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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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LOVE the black dress elena is wearing at the funeral... Really hope we can spot it!!!!

Me too!

So pretty!

Love that dress too, I have been trying to find it!

I'm still looking, WANT that dress so bad! It's so pretty!!!


I saw one on ebay that looked exacly like this... I'll try to find it again...

Here are very similar dresses:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/V-Secret-Victorias-New-Womens-Sle... (Isn't this the dress what Elena wore in 2x22?)


Is that an Old Navy sweater (in navy) with the new dress in the video?

The sleeves look different than the old navy one. I compared it to my black one.

Yeah it's different than the Old navy, hope we can find it! :)

Still selling size 8 Free People Mariposa Dress in Pink NWT aso Elena in tonights episode. I am taking offers. As I have bought the size I need. So I just want to get rid of this dress. I can provide measurements when needed. Message me if interested. Thanks!

Is this UK or US sizing? :)

Its US sizing

Hey, hey guys..
We should all try to be awkward daisies and just talk about interesting things on here, one being elena of course, even your favorite kind of soup, just not drama :)
How does that sound?

And this is why I <3 you XD

<3 you too my convention buddy!

Joining in the LoVE! ;)

Elena love!!! ;-D

The end of the episode made me cry :"(

I was sobbing like a baby

Oh my god :"( Just watched it.

"Miss you too buddy" is what got me

does anyone know if you can live stream the episode in the US?

I messaged you.

There is a lot of undeveloped drama so far this season

The Splendid Henley says black in the spot, but it looked navy blue to me. Anyone else?

You can see its black. The navy color would be distinct. I compared the colors first. So I am 100% secure in saying Elena's color is Black

It could very well be! It just looked blue to me in some shots.


Some black dyes have a blue undertone to them. In the picture I posted its more of a true light and it looks dead on Black. Black has multiple undertones, sometimes blue sometimes a red-ish tone.

I have that picture without the CW logo if you want to use it.


Thank you. I was looking on the web for one but I couldn't find one. So I just took one from my paused DVR recording

I just watched the episode on a bigger screen and I have to agree, I think the thermal is navy...! But I already bought it in black xP

I think it's black and is just brightening up with the lights! Just my opinion though!

I agree, I think it's black 100% The only time it looks like it might be navy is the outdoor shots with the lanterns, but like Cat said, black has blue undertones, and certain lights can bring that out :) I still think it's black, IMO

I'm still unsure whether her Splendid thermal was in navy or black. I noticed that the cami she wears under her thermal is grey. That makes me think the thermal is black because grey and navy aren't usually paired together like grey and black are. So right now I'm leaning towards black, but I still think it could be navy.

I have a black one coming and I can do comparisons in person then. Try with different lighting. Don't forget on film they can use certain filters which can alter the true color. That's bee discussed about the Twilight movies. Filter and lighting alter a lot about a top :)

Can I buy the new spotted Splendid henley somewhere? Is it a waffle henley?

There's plenty still around. Try Revolve Clothing.

Holy cow, $68? And unfortunatelly not my size. Hope I can find one in L or M.

It's also available on the Splendid website.

Do the Splendid Henley's tend to run big or small?

Same question here!

In my opinion they run big. I wear a size small in Lucky Brand and Guess and I always wear an xs in Splendid.

They run big in my opinion too! I always get an xs in splendid!

Its on Splendid's website it is a waffle thermal. There is a limited amount on Splendid's site however there where minimal in stock when I bought mine. As for the sizing I say depending on the make-up of the fabric blend they run big or small. Best thing is if you accidentally get it to big you can shrink the thermal.

Do we know something about the hoddie Elena wear while she is with Stefan, hunting and kissing?
Again a hoodie!!!!

Love hoodies! I'm trying to find it. Found a few that are close but they all had white drawstrings. On Elena's they're the same color as the hoodie.

Go Gen go! Miss ya around here babes!

Missed you too hun!

How's your new cutie?

Good to see you posting again! I had wondered where you were :)

Baby pics!!

He's keeping his mommy real busy! :)
Would love to see yours too, Nic and Kris!

Oh my goodnes!! He is adorable!

OH, he is so beautiful Gen!!! Love it!

So adorable Gen! So happy for you! :)

He's such a little cutie! Congratulations Gen! xoxo

So stinkin CUTE!!!! Congrats!

Oh my gosh how cute!!!:)

So so so cute!!!! Such a cutie!!

Adorable. He's beautiful! Congratulations :)

He is adorable :)

Ladies, thank you! On behalf of my lo, xoxos to all of you;)

Could anyone let me know where I could find a good screencap of the hoodie? I have found something that looks like it but I'm not 100% sure.

I have a few, but they're not outstanding. If you don't find anything great and still need them, let me know.

Can I see this hoodie?

Can anyone tell if the necklace is the brass or the gold version?

