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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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I'm selling most of my Caroline collection if anyone's interested I posted the list on that page.

Hey girls, like I said on my LJ, I created a FB group for Elena Gilbert's Closet, to give us another place to have fun and discuss TVD collecting. Anyone with Facebook is welcome to join! I already added some of you I'm already friends with on FB, but feel free to request to join!


Oh that's awesome, good job :D Sometimes I feel slightly misunderstood when I explain my love to Elena's clothes or TVD lol ;) I will send you a request :) Thanks !

Well, after about 75 calls between yesterday and today, no joke, I can finally say...I found a JOIE!!!!! Happy Elena Day!!!!!

Yay!!! So happy for you Nik!!!!!

Thanks Lauren! Pure insanity pays off! LOL!!!

I'm so happy you were able to get one! :)

Congratz! May I ask when you called + found it? I literally called 2 hrs ago and they told me they had none

I just called again twice too and no luck :(

I called literally every Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack store I could find until one had one! It was a Nordstrom Rack that had one! The customer service number kept telling me none too! Thanks Girls! Just had to share my JOY!

Yay!!! What a nice feeling!! So happy for you!

Selling a green NWT Michael Stars top shine version! Asking what I paid $30 plus shipping! Pics upon request! ;)

If anyone is selling a maison scotch skirt or has an extra to sell im interested! :)

Selling dark grey bdg cardigan, size S. $17 + shipping

Hi everyone I'm not selling Caroline's emmelee dress just the list I have on Caroline's profile page.

Kind of a funny question but is it ever winter in mystic falls?

Lol yeah it is, remember all the heavy coats and sweaters last season? But timeline wise we aren't in winter yet because there wasn't a gap in time over the summer hiatus

Oh yea! Stupid me forgot!

If anyone finds an extra joie tank storm in xs or sm id buy from them! I bought one from ebay in ivory but would love love the storm color but so would everyone else! Thanks girls! Have to say you girls are all so are awesome and none of these wonderful clothing would be possible without you girls! Keep up the good work! I wish I was as talented as spotting things as you girls are!

Finally figured out how to upload a pic! Ya!

Does anyone know of a good Steve Madden troopa look a like? All the ones I've found either have buckles or fasteners on the outside or faux fur lining or plaid lining on the inside or they're not the right color. I might just be too picky lol :)

I thought you bought the troopas? Did you return them?

Not yet :) I went crazy buying all the newly spotted items so I can't buy them until I sell some of my Caroline stuff that I don't wear lol I want to order them already.
I think I'm just going to get them because I can't find anything that looks even close.

Try Amazon if you can't find them cheaper? They were still $92 when I got them from Amazon, but still not bad compared to other stores.

Amazon or Zappos sounds good. I just have to make sure I can pay rent on Saturday before I order them. I don't have a credit card or Bill me later and I'm still waiting for people to pay for things they bought from me so I have to wait. I always try to find cheaper alternatives but nothing looks close to the Troopas so I'm willing to splurge once I have money lol :)

I want to order mine already too! I'm also selling stuff I'm willing to part with just so I can afford all the newly spotted items! I don't have a cc either! (But maybe its a good thing because then I wouldn't be able to resist!)

Lol I know if I had a credit card I would go crazy it would be so bad! I would just buy everything!

There has been the question about if the VS cami is right. I was looking on the aerie site and the lace cami looks kinda right to me. Its hard to tell on my phone. Dont know if I can upload a pic from my phone.

Its called the aerie vintage lace cami.

I don't think that's it because the lace on the bust part is too straight and the ruched part isn't as defined.

Also its very sheer, the purple would show thru. But for $10, it would still look cute as a substitute :-)

I'm going back to thinking the Troopa boots could be correct. They look SO close and there definitely is a seam on the toe of the boots, you can see it in HD screencaps.

Also, the picture that showed that the soles might not be flat, that could have been the pixelation and blurriness of that picture.

I think you're right. I'm watching it now and I see the seams in the front. Also looks like the soles could be flat!

Found these, stitching is there & not rly obvious. What color do you think she wears??


I think they are right too. I've looked at a lot of others and the Steve madden are the only ones that have even been a possibility that I've seen

These are the ones I got, and I think they're the SA color, I got the brown leather cause I thought they were the most accurate, even more than the cognac


Okay, thanks! I couldn't tell. One picture, they're dark brown, then they have an orange tint in another. But, I think you're right. :)

Yeah cause the brown leather has that reddish tint to it and distressed look that Elena's seem to have :)

Thanks for the tip, I was so tossed up between the cognac and the brown because sometimes they look different online. Hers are pretty reddish so I wasn't sure if the brown was red enough but at the same time the cognac looked too light.

