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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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Also forgot to say:

Happy TVD Thursday Everyone!!!!


Yay!! ^_*

I saw the Troopa's in person at Macy's and I am still not convinced these are correct. The place the top of the boot hits the leg is different in person than in the pictures. Could be wrong but that's just my thoughts on them. Cute boots though! Someone had asked for a cheap alternate to them and I found a great pair at Target. The brand is Mossimo and the boot is called Keilani.

I saw them too. I still think theyre cute! I like them a lot.

I just got mine today and they look like it to me. I'll have to watch the episode again:) either way they are super cute!!

Yeah I have them and they look the same length on me as on Nina, so I think they're correct, I love them!

Was she wearing a grey bdg zip cardigan in the forest w Stefan?

No I don't think so, this one had zipper pockets, thumbholes in the sleeves, and defined seams/piping. And I think it was a hoodie.

It looks like it has zip pockets too.

It reminds me a lot of Lululemon's Define Jacket in black denim - the thumbholes, the piping, the pockets, the length - but that one's not a hoodie. Not sure, but it could be. Haven't seen the episode yet since I'm in California and it hasn't aired yet. I kinda hope it is...I love love Lululemon stuff

LOL I just saw your post! I just spotted it, I had found it while searching and I think it is the Lululemon Define in black denim.

Yay! It makes me happy that someone else agrees - it's such a great jacket for cold weather running. Now I have a great 'excuse' to get another!

Fantastic spot!!! Great eye, garnet!!!

Yeah! Awesome job!!!

It was a team effort! And the jackets pop up on ebay all the time, though the prices are sometimes seriously jacked up. If anyone's got a lululemon store in their area, I would suggest calling in for one - the stores often have stuff well after the site runs out.

Thanks for the tip! :D

I saw some on ebay and they are expensive but cute! Will have to save up! Good winter wear under jacket. Love anything with thumbholes!

The ep was frickin awesome!

Yes! Ive already watched it twice haha. But I wanted to kill Bonnie. And Klaus and Stefan were such jerks! Poor Damon and Rebekah!

Exactly. I wish Elena and Damon would just get together already!

Loved it!!! So many new things happening!! Last song of the episode.

The Nanette Lepore is INCORRECT. Please delete it!

It's been flagged, they haven't deleted any of the recent incorrect spots yet. It'll be deleted..

So disappointing, my cable box froze up 40 minutes into the show and I can't watch the rest til...tomorrow..Oh the pain!!

Aww boo! Stupid cox! Is that what you're using?

We have at&t uverse.

Boo! There are places you can download it in HD if you want, message me.

And PS hahahahaha Sawi, gotta love typing on your phone ;-)

We almost got uverse but didn't because we heard its not that great:(

Lauren- did i have a typo again?? Honking?? Lol^_* oh cox? Yeah it's the cable company. Haha

OH haha, I thought you were trying to say 'box'. Blonde moment! (I am a natural blonde hahaha)

LOL this gave me a good laugh

Lol I was like what did I accidentally type this time??

anyone get a good screencap of the necklace she was wearing with the lace dress last night???

Jenn! Been looking for it too. Could you msg me your email and Ill send you the one I made :)

I downloaded the ep in HD last night to get a pic of the jacket, but hadn't gotten to that part yet, gonna try to grap a good screencap when I get home tonight!

Thanks Gen! Message sent :)
And @ Lauren thanks... if you get some good ones forward or upload them here...
Very excited to find that adorable necklace... It just makes the outfit.

No prob! I hope we can find it!!! You're right, it does make the outfit! I wonder what the brand of her shirt is too..

@Jenn: I do have taken a few in hi re and have seen all the details. I'm in a real hurry now though running to the hospital, will send Gen my snapshots as I have her email or otherwise I don't make it!! Hope it can be spotted while I'm at the hopsital and hope someone can get me one if you find it girls?? I would really appreciate it, I would bang my head to the wall if I miss out again like with the owl! OK running now to the snapshots and off to the hospital!!! <3

So looking hard for that adorable necklace!!! ;)))

I've found ones on etsy that look just like it, but I hope we can find the real one!!!