It's exciting being here when episodes air lol. I missed out previously.

I zoomed in and I think it might be the gold. The brass makes the wings and head outline look distinct. Elena's is more uniform like the gold.

Boo. I don't wear gold jewellery.

Macys has these in stores. Comes in silver an rose gold too

What I wouldn't give for half the department stores America has.

Maybe it's the rose gold one if it comes in that... That looks right, now you mention it. It's hard to find photos of anything but the brass though!

I thought it was the rose gold

I also think it is in rose gold.

I actually had this necklace!!!! First time that has ever happened to me! :))))

Yay! That's how you know you're just like Elena! :)

Anyone have a great pic of her short black boots! ;))))) Gotta have those boots!

Haha totally random, I'm searching for the Memorial black dress and came across this site where you can RENT clothing


Pretty sure she was wearing the Cole Haan Violet Air Pumps in the episode :)

Yup :)

Someone here can get the new spotted fossil necklace for me in rose gold? At Macy'S it should be avaliable. Please let me know!
Can't find it online.

It's sold out online everywhere and all the listing of it on eBay have already sold. I wasn't able to get one so I'll be stopping by Macys today to look for some. If I find an extra I'll give it to you! :)

I'm going to Macy's in a few hours when I pick up my son! I will get all I can! :)

None to be had girls! ;(((

I'll check at my Macy's depending on the price I'll get a few and offer them up if they have them.

I checked my Macys and they don't even carry Fossil jewelry anymore. :o(

From what I can see, it's a crochet pattern with a scoopneck and 3 jeweled buttons in the front.


This tank is driving me crazy... I KNOW I have seen it somewhere before, but I cannot find it now... AHHHHHHHH!!!!

I know, it looks so familiar! Lets find it ladies! haha

The buttons make me think it is a Guess top. I have had zero luck so far.

I keep thinking guess too!

How many people own the Francesca's Collection Parella blue floral dress?

IN MY ELENA DREAMS!!! I only know of one! :)

Yeah it's pretty much everyone's most wanted item. Only one person actually owns it. Each Francesca's store only gets about 5-10 of an item, and they told me the dress was sold at least a year and a half before the episode aired.

Lol! Me too :) I hope I can find one some day!

Yeah only one person has it... *cough cough* =.=

Haha and that one person should have been you Lisa! If anyone deserves one, it's you! :)

Wow it really is rare then. I thought there would at least be another person who has one. I hope you can get one Lisa! <3

Paraella also made a skirt with the same floral fabric as Elena's dress - but those are rare too. I have only seen one.

Haha, thanks girls <3

Gen- they did? I had no idea!! I definetely want one know that I know they exist!

Yes, just pair with a navy tank and a belt and voila!

Great idea!! I will surely be keeping an eye out for them! Thank you for letting us know Gen!!

Jessica Simpson plaid bustier size small:

I'm officialy done with this website, it's only a way to get trouble in my opinion, even if it has been a way to meet all my friends :)
I will also close my LJ soon, check my selling, I changed price again
for people who wanna stay in contact with me, I can share my email or my facebook


Sorry to see you go. The drama just needs to stop :(

To the makers of TVD... it is very frustrating when you change Elena's clothes 8 times in one episode. We cannot keep up... please limit to two outfits and one set of pj's per episode... thanks! Love me :)

LOL too funny Jenn, I agree. When I saw she got blood on the Anthro dress and was gonna change into the black one I was like AWW COME ON!! haha

Well lets see, she wore (1) the hoodie/jbrand cargo outfit, (2) a brown v neck sweater after she threw up in the forest (talking to Stefan), (3) the lace tank with buttons/cardigan outfit, (4) the anthro dress, (5) the black dress, and (6) the splendid thermal. And I am sure I left out a few quick things she changed into when I blinked :)

Too funny Jenn! I totally agree!

Plz tie her hair up too every now and then so we can see what shes wearing. Cute hair accessories!

Wasn't Elena wearing the Tree of Life necklace again? :)

With which outfit??? :)

@vamp- lol!!

With the hoodie and j brands! Did I just make that up? LOL!

Could've been! Ill look closer after work! :)

There's another Fossil necklace that uses that same tree design too!

Yeah I saw that today at belk, it has a different charm with it than the Tree of Life one

I totally thought it was the fossil necklace too but then in some shots it didn't look like it....

Lucky Brand Slow Ride hobo in brown suede:

Nope, not the same style

Elena's has like a cable pattern, and it's Alpaca and wool I think :)

Thank you for being so helpful! :)

Anytime :)

Hm just found this, it's possible the belt with the Francesca's Dress was actually also made by Francesca's, if it used to come in dark brown, but other than that it's just like the Jessica Simpson one! :)


Oh nice!

I saw that and I was wondering if they buy from the same manufacturer because it looks identical except for the color.

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