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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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And this could be the belt with the Soprano dress, though I'm sure there are many that look just like this so it's hard to tell


Just a heads up, the owl necklace by Fossil has been popping up on Ebay. I've seen two come and go today.

Thanks for the heads up :)

No prob :) I went to my local fossil store today, to see if they happened to have any left over in store, but they didn't. lol. Was worth a shot. So I scouted Ebay afterwards.

Fossil Owl Necklace. This is the same seller I bought mine from.


Sold :o(

I really want one too. Hopefully more pop up on eBay.

What color does Elena wear in the j brand cargo pants? The militia?

The Vintage Ivy :)

But it's sooooo expensive. No cheaper way?

Thanks!!! I'm in love with them:)

Me too! :)

Nerbi- the only other option would be eBay, or if they go on sale

The Q by Da Vinci Quinceanera Dress Style 2484 is wrong.

From the costume designer:

"Elena is wearing a vintage dress that is from a great place in Atlanta called Miz Scarletts. She sells really expensive dresses from London and Paris, and the place is just this beautiful fantasy world of tulle and beading and really pretty stuff.

"The dress is a black sheer chiffon over black lace, and then the skirt part has four layers: black chiffon over black lace over a piece that has gold beading, and then under that is a piece of gold satin, and under that is the petticoat. "

But it looks sooooo close, right in my opinion.

Miss Scarlets sells pageant dresses as well, and can carry dresses like this. It is exact. I own it. Every detail is exact.

The costume designer also said the Miss mystic falls dress was one of a kind and it wasn't.

I'm pretty sure it's right also;) looks exact to me.

Good God! you scared me for a moment there! finally saved up enough to buy that dress! yays

And please don't flag the spot as incorrect. I put a lot of time and research into it, we all agree its correct, its just your opinion that it's not.

I'm always open to discussion if someone thinks something is wrong, but just coming on here and saying 'It's wrong, period.' Is kinda disrespectful, we all work together on spots, and it's not just up to one person whether something is wrong or not :-) Just my 2 cents.

It is absolutely right!! I have NO doubts what so ever! I eventually hope to order one!

Most beautiful gown EVER!

It's gorgeous and I believe it's exact too! Every detail matches.

I just got written proof! I emailed the miz Scarlett's store in Atlanta, and they CARRY Da Vinci gowns, which just confirms that's its right 100% more!

Thanks Erin! That's awesome to know!

It's definetly exact.

it's clear the spot is correct, especially after seeing elenagilbertscloset's dress.

Yep, I own it, too and there is NO WAY the spot is wrong.
The costume designer just added a bow on the back. But Erin anyway just gave the ultimate proof, haha :)

And thanks again to Lauren for spotting this. Awesome work, hands down!!! <3

Woo Erin for doing the work and verifying that for me!

haha thanks Lisa! It was so random. I was researching to see if I could find a good ALT to modify, and there it was! I think I freaked out for a bit..;-)

Yours looked wonderful!!! I still have to modify mine, might be wearing it next month in Covington, if not, definitely the month after that at the TVD con in Orlando!

Aww girls! It was no problem! Miz Scarlett's is really sweet!
Just wanted to make sure the spot stays because it is 100% right ; D

Good thing you managed to confirmed it, this girl loves to prove that spots are wrong & flag them as incorrect even if other people agree that the spot is correct eg. Hollister velvet lace cami

I still think the Hollister cami spot is correct and no one has found anything better...

I agree the Hollister spot is correct. It's really annoying it got removed. The front details are exactly the same. It's really not that far fetched that the costume department would alter it. It's not that much work for a show that doesn't make it's costumes from scratch, really.

I agree that it's correct too, the alterations made to the top weren't that difficult or major but she just kept going on & on about not being correct & kept on flagging it. She was so concerned about people spending money on the wrong top. At the end of the day it's on each one of us to decide if the spot is correct & buy the product. Whenever I see a spot i always check to make sure that I think it's correct.

I got my Tory Burch flats yesterday and just wanted to share with you girls that they are the MOST COMFORTABLE flats I have ever owned!!! They are definitely worth the cost if you were on the fence about them. I'm pretty much gonna wear them everywhere now :-)

And they fit TTS, they do have some stretch. I wear a 7-7.5 in flats and the 7 fits me perfect!

Yay! I was on the fence after spotting them, because I already have too many shoes. But if they're comfortable, that means I NEED them not just want them, obviously. ;)

Yeah I was unsure because flats can go either way on comfort lol, but I was pleasantly surprised!

They're very stretchy and cushiony on the bottom

Agreed! Love them!!!! ;))))

How much were those flats? (or wait... do I even want to know... lol!?)

Haha they aren't cheap, I worked with a seller on eBay though and got mine for a good price, but if you want to spend the money, the quality of them is definitely worth it! ;-)

So, I rewatched the episode last night and I am totally convinced she wears the black and the navy thermal! LOL! I am at a loss! lol! Happy Saturday everyone!

American Vintage make a pretty much identical thermal to Elena's in both navy and black. It is more sheer than the Splendid but otherwise exact.

If anyone finds the Fossil Owl Necklace and wants to sell, could you please let me know? :)

Me too! My Macy's didn't have any.

Keep checking eBay! I know they have been popping up here and there. I don't know of anyone who has found one in a store yet.

They were also sold at Buckle and Dillards for anyone else that's going to check for one in stores.

Thanks for the tip! I have been searching Ebay, but no luck so far.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. :)

See my post below. I found one at Macy's

Isn't this the dress she wore in 2x22 at the funeral?


Nope, it's the same style, so it's close! But hers doesn't have ruching on the side, I believe, and is a different fabric.

Express ribbed v neck sweater in royal blue size xs EUC (Elena wears this in navy) $15+shipping


so sad is not my size...but if i would have some money i would take it, i love that colour!

