Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore

About this Spot: Elena and Damon Salvatore are both characters on "The Vampire Diaries". Fans commonly refer to them as Delena. Elena is the spitting image of a girl named Katherine that the brothers used to know. Damon seems interested in her, both because of her resemblance to Katherine and because it angers his brother. After a road trip Damon starts to bond with her. However, when Damon gets double crossed by both Elena and Stefan, he forces her to drink his blood and threatens to change her into a vampire to cause Stefan even more emotional pain in Season 1. When Stefan started going back to his old ways in Season 3, Damon and Elena bonded and became best friends. Elena, upon turning into a vampire in season 4 started feeling more emotionally connected to Damon due to her newly heightened emotions. They also have officially started dating on the show since Season 4, Episode 7, thus ending her relationship with Stefan Salvatore. Pencil

Elena Gilbert Damon Salvatore
Spotted by Jayde
Elena Gilbert Damon Salvatore


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