If it is found and available I'll get one for Mar!

Just saw the one on etsy... it is lovely!

Girls if one if you find this necklace, please think of me too. Would be thankful forever.

I am in LOVE with it too! I am a sucker for floral earrings and bracelets! I bought floral earrings from UO the other day! hehehe
I SO want this necklace!!!

And it looked like she was wearing the same boots this week with her dress that she wore last week with her skirt !

You think so? That would be awesome! Haha I love when she repeats items, less to buy! I'll look at that again when I go to grab caps of the ep XD

@Jenn: I thought so to, I just told a friend before checking this page!! Great!! :D

Just watched the epidode and yes, guess you are right. Same boots.

Yup they're definitely the same! Yay!!

All sizes back restocked in Elena's color of the pins and needles dress... Go shopping girls!!! :)

\o/ yay! do they do that often? restock a sold out sale item?

The guy from customer service had mentioned it was a popular item and there was a chance they'd re-stock! Glad they did!

I called customer service on Thursday and they placed an order for me... so I assumed they had them somewhere :)

Yeah I hadn't had any issues finding them in stores, they seemed to have a bunch left!

I think it is funny though that they restocked the day after it aired on tvd... does anyone else think they know???

Well the rep I spoke to said it has actually been a really popular item since it came out, so they don't really get rid of stuff that are great sellers, so that's probably why

I'm ordering the Pins and Needles Strapless Lace Dress in a couple of hours. Does anyone want to order with me who is not in the US? It'd be $37.00 total (with free shipping from UO to me) w/o shipping from me to you. It's $49.00 with shipping and taxes if I order by myself. Message me if interested!

messaging you^^

Just bought the pins and needles dressage wore in 4x04 and the blue sweeter she wore on 4x02 I'm so excited cant wait to get it in the mail!!!!


Think this would be a similar look to the jean shirt she had on on last nights episode? Let me know please message me:)

A good alt. But I noticed that her shirt has a seam down the middle in the back, or is it just me?

I don't know if hers has pockets either, hard to tell!

I know, right!? Nina flip your hair every once and a while!

ok I hate myself. I told myself I wouldn't go shopping anymore and I called the UO store in my city and they have the Pins and Needles dress in my size. xD So I'm going tmrw to pick it up lol

Lol good for you I'm sure it will look great on you :)

Where is that? Metro? I wasn't aware there was one out here! Uh oh. Might need to go check it out in person!

I wish they had an UO in Metro! But I thought there was only one on Granville and that's the store I thought they had told me, had one. but there's a new one that opened in Kitsilano. It's on West 4th, in Vancouver. I've never been around that area and definitely re-thinking if I should even go that side all by myself. The Granville location only has large sizes. but the Kitsilano location told me that they'd hold the xs for me until closing tomorrow if I decide to get it. They don't do transfers either or I would have preferred to pick it up at Granville. All this transit is making me think I should just order it online and pay the shipping instead lol it's much safer I think.

hated her the last episode :-/ so disappointed for everything :-(

Lol I kind of did to I mean she had so much fun with Damon and she has like no fun with Stefan and he actually taught her how to control herself and Stefan can't

Stefan, I love him.
Just so we all know that......

loved klaus and stefan and all the hunter story aaaannnd also the teacher is too HOT lol!!but the truth is that i hated her aw so tired to see her treat damon so bad grrrrrrrrrrr!!!i think i don't like her as a vampire... so they are coming back to the real story of the books that is good

I love Stefan too.

Canceled the pins and needles dress :(

aw, why? :(

Because I wanted the olive one and I don't like the creme one so I'm gonna wait until the olive one comes back in stock

The olive is in stock..

I know but the website is all messed up for some reason maybe because I'm in Canada

I find it odd...it's not really an olive color. In person it kind of looks like a dusty mint-ish. The tag said moss. Or it could be a light sage.

