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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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If anyone has the miz mooz kira thqt they want to sell in. 7 I would be interested!

Pretty sure insidealicecloset is selling one in 7.5 tho.

Thanks! I added it to my watch list!

Sorry for the wierd picture but I've been trying to spot this top or dress for a while now with no luck.
I found this one by a JcPenney brand called A.n.a. It's the same style with the colorblocking and braided straps but the color isn't right.

Does anyone have any ideas of where it could be from?


Wows this look really close maybe they had it in another color? And they could just alter the length for Nina

That could be what happened because the top or dress she wears is from Season 1 and the pink and purple dress was sold in March this year. It could have been an older version from a few years back. I also found it in an animal print color but I still haven't found the dress in the color combo she wears.


Lol I like her expression!

too much fun!!

I know she's making a weird face haha :)

Ok ladies, shout out my wishlist here:

- FP ditsy floral cami, M-L
- Aritzia Talula hoodie zinc, M-XL
- Free People Tuck me tank
- Mossimo burnout in grey
- Guess Jasemyn coat
- All Saints Louvre jacket
- J Brand Cargo skirt size 30-31
- Eight Sixty cami dress
- Rachel Roy jacket
- All Saints Lelex jacket
- Rue 21 thermal any color
- Guess Abby Blazer
- Aeropostale ruffle T-shirt
- Aeropostale ruffle tank
- KRMA biker poly jacket L, XL
- Puma Osuran size 9 - 10
- Steve Madden flats 9- 10

Bonnie, Katherine and Caroline stuff.
If someone is selling stuff, please make an offer.

What size in the aero/color in the aero t shirt?

Are you looking for the aero ruffle in long sleeve?

I already have a longsleeve in grey in navy so i' looking for short sleeve and tank, size M-XL. Offer all colors.


I'm looking for aero t shirt too :( It's so hard to find one in a medium size :'(

Sent you a message.

Still selling, add some more and price correction

Asking what I payed (as far as I can remenber). All either NEW or in excellent used condition, mostly never worn, because of wrong sizes. All without shipping.

Bella Swan:
- James Perse Contrast Panel shirt white, size 3, $40
- Merrell Siren Sport olive, size EUR 39, US 8.5, $40
- Lucky Brand Lola Bootcut jeans NWT, size 12/31, $35 ON HOLD
- Lucky Brand Lola Bootcut jeans, size 14/32, $30 ON HOLD
- J Brand pencil leg jeans, size 30, $75
- Bowling shirt ALT, handmade, size M, $20
- Hollister Lagune jeans, size W30 L33, $45
- America Eagle Academy Cardigan grey, size M, $30
- Belstaff Bella jacket silver, NWT, size ITAL 46, EUR 42, $1.250
(yes expensive, but it's still $200 less than I payed for it)

Elena Gilbert:
- Jenny lace top green, size S, $15
- Guess Nicole Tank, SA color, NWT, size L, $30 ON HOLD
- Converse one star ryder tank, purple SA color, size M, $35
- Guess Lily top, red, NWT, size XL, $30
- Old Navy frill top, originally pink, dyed red, size M, $40

Bonnie Bennett:
- Free People watercolor tunic, SA color, size US6, $40

Nina Doberv:
Topshop Gold lace bodycon dress ASO Nina but white, size , $70

Please PM me for any questions or if you are interested in some stuff.

I just ordered an xs American apparel baby thermal in evergreen(the only size available) in case anyone wants to order. I'm not sure if its REALLY in stock but according to their website it was. So it's worth a try!

ooh! good luck!! They do restock, so it's very possible it is truly in stock, that's how I snagged my XS. You'll be fine with an XS probably, it runs HUGE

That's what I heard and according to the size chart, xs is my size so perfect! Yeah I'm hoping that its really in stock because I have heard of them canceling orders.

I did manage to use a 15% off code tho! So it was like getting free shipping:) yay! Oh and my top is coming today!! You know which one!! So excited!

I hope it is truly in stock too! I was so excited when I was able to get my XS cause I had originally purchased a M when that was the only size in stock and it was like a nightgown on me! hahaha

yay!!!!! so exciting! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see pics :-D

I just checked the status and it said my order is being prepared for shipping! Hopefully that means its in stock. Yay!

Yeah I have so much stuff to update;) I keep waiting to have everything but then I'm getting new items constantly(not that I'm complaining!) :P

I had to wait almost two months for mine but it came. Mine is also XS and must say it does run but but it shrunk a bit in the wash.
Hope you'll get it soon!

yay I just got an email saying the order shipped! Just so random how I decided to check today and they had it. Wasn't really thinking about it before this...