Yeah my issue with the cognac was it seemed too light, so I'm pretty confident it's the brown leather.

I think so too. Pretty sure it's the dark brown:)

Yeah, definitive dark brown. And I watched and watched again.
I guess they are right. While she is walking side by side (with Stefan and Caroline sitting there) you can see, the sole is flat, especially in the front part of the boot.

Yay just ordered mine!!^_^

I'm ordering mine right now too! So excited :)

I should be getting mine tomorrow girls!!! Yeah!

Me too!! Yay!!

I'm sure that the Troopa boots are correct, I've got them in black and my friend has the same ones in the brown color that Elena is wearing. They're so beautiful (they literally go with everything) and comfy, might buy another pair :D

Does nobody have an extra Express lace cami in white to spare me? I really want another one 'cause the one I have is wearing down. It's my go-to Elena cami... I would pay more than it was. Express doesn't sell Elena's version anymore :(.

They sell one pretty much exact, the only difference is the lace has a silvery tint.

Yeah, they dont seem to last too long for their price. I had two white ones a while back that I threw out, because they started getting damaged. :/

Keep an eye on ebay! I got a spare for $11 recently cause mine was getting worn out.

Thanks, I have a saved search going.

Is anyone still selling the miz mooz boots in brown size 7 or 7.5?

I am!

I have them in a 7.5 if you're interested :)

Hey girls, I have a couple more XSs of Elena's Soprano print dress that I need to get rid of. If anyone's interested let me know otherwise I'm gonna return them :)

Heyyy I'm interested! Sorry, can't pm I'm mobile -_-

Gotcha! Ill hold one for you, message me when you can!

How short is it?
I guess I should ask is it good tights and boots length?

It comes to right above my knees if that helps....

Thanks! I'll try to MSG you soon!

Yeah what Jenn said, it comes to right above the knee

thanks, I messaged you.

You'll like it, it's so cute! Your hubby will be happy because its only 20!!!

I'm 5'4" and it's a few inches above the knee, a little longer than finger tip length.

I'll totally buy one from you!! Do you have the rust or the blue? If you have both I'll take both! :)

He won't mind this time.:) I might be in trouble if she keeps wearing stufff i want. All i had kept before this season were the purple AE sweater and the Sam Edelman boots.

I only have the Rust, the one Elena wears, and they've all sold, sorry!!!

I have an xs UO Pins and Needles dress NWT for sale! Asking what I paid $45 plus ship! Would need payment ASAP or mailing back tomorrow! Thanks girls!

What color?

oh...sad!! i think its too small for me :( im between s-m

Selling Jenna's Lucky Brand Dragon Hoodie! Size xs, EUC! Message me if interested! Also selling Caroline's Juicy Couture Sophie Jean jacket size S, EUC!

Lucky Brand Dragon hoodie sold!

Caroline jacket sold too! Thanks girls!

All the girls who messaged me about the Mossimo cami I got them for all of you! :) I just need the money for them by the end of the night or I'm returning them to the store tomorrow because I need that money to pay rent! PM me with your shipping info so I can send them out to you tomorrow. Thanks! <3

How much is the cami?

Only $8+shipping (what I paid)

I messaged you but not sure if it went through.

I messaged you back did it go through? Idk whats up with Coolspotters but it's been all funky today

I didnt get it. :(

It's only $5 shipping with delivery confirmation and insurance.
You can message me on Livejournal if you want, my Livejournal is tvdstyle.livejournal.com

I sent u a friends requests requests. Dont know what is up with my phone! Its irritating!

Added you :) I'm on a computer and sometimes when I try to send a message or leave a comment there's an error

Sent u a message on LJ!

Did we decide if the blue dress with the white dots was also the Soprano dress or is it something different?

No the blue Soprano dress is not the same one seen in the video

That's what I was thinking but just making sure.

I ordered one and I was wrong, it doesn't look like the one in the video. It's still super cute so I ended up keeping it! :)

For those of you who want to buy the Frye Shirley boots but don't want to spend the money on them, I found a nice alternative from Target for $55

I love Target :-)

Still selling green shine Michael Stars top NWT!!!


I finally made a livejournal! lol I need to add what I have of a collection (not much!) but I just wanted to stay connected with you guys.

Add me if you like. :)


I added u!

Yay! Added you back.

Added you :)

Added you too!

I don't know why I didn't make one sooner. lol

Added you. It's twoblindmice.

Added you back!

Added u :)

Added you, too!

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