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Elena is a slender, athletic eighteen year old girl. She has an olive complexion, brown eyes, and long, straight, dark brown hair in the show. In the book, Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes. At first, Elena appears melancholy and slightly withdrawn. Not long after meeting Stefan, her personality... Read More


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Couldn't sleep, finally updated my collection! Just have to add the jewelry I've gotten recently and Elena's room stuff, but finally added all my new Kat and Elena stuff!!


You have such an adorable collection. Congrats. And so detailed on LJ. WOW.

it's fanstastic!!!!your collection is always more accurate as possible!love it!!!:-)

Wow Weee... great new finds and you look fantasic in everything as always!!
really loving the Mariposa dress looks gorgeous! a new want for me i think LOL
So looking forward to seeing your bedroom bits :)
Hope you feeling much better now hun?
Much luv and stuff!

Thanks girls! You are all too sweet :)

Thanks Lucy! I am feeling better! Ill contact you about your shirts soon :)

Hi girls , i have a Bebe Mesh top ALT in a UK size 10 , it fits like an XS or S tho, it's Black made by Topshop. its a little short in the sleeve for me so if anyone interested offers welcome before i put it on Ebay :)

OMG I just watched Season 4 ep 1. It's hard for me as a German to follow in detail, but I love it.
And I MUST have Elenas daylight ring. So if one of you girls see some on etsy, just let me know.

SELLING my bdg cardigan dyed in teal size S
looks very similar ! $30

Klaroline, why always size S.... You girls are all so tiny.

Lol. Ditto here, nerbi!

Do you have a picture up on lj?

in 2 minutes it will be there ;)

Messaging you on lj:)

You did a great job dying it! :)


She just posted on FB 2day that she found all this stuff at PLatos for cheap prices and now shes tryin 2 rip ppl off on ebay

this has 2 b stopped!



I'm so tired of seeing her listings and its outrageous prices:/

she really find all this stuff in once?

one day I will discover platos, one day....*hope*

I kind of have to agree :-/ This is the reason some stuff gets so unaffordable for us, but people have to also stop giving in and PAYING these prices. If we don't, then they won't be able to get away with it.

It's one thing to make a little bit of profit, but when you're asking $60 for a $10 tank, that's just greed.

i want platos in germany, too ... ): i only can buy stuff for cheap from honest cs girls ... ):

This is just my opinion, but I don't think the purple Mossimo tank is worth $65. It's not even the sa color. One in grey just sold for $51 this morning.

I saw her listing for the Guess Lily tank today--145 dollars!! And it was dyed!! 145 dollars for a tank top??!? It's on my wish list but I would *never*--that's crazy!

That's crazy! Guess just re-released the Lily tank in different colors for $30 that you can get professionally dyed for way less than $145. I hope people are aware of this!

Oh my God, no, I was not aware! I love that purple!! Thank you for posting this! And yes, she dyed the coral color to make it SA, but 145 dollars?!?

No problem! It was also re-released in black and coral this summer. They're sold out online but they might still be in the clearance section in some Guess stores.

Yeah the re-release has a different cut on the neckline, but otherwise it's the same :)

It's kind of sad how people get taken advantage of on eBay when a seller buys something for really cheap then tries to make 500% profit on it.

Exactly, Lauren! 500 percent profit is what's so outrageous! I understand people trying to make money off of this stuff--I try to sell things for exactly what I paid or less if it's worn, and I only sell things on here, but it's still everybody's prerogative to to try to make a profit. But 500 percent really is just taking advantage! And it would stop happening if people stopped giving in to it, like you said...

Yeah:/ a little profit is normal but 500%??!. That's just taking advantage:(

This is sad!! She also has a lucky brand enamel bracelet listed, that I have been dying for, but she listed it for over 100$! I am sure she didn't pay nearly that much