Aidan Mattox Dress Size 6
Color: light blue
I paid 199$ plus $35 shipping. It's a gorgeous dress, has never been worn! I know that that's a lot of money, so I am taking (reasonable!) offers, just let me know. (:

Is it the exact same style dress? do you have a pic?

exact same style. (:
i'd also trade for one of her nicole miller dresses, no matter what size, i'd kill for these dresses!!!!

i'll take the pic when i get home. =D

Hehe well I can't trade but I'm definitely interested in buying pending seeing the pictures :)

cool. :D i'll send them via pm. (:

I'm getting a Tuck Me In tank in Raspberry! So excited!!!! :D

you're so lucky, i missed the ending of the auction, haha. ;D

Haha I definitely thought it was going to go over my max and it didn't! So happy

Yay!!! ^_* congrats! I want to see pics;)


Congrats!! I hope Ill find a black one.

I can't wait to see pics! It's such a pretty shirt. xoxo

in which episode is elena wearing the blue rue 21 thermal?

2x15 "The Dinner Party"

thanks. :D

does anybody have an american eagle crystal wrap bracelet to spare? =/

I do. But its blue...

Man, my wish list only seems to get longer, no matter how much stuff I find! :P

haha me too! What is it? I'm selling a couple things.

I found a pink rose ribbed v neck sweater in green size large if anyone is still looking.

Is it the one on eBay? Cause that's not the same as Elena's. Elena's has tabbed sleeves, but it's a good alt.

I saw that one too and got excited for a second. It is a good alt tho:)

I agree, it's not the same.

but, wait a minute, it is still available on macy's?! :O

Sry. Didnt look closely!

No worries! :) I was fooled for a second too when I found it the other day. It is a good alt, regardless

Klaudia-Yup but it's not available in Elena's color anymore

I was tempted to get the purple until I realized I have like 10 purple sweaters! :O

Haha I won't lie, I bought another gray one to dye just incase the one I found at Platos messes up XD

Ohhh let me know the outcome. Maybe I will do the same. Hehe=P they are very cute sweaters!

So the grey can be dyed the dark green? Can purple be dyed a blue color?

I really like the purple one ;)

@elenagilbertscloset -- you are such a queen of clothes dying! what brand of dye will you use to dye rayon/polyester?!?

You have to use a special dye at very high temperatures so I wouldn't recommend it for the inexperienced dyer

i'd love to have it in purple!!!!:-)

Anyone looking for an FP zipper sleeve thermal in size m? Its not the eggplant color tho. Message me if interested and I can send you pics.

Does anyone have the all saints louvre jacket? How is the fit? Thanks!

I have it... and love it. It is tts I would say. It is warmer than I expected and very very well made. I got a us 6 (so I could layer under it) and I typically wear an xs or s in tops.

It runs small, size up in it definitely, I got my usual size at first, a US4, and it was too small, so I got a US6 as well and it fits perfect.

Awesome thanks!

Im watching one thats why I needed your girls input.

Just scored a pair of miz mooz kira boots! Also got the guess jasmyn coat thanks to babydior! Im also excited that I finally got the guess amy wool blazer from the awesome Nerbi!

Congrats!!!!! All great items :-D

aaaaaw all this stuff!congrats girl enjoy everything a lot!!:-) i love my miz mooz!!

Yay!! I love the boots. Congrats!;)

I looooveee mine! Thanks to a lovely lady(clothescoffin) I finally got mine! I just had the best luck with the size and everything!

I'm happy you were finally able to own one! You deserve it:) xoxo

hey girls i'm thinking to trade these two items for a smaller size or other elena's pieces:
old navy lace trim cami new with tags size large aso elena growen garden
old navy olive lace top aso katherine size large gently used
let me know if you are interested in!thanks
jenni lace top size large gently EUC
i think it's all :-)
great week-end to every girl on here ;-)


Not elena related but does anyone have bonnies free people victorian jacket? If so how does it fit?

I have some of the IT cosemetics and I love them!

Have you tried the blush/bronzer disc? I want to buy it but I'm unsure.

No. I want to get that to. Thw ratings are real good and the brushes are to die for!

Does anyone have the guess abby blazer that they might want to sell?

I think there are a few on ebay right now.