I'll keep an eye out for you when I search eBay and if I ever see another one I'll definetly send the link to you! :)

I found one Fossil Owl necklace at my Macy's tonight. Its a return no doubt because the original tag is gone and it has a wrapped receipt around it but there are no flaws that I can see. The necklace retails for $48 but with a coupon that the nice sales lady used for me I got it for $40 and some change I had a gift card so I didn't pay out of pocket for it. Its so cute I'm glad I looked a second time at the display rack, because I didn't see it the first five times I scanned the rack. I have it in the rose metal color and I absolutely adore it! If I have time to run to other Macy's in my area I will but due to school and work I might not. But if I do I'll pick up any extras I see.

Wow, how great that you found one! :) Sent you a message by the way.

Yay! So happy you found one.

@caggo: responded.
Thanks, I'm keeping my eyes open for more. Let me know if you need one :)

Yes, I'm still looking for one at a reasonable price.

Okay I will let you know. I paid retail for mine so I don't know if I'll find it cheaper.

There is one fossil owl necklace on ebay right now.

is any one selling the AE artist jeans? I figured I'd try here before making the trip out to the AE store.

I'm selling a pair. They are a size 4 short. I'm asking $15 plus shipping

That is actually perfect!

I got your message on LJ

Parting with some of my items, list can be found here since I can't post the list: http://shattered-bella.livejournal.com/59312.html

Found some pretty close alts to the black dress if it ends up being really expensive! I'll still keep looking for the correct one, though :)

splendid long sleeves buttons top in gray size M $35 all include
krma jade in black size S NWT $150

the splendid is size S, sorry
also sell the bdg cardigan dyed in teal size S $20

hey girls have you ever seen beauty and the beast tv show!i saw the first 2 episodes and i liked it :-) also in the pilot i was surprised to hear never let me go song lol :-)

I loved that series! It was an excellent series!

I'm watching it. I love Cat's style.

the old one or the new one?

New show on CW its after TVD

i'm watching the first series JazzBunny :-) i love her style and i really like him!!!:-) i hope that here in italy they'll keep to make subtitles so i can see it!!:-)

Searching for the fossil owl necklace, if someone could help me thanks :)

looking for it, too =/

They have on on ebay right now.

Just type in "fossil owl necklace" in the search and you'll see it.

Thanks ! Do you have a link please, I don't find anything :/

It's on the US Ebay site.

If there's anyone looking for her Grald jacket, msg me.

Messaged you!!!

Jacket is gone

Thank you !! That's creepy, that's exactly what I have done and I saw some necklaces but not the same as Elena :/ That's why I asked you. On the necklaces I see, the pendant is the head of an owl not an entire owl, is that those you are talking about ? Thank you so much :)

I messaged you the link.

so did we ever come to a decision about the color of elenas splendid thermal? Is it navy or black???

I don't think we came to a consensus yet lol. Some people think black, some navy. I think it's black, but I'm gonna try to watch the episode again and play with the coloring and see. I have a video editing/coloring background so I might be able to see if any filters or lighting affected it.

I'm still unsure but leaning towards black.

I think it's black as well.

after looking at screen caps I still cant tell for sure... but I think it may be black.

Has anyone found an eight sixty dress recently?? I have been searching since it was spotted and absolutely nothing :(

I look for it like 10 times a day no joke lol and I haven't found one yet! It's super rare. I only know of 2 people who have that dress.

I've never ever seen one on eBay, but if I ever do, you'll be the first to know, Erin, you know that! :-D I got super lucky getting mine from Julie :)

The only other people I know of who have it are people who bought it while it was in stores.

I wish I would've started collecting sooner. I missed out on a lot of things. I only started collecting when Season 3 started.

I've been collecting since season 1, but I passed on certain items when I shouldn't have. Kicking myself for it now lol

I know how you feel girl! lol

The Eight Sixty dress was one I passed on and I was kicking myself! Cause back then I was only collecting random items and I wasn't cosplaying Elena yet so I didn't "need" the items for events like I do now, so now I'm more diligent about getting things :)


BDG zip up cardigan charcoal sz M $25
Express criss cross purple xs $30
Express criss cross black xs $30
AE teal lace trim tank sz s(alt to Elena's teal tank) $10

Message me if interested. Thanks!:)

Need money so adding

AE waffle hoodie dark gray sz s(all gray, not the gray/white

AE waffle hoodie purple sz s $30

Express tops sold

All the overpriced reselling makes much more sense when you realize ckcs2009 is someone here.

Do you collect or do you just enjoy trying to cause drama?
Everyone already knows this and who she is.
You are hardly one to call anyone out for messing with the spots.
Please lay off trying to stir crap up.

Well said, Kris. If you want to be helpful howabout you post here once and a while when it isn't stirring up trouble? We all know who she is, she isn't trying to hide it, and we may have differing opinions on it but she has a right to sell for whatever price she wants.

Please stop trying to stir up drama here. No one wants it.

Yes please stop hiding behind that self-righteous hero mask. We're all big girls here & although yes selling at overpriced values is frowned upon it's up to everyone to decide whether you want to spend that amount on and item or not. And Sara has also spotted stuff which is more that can be said about you

She's our friend here and if you have nothing good to say about her, then please say nothing at all. No one is forcing you to buy from her.

You girls are seriously the sweetest. Thank you all for standing up for me.

I also have to say something. We already knew who she is and it's never been a problem. And she's been nothing but nice to all of us and always tries to help when she can. She's proven that many times to me. So instead of saying mean things about our dedicated members here and trying to create problems with spots, maybe you could say something nice every now and then. This board isn't for drama, go somewhere else to do that. I care for these girls and I'm not just going to let someone talk that way about them.

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