Brunette Beauty :
Arent we a judgy hypocrytical coward? Cant even comment with your real facebook - you make a fake one, wow you're tough sitting behind your computer. Let me fill you in, these girls know who Iam because I told them back when I started collecting Bella for myself. Oh what thats suprising? That I actually collect it myself, well I do & I cosplay it too. Ive paid a lot of money for some of my pieces. I pd $150 for my rose tunic - so what I got up off my ass and found a good deal on one & now Im trying to make my money back? Theres no crime in that. You tell people not to buy from me , but you have admittedly done so yourself. I dont force anyone to buy anything from me. All of my prices are BEST OFFER with free shipping & being everyone lowballs their offers I inflate the price so I can come down. Also take into consideration I pay an Ebay store fee, An Auction service hosting fee as well as the final ending fees. If you think Im getting rich off selling Bella & Elena clothes well guess again. Ive been on Ebay for 10 yrs & 99.5% of the thousands of people I deal with are happy. And I certainly dont have to beg them to buy from me. I sell this stuff becuase it helps to support my family & my habit of collecting. I also enjoy being able to find these items & put them into the hands of collectors. FYI it took 12 hours , 4 stores, driving in the rain getting lost an hour from home, going blind & just about having my arms fall off to find all of the stuff I did the other day. So when you go through all that trouble & want to just hand stuff out we'll talk. And to answer your question no I dont care about random people & helping them to better their collections when they verbally chastise and attack me. Im out to help my family , friends & myself. You should help yourself and get off your ass & stop waiting for a handout. I help people everyday that deserve it , that have real problems . You need to get a life & stop harassing me. And the only reason I didnt go off inside Bellas closet is because Christi is a friend of mine so there

Again - to all of you other girls that are upset - all of my prices are BEST OFFER & free shipping , I dont expect to get what Im asking. I figure what I paid for the item, what all of my fees will cost + shipping & then I double the price so I have margin to come down & still make some money. And just incase you are unaware this is no differnt than going to Goodwill finding a valuable anytique for cheap & selling it for what it is worth to a collector, but why people get personally offended when it comes to this I will never understand. And if you would like an explanantion as to why I do Ebay & how I got started, feel free to read my livejournal. I know some girls on here personally & have become great friends with them, but I dont come on here because its not right to bully people because of their occupation

I wouldn't pay a lot of money for things that aren't that rare and aren't in the correct color but that's just my opinion. To each their own. If someone else thinks a shirt is worth it then that's their choice. I don't see how she's taking advantage of anyone. Buyers on eBay are consenting adults and anyone can easily research how much stuff originally retailed for in stores. If someone doesn't like the prices then they don't have to buy from her. They should just look harder.

I see both sides on this, and no one should be bullied, but it is disheartening to constantly see this kind of stuff on eBay, because we all need to support our families too, and because people buy multiples of items and upcharge it to a very excessive degree, THAT'S what sets the precedent for eBay prices.

There's nothing wrong with making a profit, you have every right to for the work you put into finding items, but there are some girls who can't afford those prices.

For example, when the Kimchi halter was spotted, there was one seller who found all the ones on eBay and then was selling them for more money, I really wanted a grey one, so I offered $100 to that seller because my Dad is dying, and it takes very hard work for me to be able to collect. I'm very very broke, I work my ass off for every penny I have, and I HAVE to find my stuff at reasonable deals, and $100 was a very generous offer, and there were no bids on the item.

So I made that offer and the seller didn't even have the decency to message me back, and the item then sold for $200+.

So yeah I see both sides, sorry you're getting bullied, Brianne, yes it is to a seller and buyer's prerogative as to what they want to sell things for/buy stuff for, but its increasingly frustrating for those of us who LOVE to collect and help each other and can't get certain items because it all comes down to money money money. It's not about the love of collecting anymore. It is taking advantage to a certain degree because when an item is impossible to find, buyers have no other option.

People are going to have an opinion about it, because we are all here because we want to help each other and work on getting items together. :-)

I strongly back-up Lauren on this
I also agree about the kimchi top, I wanted a grey one also, but I don't have a job, so I could not afford it
I have only splurged on one item, and that's because it was my most wanted item for a long long long time

Pudding is tasty!