Wow I havent been on here in a few days and its raining spots!!
Is the aerie sweater still availeble?

I just had to share my happy news with people who would understand me I got Kats Afliction shirt today :)!!!

Congrats! This top is just awesome and so comfy!

The aerie sweater is not available anymore except for eBay or consignment shops like Platos. And congrats! I love my Affliction top!

That's awseome! That shirt's really pretty.

mmmm one of the items i've bought from Sam...of course i've never receive it!:-( so jalous dear!i love it a lot!;-)

So sorry that happened to you elyka, that whole situation was a mess, and STILL makes me angry. Did you at least get your money back? Hope you find one eventually!

Im sorry that happend hun!! Ill keep an eye out for you.

Need some opinion, for those who bought Elena's vervein necklace, where did you buy it? Where to find the best replica? There's so much on sale on ebay, etsy or other web site at so different price, I'm totally lost!!! Thanks!

I got mine off ebay, but becareful of the material. Mine said it was solid sterling silver, but actually it was silver plated which began leaving off after a day wearing.

Guess Tammy red cardigan size xs new with tags for
Eyeshadow lace cami size small in light blue euc

I ship worldwide to all countries
$8 shipping anywhere in the US includes insurance and delivery confirmation
$18 shipping to all other countries with no insurance or delivery confirmation
PM me if interested

Aw would like the eyeshadow cami but the shipping is kinda crazy. I usually pay 7-11$ for shipping to Czech

What shipping method do you use? I usually use USPS priority mail flat rate envelope.

Usually first class:)

I can call the post office to see if I can ship first class for you. What country do you live in?

You can ship first class to almost any country, it's the form of international shipping that's standard with no tracking/delivery confirmation.

You should be able to. I've shipped to her before first class:) it got there in a week or less!

Ok cool! I usually ship first class domestically and I never knew it was available internationally too. PM me hellodisaster if you want the Eyeshadow tank.

Yes! Sawi shipped to me the boots and it got here REALLY fast! even I was surprised since it was a big box!
I came home and my mom was like "you have a big box waiting for you in your room" I got sooo excited and was like "Move out of my way, woman"! it was like Christmas morning!:)

Haha! I'm still waiting for pictures!!^_*

What pictures?
The eyeshadow tank is on hold.

My fp rib and lace trim cami is here! It's so pretty in person. I'm glad I caved in and got it!! I got the xs and it fits me perfectly!

Yay! Glad you decided to get it!!

Awww Im still debating whether to get it or not. =/

I was too then I decided to just get it since it was on sale and they had free shipping! So glad I did! It's really pretty:) let me know if you need help with shipping it.

I just came home to mine as well!! I love it! :D

Hehe! Hope you get your other items soon! I love getting packages!

Haha I'm so excited!! XD It's like Christmas! I'm super stoked for the last item you sent me ;) Oh and the one you will be sending out soon! <3

We're so lucky, we get Christmas all year long! I'm always giddy when I get home and have a fun new package!

Me too! It really makes my day:) I think I might be getting my evergreen thermal tomorrow!!

Yay! Exciting!!!

Can't wait to see pics ;)

Thanks girlies! I have a major update in the way! So exciting

How is the sizing on the free people tank. I was about to buy it but only small and ex small were available and I usually wear a medium.

I'd say it runs a tiny bit big, I got a S and I could've gotten away with an XS, so I'd say you'd be OK with the small

Awesome thank you. Everyone saying they loved it made me want it :)

Yes its soo cute it's one of my favorites. :)

You'll love it! The material is stretchy too so I think the S will be ok:)

yes runs big i am a medium too and i wear a small, i could also be fine with an extra small!:-) you'll love this cami :-)

Selling white AE waffle hoodie size small. Runs small. Message me here or on lj if interested. Thanks:)

I'm willing to trade these things:
1. Kimchi Blue ruffle top in raspberry size small euc
2. Hollister crochet tie back top in red size medium euc
3. American Apparel thermal henley in evergreen size xs euc
My updated wishlist is on my profile :)

I'm interested in the kimchi blue and the Hollister tie back crochet but I can't find your wish list. I sent you a message but ill keep looking for it:)

It's under "Lists" on the profile page next to favorites and activity.

Thanks girly! Found it!:) muah:)

If you decide to sell the American Apparel thermal, let me know.

Selling a Guess Tammy Cardigan in Brown Size XS NWOT.
Converse Tank in Black Size XS NWOT.
Drop me a message if you're interested girlies! :)

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