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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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Selling banana republic gray top aso katherine size m $50


sold!!! :D

Added some new Season 4 photos! One with the Tuck Me in Tank and one with her outfit she wears to the frat party with Damon!!

I'm so excited for that party! lol It looks fun already.

Lauren... what episode is the tuck me in tank going to be seen in???

Episode 5, "The Killer"

Also the episode before that is the one with the frat party, it's episode 4 and its called "The Five"

I didn't see your photo of the outfit she wears to the frat party on your lj.

It's not on my LJ, I added it here.

Found it. Thx!

someone wants a guess nicole top xs in coral ?
also sell my old navy lace trim top in dark blue tailored in size S

express military shirt blue size xs

I got the soprano dress today! It's cute and for the price, its a good buy. Definitely doesnt run big in my opinion. The small fits me well. I could probably can do a medium... Do you guys like yours?

I love mine! I got it in the mail today too. My dress ran big. I got an xs and it fits me perfectly and I usually wear a size small. Sometimes even a medium, I'm wearing a medium in the Guess jasmine cami right now.

The small is perfect on me, the XS elastic was just a bit too tight and made it fit weird, that's why I prefer the small.

Yeah I think the xs would be too tight for my 32d bust size! Lets hope for more affordable elena pieces like this one!:D

Yes its really cute. I got it in a medium

i got the xs and think it's just right for me. (i always wear xs or smaller.) i'd say it runs true-to-size for juniors (runs smaller than most) sizing.

I was surprised the xs fit me since I'm a 32c.

Thought I'd post an updated with list on the off chance someone is looking to sell or perfect timing! Thanks! Xoxo


Put some stuff on ebay. Please feel free to check it out. Link is on my wall! More will follow in a few hours.

Can you put a link in English pls

anybody knows about paying something with western union?

I wouldn't unless you completely trusted the person you were sending the money to. It's basically like handing over cash and hoping for the best.

I have used western union twice and have had no problems. You can message me!

If you know and trust the person, yes, but otherwise you have to make sure you're covered if something happens, like you are under Paypal.

thanks so much <3

and can anybody help me getting the black splendid thermal in an xs without paying an horrid amount of shipping fees? ):

What do you need? Let me know:)

There's still a Theory dress in size 10 for $130 if anyone is interested.

I am

You are selling it or is it listed somewhere?

I also have one in a 12 that I'm selling for only $130+shipping.



where can I get one ?

I have recently had ppl asking for my items or if I am selling on LJ. I am NOT. Not only is it rude but also suspicious. Rude especially if the same person messages multiple tines after receiving a polite no. In the past ppl would message others for items only to resell them at high prices. Do not ever enter a private sale w aomeone who doest har cs feedback or other feedback somewhere!!

Happy "new episode" day!!!! ;)

Yay!!!! Thursdays are my favorite!!!!

so jalous of you guys!i have to wait until tomorrow but happy anyway is not a lot to wait :-))))))))))))

yaaay :)))

i want, too ): i'll have to wait until november cause my little netbook at the moment doesn't let me watch it online ._.

I am really happy with this hobby. I love my items and the friends I have made. I want to bring attention to katherinepierce here and/or datherine17 on lj. I know 4 other girls besides me who have received messages asking for items. I am not even selling anything! Please stop.

People put time and money in for their items. It is rude to ask multiple times. From now on messages I receive asking for items will be ignored and the. Deleted from my friends. Thanks

Yes please, if you are told no once then it means NO, stop pestering people, it's really annoying. That's why I no longer post when I found an item or that I updated my lj (I only let my close friends know) because it never fails, I get flooded w messages where people ask me to find them one of the same item I just found (if it's not sold in stores & I found it on eBay or Plato's, it's pretty much a once lucky time) or they ask if I'm selling the item that I just found!! Really?!? I just found this item I wanted & people think I will want to part ways with it?

I don't like people who do that, its so rude. Really, we have our own collections, why are we going to sell the items, we've looked so hard for. Some people just want things handed to them its ridiculous.