Lauren,Iam totally sympathetic to people who want to collect, but can't. Theres certain things I will never be able to get because of how expensive they are. My husband hasnt gotten a paycheck since March - & its not from a lack of him working - thats a long story. I do all kinds of stuff to make extra $$. Bottom line, if you want something bad enough A) you either pay a higher price to get it or b) you get lucky by being persistent & avidly searching. Nothing is impossible & Im not taking advantage of people just because I sell stuff I found.No one is forced to buy from me. Time & gas are valuable commodities. And like I said before, my prices are best offer with free shipping - which obviously is not free to me. And if you want to trade me something all you have to do is ask. But it has to be fair & something Im looking for myself. I dont see how any of that is unreasonable. You dont attack people because they have something you want. I LOVE to collect too & I help out my friends, but I dont feel obligated to help people who ridicule me.

@Lauren- I'm so sorry that happened to you with the kimchi blue halter. $100 is more than a good offer and I'm sure the seller would of made more than a good profit. And to not even bother to respond to you is not cool.

I agree to each their own and no one is being forced to buy anything but like Lauren mentioned, sometimes buyers have no choice when all the items are bought/hoarded by one person and then resold by that person for an insane amount. It's just disheartening.

I myself am a stay at home mom and we are on a single income so I understand about needing to make someprofit to support families, habits etc.. No one is saying its wrong to want to make some profit. I spend countless hours looking for items and sometimes I don't find anythng. So I know it takes a lot of work and that definitely counts for something.

But I guess my idea of making a profit is buying something for 15 bucks and then selling it for 25-30. If no one on cs wants it, then I'll put it up on ebay and pay some fees. If it sells for more, great!

I'm a little late to it. But I support WhoLuvsHarryPotter. I know her personally and she's amazing. I've also bought from her store before I got to know her. Again she's really fair there. I don't want to take sides. But I agree attacking her isn't right. Considering we all know who BrunetteBeauty is and what she's done.

Also late to the party. Who is brunette beauty? I have no problems w anyone except scammers who take money and never send the item. Like that samantha delong or whatever. (Who also has a new name on here.)

Brunettebeauty didnt attack. There was no threats or name calling. Just random unsolicited "advice." Her post was just worthless bc people will buy what they want. People weigh how much something is worth to them and decode to pay or not

I was the one who spotted the Kimchi Blue tops and was selling the grey one. I'm pretty sure you knew it was me though since you buy from me all the time. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to message you back at the time. A lot of people were messaging me and making offers so I must have skipped your message. I ended up selling it to my friend for $150. I hope you don't take it personally because I didn't even know who you were at the time. That was a long time ago before I even had a Coolspotters or Livejournal account. I'm really sorry about your Dad. We all have problems and most of us don't have a lot of money to spend on collecting. I know you think that some things are impossible to find so buyers have no other option but I disagree. You were able to find a grey Kimchi Blue top at Platos for a low price recently. It takes hard work and patience, but it's not impossible. Buyers also have the option to not buy the item. I know we all love clothes and they're important to us but it's a want not a need.

^I agree with Kristen

I was just making an example of how people can hoarde items and use it to make money. Yes, it's your right, but people also have opinions on it that believe it's wrong, but opinions are opinions meaning they differ.

Yes I made the connection later on, once you started posting here and we started talking.

And I bid to the very end of that auction but it just got above what I could pay, so yeah, it happens.

I just personally don't agree with holding back a spot so someone can make a profit off of others, but that's my opinion and belief. We won't all agree, but that's fine. :)

I did that a while ago. I wouldn't hold back a spot now unless it was to protect my privacy (like with Caroline's Emmelee dress). I respect everyone's opinions, I just don't think it's mature to criticize someone on a public forum for selling things to make money. Hopefully if someone disagrees with someone they can just keep it to themselves or talk it out with that person in private instead of over a public forum that's about clothes, not personal drama. :)

Anyone looking for an express military shirt? I have a white one in xxs (fits like xs) that I was thinking of dying but I'll never get around to it. It's in excellent condition. Selling for $15. Message me if interested

I search Elenas pier 1 curtains and the Target lamp shade! Does anyone sell one of these two? Please answer!

If I see one on Ebay I'll message you! :)

Aww that would be nice! :)

Any luck reading the brand name of the dress?

I tried to zoom, but it's totally blurry! ;(

I really like her new style!! I love dresses, and I am so glad she will be wearing more!!! Yippe!!!

