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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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OMG OMG OMG. I got my new Maison Scothch skirt today. I actually ordered a size 2, because it was the only one in stock although I knew it would be too small for me. And guess! There was a size 3/4 in the package and it fits great. Have to wear it with leggings because of my legs, but I adore it. Have to take pics of all my new stuff.

Yay! I'm excited to get mine now:P

Hope to find one someday! excited for you two!

Woooooow this is a grrreeeat news!!!enjoy it :-)

what a great coincidence!!! yeah =D

Mine's coming in the mail on Wednesday - can't wait! :)

I wish I could find one other in white!

What color Frye Shirley's is Elena wearing???

"red brown leather", I think. That's the darker brown. The tan is too light.

Looks like it. I agree the tan is too light.

The ones the page take you to aren't the right Frye Shirley's. The ones on the eBay links are correct, so don't buy from shoes.com. They're a different style. Elena's has a buckle on the bottom and those Shirley's don't, plus the buckle on the top is different.


thats the correct one

I saw them on zappos. :) Can we change the link it takes you to?? That's weird.

Nah, that's a Coolspotters thing, the staff adds the link, sometimes it's not to the exact one so you gotta be careful :)

Ohhh okay. Well, good thing you noticed it! I didn't even click the link.

i was watching exactly that spot right now i am also still not convinced, i have to say that i don't really like them anyway, i don't think that kind of brown colour is the exact one... the ones she wore seems more like a brown/grey colour, i didn't see the screencaps again so maybe it's just me but i tought the same thing when i was watching the episode

Does someone in here live in Belgium, Luxembourg or Netherlands please ? I think I found something to get the Maison Scotch skirt, but we can place an order only in those country :( I really want one and maybe it can help someone else too :)

i am looking for someone too who could help me getting a skirt like that ):

MilenaB, i am looking for the skirt, too. So if there are more then one for you, please please let me know where to get!! Sadly i am not in Belgium or the others, i live in Germany.

i'm in germany, too ):

anyone still looking for her express minus the leather jacket? size m and l on ebay right now:

size m

size l

Ok very confused... need help. Which tank is she wearing under the AA triblend in this pic??? Is it the Joie too or something else that is unspotted?? Thanks girls!!!

It's the joie, the lace on top is the same, she just puts the AA tank over it

lol those scenes are really confused talking about the outfit, same top but once under the aa tri blend and once up the aa

Yes she wears the same Joie cami under the AA triblend.

Does anyone happen to have the nordstrom sku for the white version of the joie tank?

Does anyone know how the True Religion becky jeans fit?? Is it pretty TTS ?

True Religions run big for me! Mine are one size down!

TTS for me! Im usually 26 and they fit great!

the becky seems to run big for me;) can probably size down


hey girls she wore the black or the coffee one? i mean the tri blend, seems black but i am not sure


It's the black :) Coffee is too light

:-) glad to know it, miracle: i already have something before to be spotted lol in any case seems that you girls can't find the original top she use with the tri blend right? pity!!i like it so much, i liked it immediately!!but no money and still the skirt is superexpansive for me anyway.. so i have to completely pass for the entire outfit.. good luck to you dear to find the top ;-)

Just wanted to take time to thank all the amazing girls who helped me with my collection(and of course those, who spotted those amazing items) for being so awesome, understanding and helpful.
I'm so happy to be a part of this. And happy I got to meet some amazing friends here.
A year ago I would of never even dream of having anything fro Elena's closet! And thanks to your help, now I do. :)
Big thanks to Lauren and Sawi! You girls are pretty awesome... just sayin' haha:D
Aw I got kinda emotional:D but what I said is true!!!:)

Awww! We love you! Always willing to help! And you are absolutely right, it's such an amazing group of girls here! -hugs- Always willing to help you!

Awe, Kate! Glad you're a part here too! :)


bear hugs!

you are so sweet!!and i second you!a superhuge thank you to all of the amazing girls on here that make my collection grown up a lot :-) i am totally not helpful finding stuff LOL i just can try to find my clothes because of your precious informations ;-) xoxoxo

Love all the amazing friends I've made here!:) Xoxo

Anyone find an inexpensive alt to the Tori Burch flats?