Yay i got my black Splendid Thermal today and i love it! perfect as its cold here lol (UK). Super comfy and fits true to size i'd say. lovely and soft and nice shape to it :)

I got mine yesterday too! It's so thick and comfy! I also agree that it fits TTS, I got a small cause I didn't want it to be too tight and uncomfortable and it's perfect.

Yep i got it in small too and glad i did coz like u say its perfect fit :)

Where are you guys getting them?

I got mine from Splendid

Mine came today too and I'm so happy with it. If they go on sale I might grab one for work.

I knew I should have gotten one :( I didn't think they would sell out so fast!


Michael Stars 3/4 Sleeve Shirred Henley-One Size-Pink Shine Version $20+shipping

i'd love it if it's still there <3

Replied to your message, hun! :)

you're unbelievable in helping out <3


Aw, it's no problem! :) We all help each other out here :)

OMG Loving her outfit!!!!! We need to find it!

Cool outfit! Do you think it's a skirt or a dress? I'm loving CAroline's jacket too!

It's a skirt :)

I see that now! :) Go Elena! (nice boots) :)

I know! I love her outfits this ep! I LOVE the skirt outfit, it's so eclectic.

LOVE the boots too!

I know! Need to rewatch to try to find the boots and the tank (or tanks) and cardigan!!!

Can ppl give me sizing recommendations quick? I'm a 26" waist and don't know what to get for the skirt!

Love the skirt outfit!!!! So stupid happy right now!!! lol

No clue on sizing, I just guessed. There's no sizing chart.

Nik-I know!!! SO excited!

@Littleoogie: 6PM gave 24 inches for its waist measurement for the size XS (P) in the product's description. Maybe go for the size 1/2 based on the given XS/P waist measurement? The waist is elastic so the XS/P may fit too.

Yeah the P(XS) is 24" but it doesn't say how much it goes up in inches from there with each size, but it does have an elastic waist which gives some breathing room.

Gen-links not working for me?

Sorry to hear that, I tried it again and it works for me. I found it by googling ''maison scotch sizing chart''. It's on the stotch and soda website: http://www.scotch-soda.com/au/
Hope this helps!

I think P/xs, 1/2 small medium, 3/4 large XL! Just my opinion! And it's high waist so measurement will be smaller than jeans!

Ok, so from their sizing chart it says:

size p = waist 64 cm
size 1 = waist 68 cm
size 2 = waist 72 cm
size 3 = waist 75 cm
size 4 = waist 80 cm

For US Sizing that converts to:

size p = waist 25"
size 1 = waist 26-27"
size 2 = waist 28"
size 3 = waist 29.5"
size 4 = waist 31.5"

I'm so happy I got one! Thank you Lauren! :)

No prob! I'm glad I was able to find it so fast, and still in stock! Lol

I think that was the fastest spot in history! Lol

You're on a roll Lauren!! Xoxo

When I bought the skirt it said color was black, but in the pic it looked brown (shopbop)... I'm confused now, lol. Which color does Elena wear?

I think she wears the color b-stripe :)

Thanks, guys! Ended up getting a 1/2. Hope it works!

Yeah it looks different in different photos but it's definitely the B-stripe

Still looking for the Fossil owl necklace, there was one on ebay but the seller removed it before the end :( I would love have one, thanks to everyone who could help me :)

I keep looking at local stores, no luck except for the one I have for myself. But I am still looking :)

If anyone is selling or finds an Express Criss Cross top ASO Katherine in either Fantasia Blue or White in S or XS please message me! Hilly Hindi from the Hillywood show wants one for her con appearances :)


Trying to DL the ep to get more screencaps and see if we can't find the rest of the outfit!

I just added some screencaps. I'll try to help you spot the new outfit.

It's such a cute outfit!

thank you for the screencaps girls, they're great!

I'll try to get more after work tonight, but I had to quit and go to sleep last night haha

If anyone is selling the Theory dress in 8 or 10 please let me know! Thank you girls :)

Awwww, darn, darn darn, I miss out most stuff here because of the time difference. So the new skirt too. And Brynnas shirt .......
Why the hell I can't live in the US near all you lovely girls. So please if someone comes acros the new spottet skirt please let me know. It's so frustrating.