If anyone's selling the Pins And Needles strapless lace in dress in Olive size M, please let me know! I wanna order it online but I gotta pay $30 dollar to send the item to me + tax so that's a bit too much for me. :(

Anyone know anything about her shoes she was wearing with the strapless dress?

We think it was the Troopa boots again

Aaah i see I just wanna have everything she has in her closet how does she fit everything in their

Haha idk! I think my collection has gotten to like 150 pieces minus jewelry and stuff and I've had to get rid of half of my clothes to fit it all!!!

Omg your so lucky that's like every girls dream

Haha aw yeah I've gotten lucky with some pieces, but it's also taken years, lots and lots and lots of hours of searching, and a lot of money lmao.

I'm so jealous did u get some stuff from her closet to?

Anyone want a krma jade jacket

Rewatching again the 3 season and how i already miss alaric and his cool hair loool i hate that i can t see him with damon anymore :-( seem that damon is always losing a lot and nothing great never happens to him and he just have to save someone and still for the others he is the bad guy aaaaaaa i can' t stand with all this anymore seems that he always has to be the looser :-((((

I agree with you. I haven't liked this season much so far. Damon is my favorite and Alaric was my second favorite. It's hard to see how they are treating him so far this season.

I miss Alaric too :(

yeah and i like the other series so much more than this last one :-(

Completely agree, hating the fact that Damon is always trying to help and he is never considered by anyone; Honestly I can't understand why so much people in the show are against him :/ Hope Damon & Meredith will be friends !

yeah totally don't understand that!!maybe they should think that without damon every single one could be dead grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Not Elena related, but I'm selling a couple of things :)

Express Criss Cross Top in Purple Size XS $28 plus shipping. Worn once and washed once.
Free People Victorian Lace Overlay Jacket in Gray (I got it for $65 but I'm taking offers) ASO Bonnie NWT

Pics available upon request! :)

Interested in the criss cross, I'll message you on FB!

Express top sold! :)

Could someone tell me how the Mariposa dress fits? TTS or small? Missed out my size on ebay but have a chance to get one. So either I take one size up or one size down. Don't know what to do.

TTS. Take one size up because you can make it smaller. One size down might be too tight then you can't make it bigger...

Yeah what Sawi said, it's definitely TTS but if you're going to stray from your usual size, always go up, not down, because you can take stuff in, but you can't make stuff that's too small bigger

:D my words exactly girls!love ya! :D
Nerbi: Def bigger size. I was debating whether toget XS or s in the UO dress. Got small:)

Yeah with the UO dress it definitely doesn't run big, I know someone who is almost always an XS and the XS was too small on her

Veering off topic here, but I also found a Mariposa dress in my size on ebay and I was wondering, for those who have it, how much you love it--do you feel you'll be able to wear it a lot? It's a BEAUTIFUL dress, but I'm just trying to decide if it's practical!

Well, personally I love the dress, a lot, but practical? lol If you like it, I'd say get it, it's a perfect dress for if you ever need something for a special occasion, cause I think it can go dressy or casual, and it's REALLY flattering.

oh no, lauren, now i am scared the uo xs won't fit me. =P usually, i wear xs from uo stuff, just hope it won't be too small then!

I think it should be fine. I have it in small and for me personally is a teeny loose in the bust since I'm a 32. I ordered the xs and I'm going to see how it fits then return one of them. I need it tighter in the bust since its strapless and I don't want it drooping down if that makes sense.

You should be fine, I'm typically a S/4 in dresses unless they run big, I'm only a 34" bust, but from singing professionally for years I have wide ribs, so thats why sometimes the XS is too tight on me

Have two green Old Navy lace camis, one in S (which is too small) and one in XL (which is too big). Looking for someone who can trade with me. Need size M or L.

hey love i have one in medium but i think that totally can fit you, dying for a small :-) i wrote you a message!

I have a new black xs also if someone wants it for $5 plus shipping. Bought it on eBay but its too small for me

I do :) my M is too big

So I went on eBay to search for the mariaposa dress found it in a size 2 but found out int didn't ship to Canada I got sooo mad :(

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