I tried to zoom too with no luck :(

I think I might know what that dress is but I gotta try to look into it tomorrow

Ahh hun , don't do this. Don't rack us with waiting...... Love this style, more boots.... But I really love her shirts too.

well i don't know for sure, i just thought i remembered seeing it in my mall, that's why i have to check, i dont even remember what store it was

Holy cow, that means it could be still avaliable? I tried with the brand name zooming too. No luck!

I dont know, this was a while ago I remember seeing something similar, but I'll check.

I found a dress in what looks to be just about the same print, but the wrong material/style. I'll keep looking, sometimes prints get recycled.

From the tag I'd say the brand starts either with "Sep" or "Sop" or sth similar. I tried to google and all I came up with was a brand called Soprano, but I didn't find the dress :(

It looks like it has an L or H as the second letter to me. Something that rises above the others. Wish it wasn't so blurry! lol

Such a cute dress :) Loving the new "sophisticated" style for Elena...

I remember seeing the dress,too...It might have been Francesca's, but I'm not sure. I can go ask them today.

It was indeed Soprano, wow!!! I was just too stupid to find the dress xP

Anyone know a site for screencaps? Homeofthenutty hasn't been working :(

Does anyone have a Juicy Couture ribbed cardigan in grey size xs or s they would trade?

Does anyone know of a decent alt for the Guess Carwash Cami, Guess Salsa Cami or Victoria's Secret Cami?

Sawi (Clothescoffin) was selling a good ALT to the Carwash cami, dont know if she sold it yet, but for the Salsa cami, there is one Guess makes that is similar, it's the same alt as on my LJ, there are sometimes a few floating around eBay. I don't know the exact name for it, though

Hello yeah I had it up for sale because it was a little loose on me but it was a great alt. It got sold tho :/ I see it sometimes on eBay though;)

Thanks guys! Nicole showed me a good alt for the Carwash cami too, I just need to find a smaller size. I'll keep an eye out for a similar Guess Salsa one. I've seen yours on LJ and it looks really close!

No prob! It is very close! The biggest difference is that the textured pattern is only in the bust area and not the whole cami

If someone find a decent alt for the Carwash cami in M-XL, please let me know.

I have a Victoria's Secret lace cami in a size small I never wear that I'm selling. It's black with a white bow and white lace trim. It looks the same as Elena's except the lace trim is less wavy. I'm only asking $30+shipping for it, what I paid on eBay. It's new without tags. PM me if you're interested and I'll send you pics! :)

Found a BEBE plaid top in lavender ;)


aaaaaaaaaaaa you look PERFECT!!so jalous of your body girl!!!this top is so nice and fits great on you also in that colour!!:-)

Aahhhh oh my gosh! Thanks!!!=p I just take the picture a certain way so that it looks good, hehe. You're so sweet!

hey darling is just the truth ;-)!tons of compliments!

Elyka is right! But all my pregnancys left their marks ;)

I love the lavender! Looks great on you!

I live the purple!

Awww the purple is such a lovely color, Super lucky find. Looks amazing on you! So jealous ;) Hope i can find this top one day :)

really cute!

Thanks girls! Purple is one of my favorite colors also:

It looks so pretty in that color! I love it.

Need help, someone here with a Norstorm shop nearby you? Please PM!

Yes, what are you looking for?

Really loving the Alice&Olivia dress. If someone decides to sell, I'm interested! Xoxo

hey my lovely friends tomorrow i can wake up later so i tought to try and see the episode on line, some of you can tell me the link please? thanks :-)

I would like to buy the cami, but I'm not sure how to do it on the eBay site because the link I clicked on is in spanish

Ups, sorry i didn't realise, this is the link in english ;)

Lucky Brand Peacock Thermal Shrinking Update!
Ok so i'm feeling pretty happy as it worked Ta Daaah :)


Did you use hot water and then just throw it in the dryer? Came ou really well!

Yep exactly that, in the dryer for a VERY long while. LOL. :D

Yay! So glad it worked!