I saw that and it's hard to tell from the pics, but I don't think the Rue 21 one is actually the thermal, it's just a long sleeve shirt, so I'd ask the seller to be sure before buying it if anyone was looking at it

Elena's Rue 21 thermal's neckline just has a seam down the middle of the neckline, it doesn't cross over.

Got my Keresa dress today, and it's definitely right, also the neckline is super simple, all I did was unbutton the top two buttons and fold it under, and it looks just like hers!


it looks so pretty on you =D


That dress is super flattering on you!

Oooo! Pretty! I approve! ;)

Thanks girls! It's a bit too big cause I'm a 4 and 6 was the only available size for cheap, so I have to take it in, but I love it!

Pretty Lovely!

Looks great on you!

Super cute! :)

Thanks ladies! You're too sweet!

you can adjust the size with your tailor i suppose :-) is very nice but if you can make it a liiittle bit tight it would be really great!!

Yeah I can do my own alterations, I'm just gonna do it myself eventually :) Yeah it's just a size too big for me, so I need to take it in a bit.

who was selling the theory dress in a size 10? (:

Wow, I love it, the dress is beautiful, it looks good on you :)

Anyone who's selling the Pins and Needles strapless lace dress with navy lining in a size S? I love it but can't find it anywhere anymore :(

yes i have the same problem :/ which colour is for me not that important,i would love to have this dress in size s or m!!!

They still have the dress in the cream color in the Carlsbad store (san Diego), they could ship it to you if you are in the US

They can be found, you just have to contact UO customer service. There are stores out there that still have the dress in S in the olive/navy

oh why cant i live in the usa? :/ they dont ship to germany.and i want this dress so much!!!

Same! Might contact the UO store in my country though (I don't live in the US)

really?! :o oh wow ok i will try!thank you :)

I'm selling most of my Caroline collection if anyone's interested I posted the list on that page.

Hey girls, like I said on my LJ, I created a FB group for Elena Gilbert's Closet, to give us another place to have fun and discuss TVD collecting. Anyone with Facebook is welcome to join! I already added some of you I'm already friends with on FB, but feel free to request to join!


Oh that's awesome, good job :D Sometimes I feel slightly misunderstood when I explain my love to Elena's clothes or TVD lol ;) I will send you a request :) Thanks !

Well, after about 75 calls between yesterday and today, no joke, I can finally say...I found a JOIE!!!!! Happy Elena Day!!!!!

Yay!!! So happy for you Nik!!!!!

Thanks Lauren! Pure insanity pays off! LOL!!!

I'm so happy you were able to get one! :)

Congratz! May I ask when you called + found it? I literally called 2 hrs ago and they told me they had none

I just called again twice too and no luck :(

I called literally every Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack store I could find until one had one! It was a Nordstrom Rack that had one! The customer service number kept telling me none too! Thanks Girls! Just had to share my JOY!

Yay!!! What a nice feeling!! So happy for you!

Selling a green NWT Michael Stars top shine version! Asking what I paid $30 plus shipping! Pics upon request! ;)

If anyone is selling a maison scotch skirt or has an extra to sell im interested! :)

Selling dark grey bdg cardigan, size S. $17 + shipping

Hi everyone I'm not selling Caroline's emmelee dress just the list I have on Caroline's profile page.

Kind of a funny question but is it ever winter in mystic falls?

Lol yeah it is, remember all the heavy coats and sweaters last season? But timeline wise we aren't in winter yet because there wasn't a gap in time over the summer hiatus

Oh yea! Stupid me forgot!

If anyone finds an extra joie tank storm in xs or sm id buy from them! I bought one from ebay in ivory but would love love the storm color but so would everyone else! Thanks girls! Have to say you girls are all so are awesome and none of these wonderful clothing would be possible without you girls! Keep up the good work! I wish I was as talented as spotting things as you girls are!

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