it fit? Im usually xs-s but Im debating which size to get=/

I ordered an an xs and I'm getting it in the mail tomorrow. If it's too small can I get your small? Will you hold it for me please?

I only will hold for a definite sale. If you get yours and it doesnt fit and it is still available it is yours :)

I guess I can just buy it from you then and if my xs ends up fitting I'll just pass on the small to another girl here. How much do you want for it?

What i paid. It is all yours Sara

I just got my dresses in the mail and the xs fits me perfect! Thank you so much Kristen. The dress should go to someone else.

Anyone looking for her new Theory Dress NWT Size 12, for $130 please message me!

I have an xs Soprano dress available! Have to know straight away or it's getting mailed back tomorrow! Thanks girls!

Hey girlies, posted about a few things I'm working on, seeing if anyone is interested in helping!


sounds like a good idea. I'm up for helping out

I don't have LJ but I'd like to help out. I guess I can make one. lol

You don't need LJ to help out

Guess Lily Tank (Elena's colour) Sz L $50 incl. shipping
Guess Nicole Tank (Elena's colour) sz L $40 incl. shipping
Both in great condition, barely worn, message me if interested :)

there's a guess abby wool blazer on ebay in xs if anyone is looking


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