1. BEBE plaid hook closure top, in solid black. Size xs, new with tags.

2. Jessica Simpson Bustier, Medium, NWT
3. American Eagle Zip Back Lace top, Grey, Small
Message me if interested :)

looking for some "basics"

old navy lace trim in black (wore by elena in green)
a crochet tunic in white/ivoiry

thanks thanks :D

That Soprano dress is really cute!! I thought Nerbi spotted it this morning? I was able to snatch one in the small size and it was on sale! Thanks Alexandra!!! Xxx

Yeah, I know she found it early this morning and was going to spot it :( I was excited for her! But great spot regardless, love it! XD

Yeah I was just curious since this would be her first spot and I was super excited for her too!:)

Thank you Alexandra! xoxo

Another member sent me the interview a few days ago to help her find the dress. Finally found the dress early this morning (baby woke me up!). I haven't been around since baby was born - I was so happy to share my find with you and get back to cs and spotting. Anyways, I'll remove the spot for Nerbi. :)

it's not letting me remove it- if someone knows how let me know. in any case i flagged mine as a duplicate.

Don't think you can remove it, you found it too I just know she was excited about finding her first spot so I just wanted to acknowledge her :)

Yep great spot to both of you!
Thank you guys:)

Gen!!! How are you doing?!!!

Don't remove it Gen! You spent time and energy that you were probably lacking in your now sleep deprived state (LOL) to find this for us... You should get credit for that! Missed you around here by the way :).
And Congrats to Nerbi for finding it too! That's great work and a great first spot!

That happens sometimes, Marleen and I spotted the same thing at the same time too before lol
Thank you Gen! :)

Hey girl, I found the dress sometimes yesterday. But I did't spot it myself, because I know some others were searching for it too. Although it would be my first spot. I was soooooo excited about I really found thins dress. I can't believe it by now.
And whoever has the spot created now, we all should be happy we finally found it. No drama!

Hope I will find another pieces sometimes.

Well thanks to both of you! :) and both you guys are very helpful. Can't wait to get the dress:)

If someone has an extra in the Soprano dress size Small, let me know, please, please :D I was too late to get one :(

I read the reviews and it says that it runs bigger because of the way the dress is cut. If you can't get a small, an xs might fit you just fine. They have free shipping and returns so it's easy to return if it doesn't fit. I'm usually a small too but I just ordered an xs based on the reviews.

I don't know if you all noticed but in the video with Elena's new Season 4 wardrobe, if you look behind the rust colored Soprano dress that was just spotted, you'll see a blue dress with a white print on it. It's the same exact Soprano dress that was just spotted in the blue floral pattern. I ordered one just in case it might be featured as well. At only $20 each it's a steal! :)
Thanks for the new spot! I love it.

I actually don't think thats the Soprano dress. The Soprano dress on the site's pattern is a leaf pattern, the one in the video is just a plain polka dot type pattern.

If you pause at 0:26 into the video you can see that the polka dots aren't round. They're all different sizes and not perfectly circular. It has the same elastic waist at the same spot that the Soprano dress does.

I would love to hear any other opinions too! :)


Yeah but if you zoom in on the soprano the pattern is bigger and a distinct leaf patten

Exactly, that's why it looks different from further away because you can't see all the little details when the picture or video isn't taken right up close to the dress. I'm pretty sure it's a flower pattern, not a leaf pattern. I also think the spacing between the little flowers is the same.

Hmm I agree with Lauren based on the pictures... It looks more like a polka dot pattern. I don't really see any leaf/flower patterns like I do on the Soprano dress.

I totally agree with you guys that you can't see a flower pattern from the image quality but if you look really closely the edges of the white "dots" you can see that they aren't round like a polka dot. They're jagged around the edges... like it's a different but similar shape.

I think it's close but I don't think the pattern is big enough to be the soprano, the leaves are very distinct, but that's just my opinion :)

Yeah definetly, it's so hard to tell and we don't even know if the dress will even be featured in Season 4 for sure. Hopefully it's the right one and it's one less thing I have to look for. :) If not, then Nordstrom has free shipping and returns so I can always return it.

the white print seems a different scale on the two dresses. pic of elena's dress is closer up and pic of nordstrom's dress is farther away. if you zoomed up on nordstrom's dress to be as close as elena's, the white print on the nordstrom dress would appear to be so much bigger than the white print on elena's.

^^ Yup, thats what I saw too

someone is interested by a old navy lace trim top aso elena size S ? SA color but didn't suit me :(

I am)

FP Crochet Cuff Henley Size S Cobalt Blue $55+shipping

The closest color to Elena's IMO

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