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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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Yeah, this season is insane with spots!! And they sell out (the little of what's left of them!) in a heartbeat! Do they want to give us a heart attack??! Oh lord, please have mercy on us! XD

LOL I so agree!

me too xD

I can't keep up!

BTW if anyone happens to find a PINS & NEEDLES dress in size SMALL in the stores in whatever of the 2 colours (I don't care what colour), I would really appreciate if someone could get it for me if possible!

I'll keep my fingers crossed it still is out there!!!

Hey, I'm going to check the store out in my area this weekend I'll comeback with prices/size/colors and get back to any one who is interested. I'll go back to the store if people order some.

Thanks a lot Mocbirdi88! I'll keep my fingers crossed there is a small!!! Good luck with the shopping tour!! ;)

if you should find an xs or s in her color, i'd be glad to take it =3 sadly, the urban outfitter stores in europe don't carry the dress (and neither the cardigan...)

I'm going tonight..I think they just have the cream piping

I'm good!! Thank the lord, the spotter, all the girls comments, etc. and especially a very sweet girl for her help!

I'm new at this, so not very confident this spot is right...but I think her new longer white cardigan might be the BDG High/Low Cardigan from Urban Outfitters. The one picture of her back made it look like it's got that weird hang-down edge in the back...Anyways, just throwing my two cents in!

I think you're correct.

I think you might be right! :) Looks really close to me.

You're right girlie! Awesome job!!!

Thank god a spot that I don't like!!! XD

Yay! And it's on sale, too.

Can someone help me get one? the shipping to czech is $40:(

Kate, if no one has helped you, send me a message :)

thanks for the spot!!!

Try calling UO's 800 number. They can search for the Pins and Needles dress and you can have the store ship it to you. I was able to get the correct color/size and they honor the sale price by doing that. Just an FYI

wish i was in the us!

I'd call, but same here! I tried once with the pins & needles bustier and it never worked for me! I guess it's something to do with not being able to call a 800 number if you're outside the US.

You are amazing. Thank you so much. I just called the 800 number and I was able to get one in the right color in my size and on top of of that, free shipping! :)

Hi! Just ordered the pins and needles dress in a small...the 800# is very helpful! Has anyone been able to identify her tall brown boots and studded bag from this episode? Soo cute :)

Happy ELENA day girls!!! What an AMAZING day! :))))))))))

Haha SO many spots!!!!

I'm practically bankrupt!:P

Ahhh, me too! But, totally worth it! Fashionably Broke! ;)p

:) ...and we still don't know where Elena gets the money to buy her small wardrobe collection... who knows, maybe she's in the black market selling her family weapons to vampire hunters!

She doesn't need to buy anything. She can just take what she wants and then make the store owner forget. If only I had such power!!

I wish I could compel people to give me clothes...would make collecting SO much easier. and my wallet wouldn't be trying to run away from me

Lol just pictured a running wallet with skinny arms and legs. Haha


I lovethe new spots. I like the dresses, just not or me. I like her pink necklace in the new

I have the Mariposa Dress size 8 for sale. Paid $139 asking only $100 now. I'm trying to get rid of it.

hey girls, unless I'm missing something, I'd say Elena wears a different hoodie - the one Elena wears has round-shaped strings to pull the hood and I see flat strings on the hoodie in the spot??


You're probably right, gah! Thought it was it, and so did the people I asked to confirm haha. Oh well, it happens. Sorry to any ladies who bought it! At least it was a good price, I'm probably keeping mine as an alt, gonna keep looking!!!

Out of curiosity, who did you ask to confirm? UO?

I just meant other girls around here, to see if they thought it was right too, it's a great alt for the price, regardless! :)

Those aren't round shaped strings in the pic. That is a shot of the string from the side. If you look, it goes back into the pic and it's flat. You're looking at the flat string from the side in that pic. Hope I'm making sense.

LOL I understood what you meant Andrea ;)) It's hard to capture but the strings are definitely round, unless the hoodie is magical or it comes in a different variety than the one you can see on the photos of UO. There are other details as well if you look carefully (zipper is differently shaped, etc.). Although for the price and the colour I think it's a great alt!

I woke up to a whirlwind of spots and have pretty much been running around all day getting items, being on the phone, replying to emails etc., etc... I'm beat! Elena- stick to one outfit next episode and give our wallets a break, yeah?

Totally agree!!!! She'll be in the UO dress and her Halloween costume hopefully!

True ^^^ haha xD

Knowing our luck lately, she'll have like 4 other outfits hahaha.

yes :) most likely *stares at sad bank account*

don't even want to look at my poorly bank account right now! :/
feel like i'm missing out on all these new spots! i agree with clothescoffin , Elena please stick to one outfit or maybe cheaper ones ha! ;)
I need a massive lottery win right now *if only* but if i did i'd buy you all the whole Elena wardrobe each :D

Lol when my work offered overtime thus week I jumped at the chanc...pretty sure its all spent today

Haha that's awesome! My work has a strict "no overtime" policy so I'm not lucky enough :P These Elena spots are coming like crazy! lol

Selling!!! guess black Tanya cami, NWT M/L

How much?;)

What I paid for: $50 + shipping

American eagle is selling the purple cable knit sweater again.

Well apparently the CW likes to use "Never let me go" by Florence + the machine. So far it's been used in TVD, Beauty & the Beast & now on Nikita!! Lol

For those who aleady have the UO dress. How does it fit? Thanks. Unfortunatelly sold out in SA color, but I will take the cream one.

I think pretty true to size. I will send you a pic on Facebook.

Alt to Elena's Sam Edleman Pierce boots.