You can buy the new skirt here:

The size 0 and 2 is still in stock.

It's on 6PM.com. Didn't you see it?

On 6PM.com I only seethe white one. And size 0 and 2 is too small I guess. Has it a stretch in it?

It has an elastic waist so it should have some stretch. The sizing is different, a 0 is an xs, a 1 is a small, and a 2 is a medium.

oh no, i missed it too )': is there any sizes 2 in elena's color left out there?

I missed out too. : (

The spotted boots look like the correct ones but are there better shots of them by any chance? When Elena wears them?

Are thy the brown or the cognac color?

They look more like the reddish brown color than the cool brown color to me.

I don't know the boots look shorter & "floppier" than the madden ones

It's definitely a darker brown color, and it could be correct, I'm just not completely sure, and it looks floppier because whatever boots she is wearing, she's wearing them laced loosely, so they look different.

There are some pics when you google for the boots you can see some others wear them as flappy as Elena, I guess it depends on how you loosely you lace them. But I'm really not sure on the color. There is one called brown and one called cognac on amazon. I think both are the same.

I almost bought the troopas months ago! But I went with another brand (same style) instead.

I agree, Leticia! I think the boots Elena wears are shorter than the Troopa ones... Nina's kinda short and boots usually look taller than they really are...

How tall is she? I thought she is 5'6"? :)

I think she might be even shorter than that... I can't really say, but when I saw her in person I was like "Damn, she's so short and petite" lol :)
Almost everyone on this show is not exactly tall :D Matt Davis is tall, but he's pretty much the only exception, judging from who I have met so far xP

Paul is tall!! But I'm 5'4 so I'm pretty tall too, but he's taller
He did though look down into my eyes when I was talking to him which melted my heart
I love him
He is gorgeous, and an awesome person
Torrey is incredibly lucky

To me Paul was short, too :D So were Ian, Michael, Daniel and all the girls of course. Except for Dawn! She's really tall compared to the other gals.
To me, the only tall guy was Matt Davis. I'm 5'9 and he was still a lot taller than I am. Not sure how much this is in feet/inches, but I think he must be about 185cm

Oh Lisa you're tall;D I'm 5'4 and a quarter and for the longest time I thought I was 5'6">_< I think your body shape can make you seem taller or shorter too.

Anyway just curious;) thanks for the responses! Xoxo

I know! xP I'd like to be shorter xP
Seems like I'd have problems to find a man taller than me in America, haha

Lol hahaha!! Depends how much taller you'd like them to be. My boyfriend is 6ft which is tall for me but would only be an inch taller than you!

Everyone in Czech is so tall! I feel like a midget! 5'9 is a normal height for girls here... =/ and Im 5'4
But yeah everyone on the show looks so tall but in reality they are not. I wish I knew how tall Nina really is. I think she is 5'5

I know what your talking about! My ex boyfriend is czech and he's somewhat between 5'5 and 5'6 tall! Next to him, I felt like a midget :D
But hey, I wouldn't say no to Ian, even if he's just 5 something :D

Nina has long legs though, plus the boots are worn flipped over so they look shorter too. I think they could be correct

I just wathch this episode and I think the spot is correct. Was not sure on the sole of the boots, but now I really believ they are that flat. So what we think now?
Oh and do we have better pics now?

when I google it, apparently she is 5'6". But, I found this picture of (probably older, because of the stitching color) troopa boots :
I watched it in slow-mo as she jumped, and I think they could be it.


They looked pretty close to me. I am crushing so hard on these boots! :) So cute!

Has anyone had any luck finding the pretty lace top she wore? Loved that!

Does anyone have the j brand cargo pants in a sz 26 they want trade up for a 27? (The vintage ivy color) mine fits but it is a little loose in the waist.

Selling or trading Old Navy lace trim henley SA green color, NWT size XL. Please PM any trading offers.

Anyone have any idea where I can get the new skirt still in a size 1/2 (or any size at this point...)??? My order didn't go through on 6pm last night (tried to order on my cell phone and something went wrong) and now I cannot find one anywhere... :(

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