Great alt. Will get one!

selling some stuff in alt colors (:

by chance anyone ordering the newly spotted hoodie who could order one for me too? uo doesn't let me combine orders, sadly ):

Looks like it might not be the right one now tho;/

i still love the color and it's not expensive if you don't have to pay $40 shipping for it (;

I'm ordering something else on there for someone so I could place the order for you if you want. What size? Also if you still wanted the splendid thermal I can mail then out together

aw, yeah, that would be great =D i messaged you <3

The Guess Paulina is still available on the site in Pink, size Large only!


Is there somewhere a purple Mossimo cami from Target size M or L out there for me to buy? Please let me know.

for me in xs or s =D

They have them at the kearny mesa target in san Diego. Maybe you can call and see if they will ship to you?

they don't, i tried. ): stores won't ship internationally ._.

Same here. Please help!!!

I plan on taking a trip. If I see one ill pick it up!

Girls if you need help w the cami & I can help you ship to Germany, today I bought 4!! just send me a message

@Bella_Marie I got an xs left. @Nerbi I can go pick you an M or L on Tuesday on my weekly trip to target

I actually live in San Diego, and that's 15 mins away from me lol! So if anyone wants me to pick up one for them at the Kearny mesa store, message me the size you want and I'll ship it to you.

I really woudl appreciate your help aichel and tdvstylew. I need a size M or L.

If u find a sm I would be interested!

I remember we did once on Bella page so now I try here. Girls, are here any other crazy over 30s like me? Yeah, mid 30 and darn crazy.

I'm 33!!! I love my 30's!!!

Yep me! 33 too!

Yes, I'm 31 :-)

33 too :-)

I'm 36. You all look so young!

Yup, I'm 30!

31, soon to be 32 in 2 months.

I grew up reading and loving TVD series as a teenager so I was really excited when they made it into a show :-)

I'm 25, a few years behind you ladies, but doesn't matter the age! What's awesome is there is a big range of ages here and it's such an awesome group of girls!!!

Im 36!

I'm 29

I'm 17 xd

29 also!

Think I'm probably the youngest here, but I totally look up to you guys! Your all awesome!!!

I'm 24. I also read and enjoyed the books when I was a kid. I was totally tickled when they made the tv series. I'm enjoying talking with you ladies and discovering new things in the show. Amazing how one little thing can bring so many people together :)

i'm 16, and so grateful to you all for being so stylish *and* great at spotting! i don't know where my style would be without bella, elena, and kristen stewart :)

I'm also a part of the quarter century club with Lauren lol :P

Woo quarter century club! haha

Jumping in late here--I'm 31! And a university professor who teaches in Elena's clothes haha! Cling to your 20's and teens, ladies!!!

Looks like most of us are in our 30's!! Lol. I'm 31

@arielcharm has any of your students noticed your clothes look like the ones worn in the show? I'm sure they also watch it

Ha-ha flippin' LOVE this, great to see i'm not the only vampire crazy lady in her 30's :D I'm 32 soon to be 33!! whaaaa where does the time go!!
All you lovelies that I've met and seen pics of ur wonderful collections on here, all i can say is...looking good ladies! ;)
Quarter century club rocks lol!

Wow thanks all of you posting here. Love you all. Yeah, over 30, we rock. And all of you younger girls too.
Q arialcharm: you are a priófessor? Wow. Thinking of graduate again too.

wow,we are a perfect big group :) im sixteen but i really look up to you girls!

I'm confused about the newly spotted VS camisole. The website says it's fully lined, but Elena's is sheer.

I'm sure it's not the correct top

The more I compare the two, I don't think it's right either.

I think it's correct. The top details are the same, and yes it says fully lined, but you can clearly see that some of it is sheer on the model on the VS site because you can see the hem of her pants.

And the bright purple would surely show through a thin white lining just like Elena's! Hers is not just lace or the purple would be sooo much brighter! Just my thoughts! ;)

Agreed Nik, the lining is slightly sheer too, so you would be able to see the purple through it.

hey lovely i'm reply here just to know if you got my messages ;-) xoxo

Hmm. If you look at the full size pic of the VS cami the ruching at the top seems different to Elena's also. The VS one is just stitched ruching and Elena's has a gathered part in the middle and comes down more. Maybe it looks different in the white though, I don't know.


thank you ! I saw that too lol :D

It also looks like Elena's cami strap is lace, while the VS one is plain.

Great shot of the earrings, too!


love the earrings! wish we could spot them (:

I have to agree i personally think the VS cami is wrong. The way the ruching gathers together at the front looks different and the straps on Elena's are definitely lace.

Maybe it will be something cheaper than the vs cami then!:P

We can hope! lol

Hey Everyone,
Some of the UO stores still have the dress with blue trim in stock. Call the UO Customer Service # and give them the Sku # and name of item. They can check stock and tell you which stores have it and how many are in the store, then call the store and place your order. It worked for me. You can do the same for the cardigan and hoodie. Good Luck everyone.

i tried but sadly, the stores won't ship to germany. )':

long overdue...:-)
i would sell my purple suede jacket size S/M aso Bonnie
also i would sell my polyo KRMA jacket in black aso Elena
and i would trade my Kimchi Top size L for a size S or M

Which size is the KRMA and how much. Please pm

Anyone think Elena could be wearing the Guess Frollic boots in the hunting scene in Memorial? They look the same but it's hard to see details cause all the shots of her feet the blacks are so crushed you can't see the details well, but they're definitely lace up black boots.

On that note, they look like they could be the Troopa boots in black. Darn bad lighting!

I was just going to say! Looks so similar to the troopa boots in the black! :/

I wish I could see better details!!!

The boots look dark brown to me. We need some HD screen caps. Hopefully Homeofthenutty will release some by the time my Troopa boots arrive.

I'm talking about in Memorial, when they're in the woods, I think they definitely look black, Home of the Nutty has screencaps up.

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